BPTH Chapter 183


Silence, absolute silence!

Even the miniscule sound of dropping a needle could be heard in such a circumstance, because the crowd was stunned by the crazy act of the Xue Family elders. This unexpected drama left everyone’s heart racing increasingly rapid, as they swallowed in astonishment.

“Cruel! They are unbelievably cruel to themselves!”

Ye Tianlong and Ye Baihu looked at each other with equally baffled expressions, just like the other onlookers.

The Xue Family was playing the compassion card, in an attempt to win the sympathy of others by killing themselves! What a nice trick! They sacrificed their leader, a cultivator in the peak level of the Realm of the Emperor, and a great elder who was a cultivator in the Realm of the Saint. But, they might’ve saved the entire Xue Family at the loss of two advanced cultivators. In general, it was a favorable deal after all. At least, the Xue Family as a whole might be saved in such a way. It took the Xue Family more than hundreds of years to obtain today’s prosperity, certainly they wouldn’t let go of it so easily.

Moreover, these two sacrificed elders’ dying words were also deliberately phrased. One said he was an unqualified teacher, who should take the responsibility of his student, Wuhen; the other emphasized that he was a far-from-perfect father, and felt obligated to take the blame for his son. It seemed that the whole incident had nothing to do with the entire Xue Family, rather, it was a family educational problem.

Since the father and the teacher of this culprit had both killed themselves, people began to feel that it was unnecessary to continue this trial.

Indeed, people in the Mars Prefecture had long heard of the tension between Xue Wuhen and Ye Qinghan. The young lords from different families often fought with one another for various reasons, which was understandable. Yet, the stupidest thing Wuhen had done was to collude with other prefectures, and put the entire Mars Prefecture Legion in great danger. The severity of the event could no longer be defined as the quarrels between young lords.

As a traitor, Wuhen should receive capital punishment. However, the very “protagonist” of this scandal went missing, leaving the Xue Family to receive all the fury.

If the Xue Family gave up on their last chance to defend themselves, or they stubbornly insisted that Wuhen was innocent, then the fury of the masses wouldn’t die away but only become fiercer. Unexpectedly, they had adopted a different strategy from that, otherwise the Xue Family would definitely be flattened by the fully provoked Mars Prefecture’s cultivators.

Now, to everyone’s surprise, they had ruthlessly killed themselves in front of so many people, in an attempt to seek sympathy and forgiveness.

Their flowery rhetoric sounded as if it were the elders’ personal negligence in educating their young lords that had led to all of this. What if, in the future, there emerged a black sheep in another family, would their father and teacher kill themselves just like the Xue Family had just done?

“I’m another great elder of the Xue Family, Xue Ying. We’re ashamed to have such scum in our family. Half a month before, we already declared a search warrant to capture this little bastard. At the same time, we decided to use this Mars Prefecture Blood Token to ask for forgiveness. Hopefully, your anger towards our family will be lessened. On behalf of the Xue Family, I promise that the injured families in the Prefecture War will be well compensated by us!”

As the overall tension was smoothed on the plaza, Xue Ying, another elder of the Xue Family, who had kept silent for a long time, finally said his words.

The Xue Family intended to exhaust all their resources to get rid of the penalty. They even brought out the Mars Prefecture Blood Token, to help them exempt of their alleged crime. There were only three such tokens in total, now two of them were used within a single day.

Long Pifu took the token and scrutinized it carefully. After some seconds, he had a private discussion with the other family leaders through conveyed voices.

“We have negotiated with the family leaders, and concluded to call an end to today’s judgement. They made their due sacrifice, and besides, the Mars Prefecture Blood Token should be respected as well. I hope, that all of you, will learn from this event. I don’t want to see any such nasty things happen again!” Long Pifu declared the final statement.

Hardly had Long Pifu’s cold voice died away, or Xue Ying laughed out bitterly, and flew to the corpses of Xue Fei and Xue Piaorou. He grabbed the two bodies, as he headed towards the north, and disappeared into the distance…


Following the end of the Xue Family judgment, Long Pifu immediately took out Ye Tianlong’s Mars Prefecture Blood Token, as he summoned all the advanced cultivators present to take part in tomorrow’s aggression towards the Demonic Prefecture. Of course, this wasn’t compulsory at all. But the cultivators were willing to help them out, partly because of the token, which represented the past contribution the holder had done for the prefecture, and partly because they believed in the rule of mutual-beneficiary, that was, if they themselves were caught in dire situations in the future, others might help as well. Thus, numerous advanced cultivators, including those that had been reclusive for years, or those street cultivators, all yelled a positive response.

The next day, under the command of Ye Tianlong, hundreds of Emperor-Realm cultivators, and scores of Saint-Realm cultivators, left Dragon City, heading directly towards the Demonic Prefecture.

This time, it was Yao Xie who had first breached the Alliance Treaty signed by the three prefectures. He had shamelessly ambushed the most popular young lord in the Mars Prefecture, and had forced him into the Luo Shen Mountain. Apart from that, several Emperor-Realm elders, such as Ye Qingniu, had been injured in the counterattack. Therefore, Ye Tianlong had named this battle the Retaliation Against the Lion Race Demons. It was rather resourceful, indeed. On the one hand, the other sub-races of the demons wouldn’t be panicked by their arrival, and thus wouldn’t engage themselves in the chaos or help Yao Xie defend against the enemies; on the other hand, the old demons on the Demonic Hill wouldn’t be disturbed. Adding to that, the reputation of the Mars Prefecture would be further polished.

Hundreds of cultivators flew in the sky in unison, and within several days, they had arrived at the border of the Mars Prefecture and the Demonic Prefecture. Ye Tianlong asked them to rest here for three days. After that, he flew to the nearest city of the Demonic Prefecture, and submitted the Declaration of War, in which he detailed that the Mars Prefecture troops would invade the lion race demons in three days, but if other demonic races tried to interrupt, it would be taken as a declaration of war against the Mars Prefecture.

As soon as this declaration was posted, the twelve demonic leaders gathered together in Heaven Demon City to negotiate possible countermeasures against this imminent crisis. However, neither of the Demonic Evil appeared, one was in reclusive cultivation, and the other, Yao Xie, didn’t show up. In the end, the demonic leaders decided to adopt a wait-and-see policy. They reckoned it was not their responsibility to shield away the enemies for Yao Xie. Plus, the target was the lion race, not them. Most importantly, many of them were tired of Yao Xie’s cruel dictatorship, so they chose to be bystanders.

Three days later, the Mars Prefecture troop initiated their retaliation plan, and killed only the lion race. As for the other demonic races, as long as they didn’t involve themselves in the battle, they were absolutely safe. Among the wretched lion race demons, the vulnerable elders, kids, and disabled were also excluded from the killing list.

The demonic leaders from the other sub-races watched all of this happen, and spread the words about the power of the Mars Prefecture’s troops. They even warned the others to not bother the Mars Prefecture, if they cared about their life. If anyone dared to do so despite their warning, they would be on their own account when the Mars Prefecture came to crush them.

The momentum of the Mars Prefecture’s troops was irresistibly overwhelming. With the concerted efforts of hundreds of Emperor-Realm cultivators and scores of Saint-Realm cultivators, they showcased the most powerful side of their own prefecture. The lion race demons, therefore, all ran like crazy. All of a sudden, the Demonic Prefecture was filled with flames and smoke, as well as screaming…

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