BPTH Chapter 179

Immortal Crystal

“This is an Immortal Crystal!”

The abrupt appearance of this figure left everyone present so uncannily horrified. Ye Qingniu immediately responded by releasing his Battle Qi in defense, in case it was an enemy. This was a habit he had formed through his countless experiences in battles, and now it had almost become a part of his intuition. Whenever there was any possible danger up ahead, he would instantly be on high alert.

“Respectful Ancestor!”

Unlike the flurried Qingniu, Baihu stepped forward and greeted the ‘intruder’. Confusingly, Qingniu first looked at Baihu, who was now kneeling down submissively, and then looked at the man in front of them. He suddenly realized that this man was actually their ancestor! Instantly, he also threw himself onto the ground, and spoke up with a shivering voice, “I’m Ye Qingniu. I greet you, respectful ancestor!”

“Get up! Tell me, where did you get this Immortal Crystal?” Ye Ruoshui asked in an indifferent tone, as his two white eyebrows swung in the air. He soon turned his head towards Qingyu, and his eyes were filled with a heavy suspicion.

“Immortal Crystal? Ancestor, do you mean the pill with colorful rays that we took out just now?” Baihu replied with courtesy. After seeing Ye Ruoshui’s approving nod, he continued, “I received this pill from our leader, Ye Tianlong, who exchanged various treasures for this pill during his trip to Concealed Island. This pill… isn’t it a Spirit Immortal Dan?”

“Spirit Immortal Dan? Are you kidding me? An Immortal Crystal is more than ten thousand times more valuable than a Spirit Immortal Dan! Humph! Exchange? I suppose no one is willing to exchange this once in a million treasure, even if we’re to offer the entire Ye Castle in return!” Ye Ruoshui replied in a self-mocking manner. It seemed that Baihu’s explanation had only further baffled this old man, “How funny! Since when did this old brother on Concealed Island get such a top-level treasure? It’s eerily unlikely that he was so generous as to give this Immortal Crystal to us, in exchange for some comparatively lower-valued treasures? It’s absolutely not a favorable deal for him. Why did he do it? What’s his true purpose? There must be a plot behind all of this!”


Ye Ruoshui’s reasonable analysis left Baihu and Qingniu totally dumbfounded. They stood there like two statues, meditating on everything concerning the Immortal Crystal.

What kind of treasure would this Immortal Crystal be? Why would the leader of Concealed Island give this to the Ye Family? What was the specific function of the Immortal Crystal? What would happen to Ye Qingyu after inhaling such a priceless treasure.

“Ohh, I get it. This old brother did some tricks on the box. No wonder you mistook this for a Spirit Immortal Dan!”

Ye Ruoshui took the box from Baihu, and carefully scrutinized the white jade box, which had contained the pill. Afterwards, he threw a glance at Qingyu, before he turned back to Qingniu and Baihu again.

“So many doubts need to be unraveled. Alas, I’ll go to the East See to plunge into the details of this matter. You two, keep a close eye on this girl. Hmm, I’ll designate her as our next leader. Remember, don’t let any outsiders know about this girl. Before she grows to the Realm of the Saint, she should be kept within the Ye Castle. If everything goes well, I believe, in roughly ten years, our Ye Family will have an Immortal-level cultivator!”

As soon as he finished his words, Ye Ruoshui disappeared, leaving Baihu and Qingniu behind, as both of them were flabbergasted with wide open mouths.


“W-what did our ancestor just say?”

It had taken them a long while to realize what had happened. Finally, Baihu had wriggled his lips, as he had stammered out with sheer unbelievable eyes.

“Errr… He said… this girl will be our next leader. Saint-Realm? Immortal-level cultivator? What the fuck? Did I hear it wrong?” In response, Qingniu repeated what Ye Ruoshui had just said, but he desperately needed Baihu’s reassurance to convince himself of what he had just heard.

“I think you’re right. Our ancestor said, that in ten years, there will be an immortal-level cultivator in our family. It seems like this girl will be that one.” Baihu confirmed.

As they simultaneously turned their heads towards the white-haired girl on the bed, both Qingniu and Baihu widened their eyes further, and swallowed…


Long Pifu, an dwarf old man with a benign face, was in Dragon City. Funny enough, he was wrapped in a grey robe, which made him look like a peddler on the streets.

He wasn’t at all surprised at the arrival of Ye Tianlong. Since Sainan and the other elders had already sent people to inform him of the latest news about the Prefecture War and the accident, that had happened at the Luo Shen Mountain.

He knew all too well of Ye Tianlong’s progressive personality, who would, as always, retaliate against anyone, who had provoked him. The young lord of the Xue Family had actually conspired with the other two prefectures to kill Qinghan, as well as the other young lords and ladies. Not long ago, Yao Xie had ambushed the Mars Prefecture Legion on their homeward journey, and the young hero Qinghan was forced to be left behind in the Luo Shen Mountain. Given all what had happened to the Ye Family, the revengeful Ye Tianlong wouldn’t remain silent.

That was why he had immediately walked out of the gate, preparing to welcome Ye Tianlong, after he had spotted the latter flying in the direction of Dragon City in the not far away sky.

“Old brother Tianlong, welcome to Dragon City. Alas, I was told of what happened to young lord Qinghan. Worry not, I bet this kid will be blessed and will come out with valuable treasures.” Long Pifu showed Tianlong into the hall, where they both sat down and both of them had a cup of tea. Straightforwardly, he directly cut to the point, as he consoled the anxious Tianlong.

“Old brother Pifu, thanks for saying so. I come here especially for this matter. First, I need you to summon all the leaders of the five families to bring the Xue Family to trial. We must bring this treason to justice. Second, summon all the Saint-Realm cultivators in the Mars Prefecture, to follow me to kill the demons. I will annihilate the lion race demons once and for all!” Ye Tianlong didn’t take a single sip of his tea, but spluttered his true reasons for this trip, leaving no time for Long Pifu to ponder.

“This…” Long Pifu grabbed his cup of tea and gulped, before he shook his head with a friendly smile plastered on his face, “I agree with your first proposal. You can count on me. But… as for the second one, I’m afraid… it’s, in my opinion, infeasible. You have to take consideration of the old demons of the Demonic Hill, their cultivation level is far higher than Yao Xie. Not only me, I bet all the advanced cultivators wouldn’t agree with you to take this risk!”

Long Pifu’s answer was simple but clear. Since the Xue Family had received the anger of the masses, it was inevitable for them to be prosecuted. As for the Demonic Prefecture, however, it was a totally different situation. Apart from the possibility of the interference of Immortal City, the old demons of the Demonic Hill were also intractable. If they fell into the hands of those senior demons, they wouldn’t be able to come back. After all, every family cherished their talents, especially their Saint-Realm cultivators, whom they wouldn’t allow to be placed in such an unpredictable situation.

“Old brother Pifu, this is a token given to me by my ancestor. He asked me to annihilate the lion race demons only. Please don’t worry too much about the other demons!” Ye Tianlong rummaged the Blood Token out of his chest pocket, and threw it to Long Pifu.

“Eh? Mars Prefecture Blood Token? Did your ancestor Ye Ruoshui come out from his secluded cultivation?” Long Pifu took the token, and carefully observed the surface, on which the mystic graphic pattern and the character “Slaughter” was sculptured in a scarlet red color. His face turned extremely solemn this time, for he knew in total there were only three tokens like this. The owners of these three tokens were chosen from the greatest contributors of the Mars Prefecture. And only those, who got more than a 50% approval rating, would have the chance to receive this token. With this token, one could call for all the advanced cultivators in Mars Prefecture to help him finish a mission. Of course, this mission should be legitimate according to the Mars Prefecture’s rules.

In the past, Ye Ruoshui, as a commander of the Mars Prefecture Legion, had led the Mars Prefecture to five consecutive victories in the Prefecture War. Given his impressive achievements, he was chosen as one of the owners of the three tokens. Long Pifu realized that the second proposal was already approved of by Ye Ruoshui, so he stood up and nodded.

“Alright, since ancestor Ye Ruoshui already agreed, I have no problem with your second proposal either. I’ll send the message to all the Saint-Realm cultivators. But, we’ll proceed with the first proposal before we go to the Demonic Prefecture!”

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