BPTH Chapter 182

They Killed Themselves to Beg for Forgiveness

– Swoosh! –

Ye Tianlong’s arrival was followed by Long Pifu’s, who flew to the plaza with a rarely-seen solemn expression. Usually, he wasn’t a guy who was fond of putting on airs in front of others; yet today, the benevolent light in his eyes had disappeared, and was replaced by a cold, murderous intent. Under this imposing vibe, the boisterous crowd suddenly halted in their conversation, expecting Dragon City’s leader to deliver his speech at this particular event.

“Everyone, welcome to Dragon City! The victory in this year’s Prefecture War definitely brings us great happiness. But, an unpleasant event also occurred, as you might already know, in which young lord Wuhen of the Xue Family teamed up with our enemies, the demons and barbarians, to harm the young lords and ladies from his own prefecture! We have, indeed, discussed this event already with the other family leaders, and confirmed that what was mentioned in the scandal was what actually happened during their days on Ghost Island. Thus, we have reached a consensus that Wuhen penalty is death. Some of you may wonder, since everything is settled, why ask us to take part in this event today? There are two reasons for this meeting. First, we will go through a voting procedure to see whether the Xue Family as a whole shall be prosecuted or not, and to discuss what kind of penalty they shall receive? Second, the leader of the Ye Family, Ye Tianlong, holds a Mars Prefecture Blood Token in his hands, he summons us all to aid him in annihilating the lion-race demons…”

Long Pifu’s straightforwardness stirred up the crowd, and left some normal cultivators rather confused.

“The investigation is already finished? It seemed that the verdict is already made. Ha, the voting is so unnecessary since everything is settled already anyway. Since Long Pifu and other leaders all agreed to declare Wuhen guilty, the Xue Family should also be implicated. Let’s see how they will be punished…”

Amidst the whispers of the audience, Long Pifu put up his hands to quiet them down, “Now let’s move on to the first thing on the agenda – the judgment for the Xue Family! Where are the witnesses?”

“I’m Long Sainan, and I’m willing to bear witness for this incident. It was the young lord Wuhen of the Xue Family, who planted concealed worms in Qinghan’s hair. When we asked Man’gan, the team leader of the barbarian legion, he admitted the fact that Wuhen had given him and Yao Kaka each a Positioning Crystal Ball to trace Qinghan’s whereabouts… I swear that my words reflect nothing but the truth. If not, let me be abandoned by all immortals and ghosts after my death!”

“I’m Feng Zi, from the Feng Family. Miss Sainan’s words are indeed nothing but the truth…”

“I’m Hua Cao, from the Hua Family. I testify that…”

“I’m Yue Qingchen. I can assure you that…”

“I’m a soldier from Luo City. I’m willing to be a witness…


Almost all the young lords and ladies, who had been through the hard times with Qinghan on Ghost Island, stood out for Qinghan, as they furiously accused Wuhen’s evil doings.

They also proved that Xue Wuhen had run away immediately after he was told of the heroic deeds of Qinghan, which further convinced the audience about the credibility of this judgment. The witnesses volunteered to express all that they had heard and seen during the Prefecture War. Now, the charge against Wuhen was final, as they all believed him to be a shameless traitor.

“The witness session is over. Now, let’s invite the Xue Family to defend for themselves. Where’s Wuhen? Where are the Xue Family members? Hmm, if you guys abstain from doing so, we’ll begin the voting session immediately!” Long Pifu spoke up.

Soon after his words, people began searching around the plaza to find the Xue Family, to see if they would defend for themselves or not.

“I’m the one to blame!”

All of a sudden, when people were looking around, they heard a hoary voice ring out in the northern sky. Immediately after that, three figures appeared until they all descended on the ground of the plaza.

“Your Majesty, Leader Long Pifu, we, Xue Fei, Xue Ying, and our incumbent leader Xue Piaorou, good to meet you here. We’ll defend for ourselves!”

“Alright, let’s begin!” Long Pifu responded with an absent minded tone. He wasn’t surprised at all by their appearances. After all, what Wuhen did, had triggered the indignation of all Mars Prefecture citizens. If the Xue Family had given up on this chance, the likelihood of them being voted against would be much higher. At that time, the Xue Family would be torn into bits and pieces by the flaming anger of the masses.

Ye Tianlong, as well as the other family leaders were also not surprised at the reaction of the Xue Family. They were, however, curious to see what the Xue Family would do or say to quell the surging fury of the crowd.

Such was human nature, however. Before the arrival of the Xue Family elders, the crowd had already burst into clamorous name-calling against the evilness of Wuhen and his family; but, now that they were right in front of their faces, their voices lowered down and eventually silenced. No harsh words came out from their mouths anymore, as they were staring at the elders with disdainful eyes. As one of the five most prominent families in Mars Prefecture, the Xue Family had long enjoyed a position of great influence. Before everything was declared as final, people found it too risky to stand out against such a big family.

“I’m Xue Fei, I’m also the Sifu of Wuhen. Honestly, it was me who asked Wuhen to give Man’gan and Yao Kaka the Positioning Crystal Balls. As many of you might know, Qinghan and Wuhen had been at bad terms with each other long before the Prefecture War. Wuhen said he wished to teach Qinghan a lesson when he would run into him during the Prefecture War. I thought it was just a small quarrel between young lords, so I didn’t stop him from doing so. I never thought that he would do such a shameless thing as to ally with the other two races. It’s all my fault!”

To everyone’s astonishment, Xue Fei didn’t show the slightest intention to defend for his young lord Wuhen; instead, he admitted his own wrongdoings. Before people could realize what was going on, Xue Fei’s eyes flashed with shrewdness, as he continued.

“I’m the person who should be punished! As a teacher, I failed to fulfill my responsibility to show Wuhen the right path. As an elder of the Xue Family, I failed to educate my descendent. Today, in order to give this incident a closure, I’ll kill myself!”

Following a bout of wretched laughter, Xue Fei’s Battle Qi surged to the highest point, and soon after that, numerous blood pillars gushed out from various parts of his body. Like heavy raindrops, the blood of Xue Fei dripped on the ground, as it mingled with the dust.

Xue Fei collapsed, with eyes wide open. Everyone’s heart tightened by seeing this inexplicable scene.

A Saint-Realm cultivator, Xue Fei, had actually killed himself, in front of thousands of people!

Before the crowd could draw their attention back from the baffling suicide of Xue Fei, another scream sounded out, which left the people present stupefied.

“I’m the leader of the Xue family, Xue Piaorou. The wrongdoer Wuhen is my son! Obviously, I’m far from being a great father. I should be killed, and hopefully, you can forgive us all!”

– Bang! –

Another corpse collapsed onto the ground. The leader of the Xue Family, an advanced cultivator in the peak level of the Realm of the Emperor had committed suicide right on the spot!

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