BPTH Chapter 181

Charges Against the Xue Family

On the rear hill of the Ye Castle, Grey City.

Ye Baihu had received a letter from Ye Tianlong, in which it neatly described the results of the negotiation with Long Pifu, and it ordered Ye Baihu and half of the elders of the Ye family to go to Dragon City. Because, the trial for the Xue Family was quickly approaching, after which, they planned to start annihilate the lion race demons.

“Since our leader says so, you better set off straight away. I’ll take care of the family, don’t worry!” Ye Qingniu thumbed through the letter, as he urged.

“This… brother Qingniu, your injuries… Plus, Qingyu hasn’t woken up yet. What if there occurs some accident during my absence? Can you handle that?” Ye Baihu peeked in the small pavilion where Qingniu rested, as he responded with great concern. Ever since Qingyu had inhaled the Immortal Crystal a few days ago, she had started to look much healthier than before; yet, she was still sleeping. Furthermore, Ye Baihu had failed to investigate the state of her soul and he was unsure of what would happen to her next.

“Hey, take it easy. Do you remember what our ancestor said? He asked us to protect her, but he didn’t say anything negative about her condition. I bet that she’s roughly ok now. Also, my injuries will be fully recovered in a week or two. Just go, I’ll take care of everything in the Ye Castle!”

“Alright! You stay at home, the other elders and I will go to Dragon City to support Brother Tianlong!” Ye Baihu finally nodded his head firmly.


The next morning, dozens of horse-driven carriages marched out of Grey City. Under Ye Baihu’s lead, the elders all headed towards Dragon City. On the other hand, Feng Zi, Hua Cao, Sainan and the other young lords and ladies were invited along on this journey. They were, however, confused why Ye Baihu didn’t take Qingyu with them, since they all thought that she had been saved already. But, they weren’t in a position to ask for the reason behind it. Also, as participants of the Prefecture War, they had been asked to stand as witnesses during the trial, to bring Wuhen to justice.

The carriages didn’t stop once, and as such it only took them twelve days to arrive at Dragon City. When they stepped into the reception hall of Dragon City, the other families had already arrived. The representatives of each family were all cultivators no lower than the Realm of the Emperor, thus they chose to fly in a linear route towards their destination. Hence, it was no wonder that they were much faster than the Ye Family’s carriages.

Because of the Mars Prefecture Blood Token, which could only appear once in a hundred years, the hatred for the Xue Family had been stirred up among Dragon City’s citizens as well as its visitors. It was an astonishing scandal that had attracted the attention of all advanced cultivators. Even those seldom-seen cultivators came out from their reclusion, as they flocked into Dragon City.

As the direct governor of Snowing City, the Xue Family’s sovereignty also included the twenty big cities and a hundred small cities in the vicinity of Snowing City. Now, the Xue Family was about to crumble, and numerous aspiring families were staring at this big pie, wishing to get themselves involved during the vacuum period in governance. Any family occupying this area would definitely become the next overlord of this piece of land.

Dragon City, therefore, saw an endless stream of visitors coming from other places. Most of them were so eager to add fuel to the fire, so that they could own a part of the “pie” that Snowing City would be after the Xue Family’s collapse.


However, as for Ye Tianlong, he didn’t care much about the survival of the Xue Family, which he believed would find it extremely difficult to reestablish their reputation after this scandal; rather, he was satisfied about the arrivals of the advanced cultivators. Seeing the large number of cultivators, Ye Tianlong was confident in his next plan – the adventurous intrusion into the Demonic Prefecture. While he was thinking about this issue, Ye Baihu stepped in front of him, and told him what had happened concerning Ye Qingyu. Hearing that his Spirit Immortal Dan was fake, Ye Tianlong was totally confused.

Ever since his return from Concealed Island, where he had obtained the Spirit Immortal Dan, he was pretty confident about the authenticity, because it was directly handed over by their leader.

“Immortal Crystal? What is that?”

Ye Tianlong murmured with a flummoxed expression, for even as a leader, he had never heard of anything like this. However, since Ye Ruoshui had told them that it was a priceless item, and that the value of the whole Ye Castle wasn’t adequate to pay for it, he was convinced that this treasure was a lucky, once in a lifetime, moment for the Ye Family. Perhaps, he thought, with the help of this special treasure, Qingyu might become an immortal, even though she had never cultivated before.

The other thing that haunted his mind these days was, that he was actually rejected by the leader of Concealed Island, when he had asked for the Spirit Immortal Dan a year ago. But, when he had come back to the Ye Family with thwarted feelings, the situation had been reversed. The leader of Concealed Island had suddenly teleported himself in front of Ye Tianlong, and exchanged the Spirit Immortal Dan with him personally. In return, Ye Tianlong had given that leader several treasures, which the latter didn’t even have a look at. Why had the attitude of Concealed Island’s leader changed so dramatically? Most importantly, why did that leader give him the much more valuable Immortal Crystal, rather than the Spirit Immortal Dan he had requested?

What kind of secret would it ensue? Why did the leader of Concealed Island change his mind? Why did he give the Ye Family such a priceless treasure, almost for free? What on earth was the function of the Immortal Crystal? Would Ye Qingyu become an immortal in ten years, just as Ancestor Ruoshui had said?

Those questions, however, were beyond Ye Tianlong to understand. He figured that only their ancestor knew the answers, who was currently visiting Concealed Island.

As Ye Tianlong drew his mind back to the trial, the morning sunlight crept into his room through the windows. Today was significant for both the Xue Family and the Ye Family. He had to fight for the dignity of his own family and bring the Xue Family to justice.

When he walked out of his room and headed towards the hall, he found Ye Baihu and several other elders already waiting. Ye Tianlong adjusted his clothing, and nodded to them all. Soon after, they all followed him out of the hall and to the plaza outside the mansion.

At this moment, the plaza was tightly packed with people. The size of the spectators was overwhelmingly large, as they stood against each other, wishing to see this event turn into an interesting drama.

People were happy to join in this big event, for they believed that it would bring some fun to their monotonous life.

The Hua Family had arrived, and they were all dressed in black. They stood on one side of the plaza with cool, indifferent expressions.

The Feng Family had also come, each with a long sword on their back. They were dressed in white, which made their appearance akin to immortals.

The girls of the Yue Family were also present. Like always, they had covered half of their face with a silk veil. Their footsteps were lithe and graceful, as if they were celestial beings, who had descended from above.

The other three families all stood there with an imposing manner.

Ye Tianlong led the elders past the three families, and nodded to them all with a grateful smile. It was true that the young lords and ladies were all harmed in some way in this Prefecture War, and the Xue Family had now become public enemy number one due to Wuhen’s fault. However, the elite team had originally been formed to help Qinghan obtain more credits, and as such the other families had all contributed to the final result of the Prefecture War. Taking all of this into consideration, Ye Tianlong felt slightly indebted to them all.

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