BPTH Chapter 18 part 2

An’yue (2)

An’yue was a standard beauty, who was as charming as Ye Qingwu, yet she was more mature, like a fully blossomed flower.

“Hey, young man. Why do you keeping staring at me? Do you also have a crush on me?” An’yue held a glass of red wine and walked towards Qinghan, twisting her waist from left to right. She sat down in front of Qinghan, trying to grab his attention, as she was curious about this new guest, who was gloomily sitting next to a window.

“Hehe, elder sister, you’re so charming. I believe every man here admires your beauty.” Qinghan embarrassingly replied, fixing his eyes on An’yue’s pair of plump breasts.

“Haha, I don’t think you’ve become a man quite yet. I mean, have you had the taste of a woman yet?” An’yue intentionally shook her breasts, as she realized that this young man was quite curious about them.

On hearing these teasing remarks, all the guests in the dining hall laughed out loud.

“Hehe, don’t worry. If you really want to know whether I’m a man or a boy, just have a try on me.” Qinghan sipped from his cup of wine, before he calmly let out these vulgar words.

During the fifteen-years of suppressed life in the Ye Family, Qinghan had found his days to be lifeless.

Now, in Wild City, he felt relaxed by getting rid of all the unhappy memories from back at the Ye Family. He enjoyed the freedom here, as if he was a bird out of its long-restricted cage. On the other hand, he had some experience in dealing with women in his previous life, so it was easy for him to flirt with women.

“Er…” However, An’yue was taken aback by Qinghan’s bold reply.

“Haha, he is right. Yueyue, have a try and suck him dry!”

“An’yue, this young man has potential. Have a try!”

The guests instigated An’yue, hoping to make fun of her.

Nevertheless, as shrewd as An’yue was, she quickly came up with a good idea to dissolve the awkwardness, “Hmm, you’re quite unique. Well, at present, I’m in the second level of the Realm of the General. I will use half of my power to fight with you, if you win, I’ll accompany you for one night. What do you think of it?”

“Phew… An’yue, this isn’t fair. This young man is obviously in the first level of the Realm of the Elite, you’re actually two realms ahead of him. Plus, he seems to be an inexperienced cultivator, it’s impossible for him to win.”

“Indeed. An’yue, you are bullying this younger brother if you do so. At least, you should exert only one third of your power.”

The onlookers were getting more and more hooked by this interesting conversation. They started persuading An’yue to lower her strength while fighting. Obviously, as a cultivator in the Realm of the Elite, Qinghan would have no chance to win against An’yue, who was already in the Realm of the General, even if she only exerted half of her power.

“Alright, just as you guys suggested, I’ll only use one third of my strength.” An’yue agreed.

“Oh, wait, I recommend to postpone this fight to three months later. If I win, you accompany me for one night; if I lose, I’ll work for you in the hotel for three months. Deal?” Qinghan shot an evil look at An’yue.

“Three months?” An’yue was confused, looking inquiringly at Qinghan.

“An’yue, don’t worry. This is quite a good deal, if you trade one-night of company for three-month free services. I support you.”

“Just nod your head, An’yue. As a cultivator in the Realm of the Elite, he won’t improve much after just three months.”

“Come on, lady boss. Otherwise we won’t patronage your hotel.”

The guests kept on persuading, as though they were eager to see this beautiful An’yue sleep with this young man.

Looking at these “hungry” men – who were more like a bunch of oxen in their rut period, An’yue quickly started to regret her own proposal. However, she was confident that this young man wouldn’t surpass the second level of the Realm of the Elite within three months’ time.

“No problem. we’ll fight in three months from now. Even if I lose, it is just one night, no big deal.” An’yue finally confirmed.

“That’s great. Everyone here today are witnesses of this gamble between me and this beautiful lady boss. I’ll see you in three months.” Qinghan drank up the wine in front of him before he walked out of the door.

“Little brother, I’m optimistic about you.” The strong man, Menglong couldn’t help but laugh.

“Where are you going?” Menglong added.

“The Wild Mountain Range. I will practice my cultivation and accumulate some practical fighting experience. I’ll be back right on time.” Qinghan looked back over his shoulders and replied.

All the people in the dining hall were shocked by Qinghan’s reply…

“He is a man of courage.”

“Yeah, he starts preparing for the upcoming fight by cultivating in the dangerous mountain.”

Given the inexperience in real fights, Qinghan was bold enough to accept An’yue’s proposal. After all, as the lady boss of the An’yue Hotel, she must’ve obtained some capability so that her business could survive and flourish in this jungle-like Wild City.

While some of the guests held different opinions, they all thought that Qinghan’s calmness could be an indication of some concealed ability. Most of the guests hoped that Qinghan would win from An’yue.

It had been three years since An’yue had started her business in Wild City. She was pretty good at touting by flirting with her customers. However, no one had ever been allowed to touch her body, let alone establishing a romantic relationship with her. She acted like a lady of easy virtue, but she wasn’t actually a loose woman. The guests now expected Qinghan, in representation of them all, to have a real sluttish night with this beauty, rather than some verbal dissolute joking.

“Oh, no! If this young man really doesn’t have any practical experience in real fighting, it’s too risky for him to go into the mountains. He’s too reckless…” Menglong suddenly exclaimed, running to the doorstep to see if Qinghan was still around the hotel. Unfortunately, there wasn’t even a shadow of him to be found.

People began to worry about Qinghan, some of them even argued that he could lose his life if he went into the heart of the mountain range. They regretted not to remind him. And the most dangerous thing in the mountain range was actually not the demonic beasts, but rather… The huntsmen…

“Hopefully, this little brother won’t encounter the huntsmen…” The coquettish lady boss also prayed for Qinghan, as she felt a sense of guilt for proposing such a gamble.


Right now, Qinghan had already left Wild City. He was walking down the road that led to the Wild Mountain Range.

Wild City was located around the foot of the Wild Mountain Range; the distance between the two places was short. Several years ago, the demonic beasts from the mountain range had ran into the city, causing unexpected tragedies among the inhabitants there. Thankfully, owing to the huntsmen, there were less and less demonic beasts appearing on the foot of the mountain.

Qinghan grabbed his bag with his arm, which contained some necessary stuff needed for his adventure – a small dagger, some food, some bottles of water and some other cats and dogs.

Indeed, Qinghan had long wished for killing demonic beasts. As a cultivator in the Realm of the Elite, at least he could deal with some first-grade or second-grade demonic beasts. As long as he didn’t enter into the heart of the mountain, he should be able to survive. Considering the hungry Little Black, Qinghan was determined to harvest as many magic crystals as possible.

Due to his lack of actual fighting experience, Qinghan had spent two days inquiring about the know-how for a successful adventure in the mountain range. And the gamble with An’yue finally propelled him to put his plan into action, despite the possibility of him losing his life.

Qinghan ran down the mountain lane, holding a dagger in one of his hands. As far as he knew, in the periphery of the Wild Mountain Range, which was about 10 kilometers away from the mountain, one would rarely encounter any demonic beasts. Now, it was almost noon, he had to walk around 10 kilometers in order to see some first-grade demonic beasts. He decided to make it there before dusk, so that he could find a safe place to spend the night and he wouldn’t fight until the next morning.

It was known to all that the Wild Mountain Range was full of demonic beasts, and different grades demonic beasts lived in different parts of the mountain. The most outside part was inhabited by first-grade demonic beasts, though occasionally, some second-grade demonic beasts would come to this part as well. After walking through the first-grade demonic beast area, there was the second-grade demon beast area… And the third-grade, fourth-grade… The further away from the heart of the mountain range, the lower the ranks of the demonic beasts would be. Sometimes, some high-ranked demonic beasts would wander around in low-ranked areas. If that was the case, it would be a sad story for the adventurer.