BPTH Chapter 187

Heaven Demonic City

Ten minutes later, Qinghan moved scores of meters forward, and the visions turned much clearer. He couldn’t convince himself to go any further now, because the scene in the surrounding was changing rapidly, as the white fog quickly dissipated. A little while later, in the near distance, a familiar place loomed up through the thin mist – the An’yue Hotel in Wild City! When he drew close to the visionary hotel, a gorgeous lady with stripped clothing walked out. Ah, this was that lady boss – An’yue!

Qinghan simply couldn’t take his eyes off of her body, especially when the beauty in front of him was groaning in such a seductive manner. Driven by his hormones, Qinghan felt the urge and the lower part of his body had some responses already.

“Boss, this is an illusion!” In this critical moment, Little Black conveyed his warning from the summoning space. Fortunately, despite the physical response, Qinghan’s mind wasn’t blurred. He smiled and retreated several meters. Immediately after, he hunkered on the ground and started to cultivate.

A couple of weeks had passed by, Qinghan still couldn’t get rid of the lust intention in his mind. He opened his eyes, and smiled bitterly, “That must be the Tree of Lust! However… the illusion is so strong, even now that I’m away from the tree for a hundred meters. Alas, it’s going to be extremely arduous for me to get the Fruit of Lust in the end…”


Half an hour later after some searching in the forest, Qinghan eventually figured out the exact location of the Tree of Lust. Within one hundred meters in the tree’s periphery, one would be attacked by illusions. The closer one drew, the more danger he would be in, for the illusions would be much more powerful and one’s soul power would be further weakened as he approached the tree. As for Qinghan, the furthest distance he could go was roughly ten meters, at which point he would find it hard to stay sober. He understood it crystal clear, that he might be dragged into the illusions and never wake up from the visionary sensual pleasures until he died.

If Qinghan was directly in front of the tree, even the miraculous flow released by the bronze ring wouldn’t help him at that stage, because the illusion attacks exerted by this ancient tree were unfortunately unstoppable. That meant, that he had no time to readjust himself or cultivate more Battle Qi in the process. If he was in the inner area, the illusion would be too powerful for him to wake up from.

Hunkered down under a small tree, Qinghan slipped into deep meditation. He spent the whole morning testing the power of the illusions in the periphery of the Tree of Lust. In order to properly prepare himself, he stood up and picked up some spirit fruits from a nearby tree. He was glad, that after such a long time, he could, again, feel the warm flow of energy after taking some bites of the fruits. Excitedly, he inhaled all the energy in, and reserved it in his Dantian.

It only took several minutes for the second illusion to come. As always, the white fog dissipated bit by bit, and a new scene emerged, thus leading Qinghan to yet another “dream”…


These days, Ye Tianlong had had a blast in slaughtering.

Of course, beside Ye Tianlong, many others that had followed him also shared the jubilance. Since they had left the Mars Prefecture, they had actually “visited” a dozen of demonic cities. Every time, the first thing they would do whenever they arrived in a city, was to let the Saint-Realm cultivators among them sweep their soul eyes to exclude the possibility of the existence of a super advanced cultivator or an ambush.

The Emperor-Realm cultivators would then swarm to the city like a bunch of locusts, killing those from the lion race. Ironically, the advanced demons in each city would stand by as onlookers, rather than helping the lion race out. It was true that they were afraid to be involved in this ferocious battle led by the Mars Prefecture’s bellicose cultivators.

The silence of the other demonic races had in some way encouraged the Mars Prefecture’s cultivators to kill more. Through the various battles among the three prefectures, never had they had such a satisfactory battle. It was just that the number of lion race demons had sharply decreased as they walked along the way. Some of them even complained that the number of targets were far from adequate to feed their swelling desire to kill.

Such being the case, some reckless cultivators began to kill whoever was in their way. The initiator was a leader of a small family.

Maybe it was the slow speed of this leader that had led to him being one of the last few cultivators to arrive at the scene, where there were no targets left for killing. So, out of fury, he spanked in the face of a cub lion race in the street. How could a cub tolerate such mighty power from an advanced cultivator? Almost instantly, this cub was smashed into bits and pieces.

However… when this leader was about to laugh out, there appeared three streaks of glaring light in the sky, and soon after, his smile froze. Long Pifu, Ye Tianlong, and the leader of the Yue Family all collectively released their Saint Domain! In the next moment, a gigantic palm fell from the sky, slapping directly at this petrified leader, and smashing him into pieces.

“This is a battle of retaliation! We only declare war against the lion race demons, but we don’t include the young, the weak, the old, and the disabled! If any of you betray this rule, look! You’ll end up just like this man!”

Long Pifu’s determined remarks received awes from the group, as well as the demons in the surroundings.

The demons began to respect the integrity of Long Pifu, of course they didn’t reveal this feeling in front of the Mars Prefecture’s group. Meanwhile, the leaders of each demonic city all unanimously sent an order, stating that they wouldn’t bother to be involved in the bloodshed battle between the Mars Prefecture and the lion race demons, to all places in the Demonic Prefecture. That was to say, that the demons from other races were officially banned from helping Yao Xie’s clan.

As the Mars Prefecture team flew westward, it only took them a short day to arrive at the third largest city of the Demonic Prefecture – Blood Demonic City. Unlike any other city they had invaded, they encountered two stubborn Demonic Saints from the lion race here. The demonic citizens, indeed, had already been evacuated to Heaven Demonic City, the two Demonic Saints were the only two lion race demons left to wait for the Mars Prefecture people.

The two Demonic Saint flew up in the sky, preparing to argue with Long Pifu about this battle.

These two demons had already heard of the events that had happened in the neighboring city, where a member of the Mars Prefecture team had been punished to death after he had killed a cub demon. They decided, therefore, to try their luck and argue with Long Pifu, to see if there was any chance to call a truce to this battle. After all, they believed, based on hearsay, that Long Pifu was a man of integrity, someone who would be open to reasonable negotiations.

The content of their conversation was quite simply and concise. The two demons held that it was Yao Xie who had intended to kill Qinghan, not all of the lion race demons. Also, some of them had even advised Yao Xie against his plan of ambushing the Mars Prefecture Legion. They expressed their condolence and regrets after all that had happened. At last, they made their point clear that they wished for Long Pifu and his team to retreat and kill no more. They said that they would remember their great kindness forever…

Whilst Long Pifu’s answer was equally clear and simple, as long as the demons handed in Yao Xie, they would retreat.

Sadly, even the demons themselves didn’t have any clue of Yao Xie’s whereabouts. How could they hand him in? Since the deal couldn’t be agreed upon, Long Pifu waved his hands and ordered the Saint-Realm cultivators to finish the two Demonic Saints. Within seconds, the two demons had been torn apart.

Now, the lion race was in a complete panic, as their last bubble of hope had burst. Almost all the lion race demons went to Heaven Demonic City, a place where the lion race occupied a dominant majority, so currently it became their best safe haven. At the same time, some lion race demons were sent out of the city and went to Demonic Immortal Hill. It seemed that they were trying to turn to the old demons for help.

Meanwhile, the Mars Prefecture was quickly responding to the changing situation. Long Pifu and Ye Tianlong looked at each other with understanding eyes, as if everything that was going on was within their prediction. Eventually, they both ordered the team to go to Heaven Demonic City! They wouldn’t waste such a chance to kill more demons. Since the battle had already started, why not make it even fiercer?

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