BPTH Chapter 178

 ­Save Ye Qingyu!

Qingcheng, Qingwu and other young lords and ladies, followed after Ye Qingniu and Ye Baihu to the rear hill of the Ye Castle. As for the elders of the other families, they were left in the hall and Ye Qiang was at their service. The rear hill, indeed, was a forbidden place in the Ye Castle, where even normal elders weren’t allowed to enter. While, as for Sainan, Hua Cao, and other young lords and ladies, they were the future leader of their respective family, and Qingcheng was Qinghan’s fiancée, so Ye Qingniu and Ye Baihu decided to make an exception and let them in.

The picturesque sceneries in the rear hill were breath-taking, and the black wall, that had been broken by Ye Tianlong the other day, had also been completely renovated.

In a small pavilion alongside the river, there was a girl, whose name they had heard so often, but only Qingwu had seen her before. When they came in, they found a white-haired girl lying on her bed. The expression on this sleeping girl’s face was so peacefully innocent, that they all felt a sting in their heart, as they were sympathizing for her unfortunate experience that had been inflicted on her at such a young age. No doubt, this girl was Ye Qingyu, Qinghan’s beloved sister. As for Qingwu and Qingcheng, they both stared at Qingyu with blurred eyes, holding back their tears; but, when they thought of the endangered Qinghan, their tears simultaneously rolled down their cheeks.

“Brother Qingniu, isn’t the Spirit Immortal Dan in your pocket?” Ye Baihu tried to divert the youngsters’ attention from sadness, as he reminded Qingniu of the Dan that could cure Qingyu.

“Oh, yes! But where’s the other pill, the one that is fetched by our leader? Is it with you?” In a hurry, Qingniu took out the emerald box, that was thrown at him by Qinghan the moment before he was totally sucked into the fog. He felt so obligatory to save Qinghan’s sister after seeing what Qinghan had done for obtaining this pill.

“Yes, our leader gave it to me some time ago. He also required me to save Qingyu as soon as you arrived. So that we together can fulfill Qinghan’s wish! Ok, I’ll do some preparation for this critical moment. With these two pills, I’m confident that Qingyu can be saved!” Ye Baihu nodded his head.

After a while, Baihu led the young lords and ladies out of the rear hill, and towards the rooms that had been arranged for them. While at the same time, Qingniu stayed at the rear hill, recovering his wounds.


That night, Ye Baihu called Qingniu out, and secretly assembled some elders to help them guard the surroundings. He and Qingniu went to Qingyu’s room, and began to use the mystical method to save her.

Forced by Qingkuang’s kidnap conspiracy, Qingyu had slammed herself against a wall, after which she had accidentally inherited the knowledge of the Jade Spirit Body. Apparently, she hadn’t been able to fully digest all the information that she was bestowed upon at such a young age, yet she chose to take the risk to use the Soul Sacrifice in the hope of saving her brother. In the end, unfortunately, her soul had backfired because she hadn’t correctly performed the skill.

Since then, Ye Baihu had been using various nourishments to maintain Qingyu’s life. Now, two Spirit Immortal Dans were in his hand, and there was no reason for him to waste any time to proceed the saving process. In order to implement the mystical method, they had to force the energy inside the Dan out and inject it into Qingyu’s head. In this way, her soul could be further solidified until she could wake up.

“Elder Baihu, will our sister Qingyu wake up tomorrow morning?” Qingwu clung to her grandfather, who had already approved of her watching the scene.

“Little girl, don’t interrupt us. Just stand there and watch. If there’s still some surplus energy that Qingyu fails to inhale, you can absorb it by using the mystical method I taught you.” Qingniu glared at his naughty granddaughter. But, he had some selfish thoughts by bringing her in, in the hope that she could benefit from the energy if there was any left.

“Yes, your grandfather is right. The energy released from the Spirit Immortal Dan is super precious. Don’t waste any! Brother Qingniu, I will begin, please oversee the process for me.” Ye Baihu turned back to Qingniu, hoping to start the process as soon as possible.

Immediately, Baihu held a white box on his left hand, and released his Saint Domain. A streak of a white flow gradually flew from his left hand to Qingyu’s forehead. Several minutes later, Baihu pulled the lid open, and soon the room was filled with a soothing fragrance, that was being released from the white box. Thanks to his Saint Domain, the fragrance didn’t have any chance to leak out from any crevices or windows.

Soon after that, Baihu formed two Battle Qi hands, and searched in the box until he grabbed a gem-like object, the size of a fingernail. Numerous colorful rays radiated from the object, igniting the whole room. Without any hesitation, Baihu held it with his Battle Qi hands, and wrapped it up with the white flow. With meticulous caution, he brought the so called Spirit Immortal Dan to Qingyu’s forehead.

As Qingwu gawped at the blazing light of the pill, she simply couldn’t keep her mouth closed. Was this the legendary Spirit Immortal Dan? It was so beautiful, and the fragrance and vibe it exulted was so comfortable. It made one feel that he was in the arms of his own mother. That compelling force, that was created by the pill, tranquilized one’s soul. Seeing this, Qingwu hurriedly hunkered and started to cultivate.

Baihu and Qingniu looked at each other with unbelievable eyes. Although they’d never seen the Spirit Immortal Dan personally, they had seen it in the books. But, the pill right in front of their eyes was so different from what was described in the relevant books. They could feel the pure, powerful energy it contained, but there was something wrong about it.

The box had been closed for many days, because it wasn’t allowed to open it in case of the leakage of the energy. But, when Baihu checked deep inside the box, he sensed the pure energy within, so he had raised no doubts at all. Tonight, when they first saw the appearance of this Dan, they found it hard to match this pill with what they imagined based on the information they had learned from the record books.


Amidst their confusion, the pill with colorful rays suddenly flashed and disappeared into Qingyu’s head. Immediately afterwards, Qingyu’s face turned reddish, and peacefully vibrant…

“W-what happened?”

Qingniu stood up abruptly, and drew closer to Qingyu to see whether she would wake up or not. Before Qinghan had been fully sucked into the white fog, he had promised to help Qinghan save his sister. He wouldn’t allow any accident to happen at this crucial moment.

While Baihu acted much more composed, as he quickly extended his left hand, trying to use the lingering white flow to check Qingyu’s soul. But, when the white flow was about to enter Qingyu’s head, it was forcefully bounced back.

“Damn it! I can’t even check the condition of her soul. This… this must be a false Spirit Immortal Dan! It’s totally different from what I read in the record book. What… what is it exactly?”

Eventually, Baihu lost his temper, as he stammered out with frightened eyes.

“Isn’t this supposed to be the other Spirit Immortal Dan, that has been given to us by the leader of the Concealed Island? If it’s not a Spirit Immortal Dan, then what is it? Will it do harm to Qingyu?”

Qingniu’s face turned ghastly pale, for he was so worried for Qingyu.

“This is an Immortal Crystal!”

A resounding voice reverberated in the room out of the blue. When they turned around, they suddenly saw that a black figure had appeared in the pavilion!

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