BPTH Chapter 177

 ­Some News About Qinghan

Ye Qingniu looked extremely anxious, not because of his injuries, or the drizzling outside of the window, but because of the two girls in the carriage.

What had happened at the Luo Shen Mountain, indeed, did little harm to the other four families and those from Dragon City. In the end, Yao Xie was crippled and had fled, and his two demons had both been killed. Although Qinghan wasn’t able to come out yet, the enemies were somehow brought to justice. But none of these reasons could quell the flame of regret in Qingniu’s heart.

He found himself to blame for all that had happened. In self-reflection, Qingniu believed he could’ve done better by not leading the team of carriages to go back home in the first place. It was his overconfidence that made him believe that everyone would be safe and sound under his command. When they had arrived at the Luo Shen Mountain, he should’ve followed the young lords and ladies to ensure their safety or he should’ve never let them walk around there. If he had used his Ox Into Chopping first, Yao Xie might’ve lost his chance to release his golden spear and Qinghan wouldn’t be in such a dire situation right now. Also, the two girls, who were now sitting in one of the carriages, wouldn’t be so heartbroken.

The moment Qingcheng and Qingwu had woken up; they didn’t kick up a fuss, but asked in faint voices about whether Qinghan was still alive. After receiving the uncertain answer from Ye Qingniu, they had both turned mute, as neither had said a single word since that moment

“Alas! You two little girls, please talk to me. It’s been several days that I haven’t heard any words from you. Are you going to make me go mad?” When the carriage was only several miles away from Grey City, Ye Qingniu couldn’t help but to complain.

Inside the carriage, Qingcheng kept the same position for a long time, staring at the southwest sky with blank, hollow eyes. The absence of Qinghan, her future fiancé, had resulted in the normal vibrant radiance on her face to vanish. The sadness had numbed her senses.

On the other side, Qingwu rested her hands on her chin, while her eyes were fastened on the fruit plate on the desk. She, too, looked like a statue, totally ignoring Qingniu’s remarks.


– Creak! –

Half an hour later, the horses were all forced to slow down their pace. The neighing of the horses, mingled with the noises made by people, could be heard inside the carriages. A minute later, the sound of a group of people walking on the ground could be heard inside the carriages.

“Elder Qingniu, It’s the Ye Castle!”

“Kids, we’ve arrived. Let’s get off and see if our leader has found a solution to save Qinghan.” Ye Qingniu slowly stood up and went out of the carriage, as he spoke to the two girls. Qingwu and Qingcheng looked at each other, as their eyes lit up when they heard the name Qinghan. Eventually, they followed Elder Qingniu out into the Ye Castle.

“Greetings, respectful Elder Qingniu!”

The front gate of the Ye Castle was exquisitely decorated, as a giant stone lion stood on each side, rendering an imposing manner. Outside the gate, a line of elders had already been waiting for their arrival, to welcome Ye Qingniu and the distinguished guests from the other families.

“Brother Qingniu, are you alright?” Ye Baihu rushed in front of Ye Qingniu, as he helped him walk. In order to know Ye Qingniu’s condition, Ye Baihu released a streak of Battle Qi and penetrated through the latter’s arm. He was so anxious about Qingniu’s health, that he couldn’t wait for his answer.

“Hehe, look, I’m still alive. Don’t make it look like a big thing. I feel so much better now. Oh, let’s get inside the castle, and welcome these distinguished guests.” Ye Qingniu slightly patted on Ye Baihu’s shoulders, trying to soothe his anxiety. He then turned to Sainan and the others, “Miss Sainan, and all of you, please come in to have a rest. It has been a long journey, I bet that you’re all exhausted! Make yourself at home, everyone! Ye Qiang, show them around!”

“Yes, Elder Qingniu! Everyone, please follow me!” Ye Qiang dashed to the front, and extended his hand while leading them to the meeting hall.


“Elder Baihu, where is Elder Tianlong? Is there any news about the current condition of Qinghan? Have you figured out any way to save him?” Hardly had everyone got themselves seated, or Qingwu had reeled off a couple of questions. Everyone tossed their heads towards Baihu, wishing to receive some good news about young lord Qinghan.

“Our leader has gone to Dragon City!” Embarrassed by the expectant glances he received, Ye Baihu helplessly sighed, “As for Qinghan, up until now, I can assure you that he’s alright. But… whether he can get out of the Luo Shen Mountain or not, it all depends on his own ability.” He suddenly halted, as he swept his eyes over the crowd, but when he saw the disheartened expression on Qingwu’s face, he added, “According to the analysis of our ancestor, Qinghan has a 60% chance of getting out of the mountain after five years when the Heaven Path opens.”

“Elder Baihu, are you sure? I hope you’re not lying to us.” At the beginning, Qingwu’s eyes lit up when she had heard this good news, at least she had a 60% of chance to reunite with Qinghan in five years. But, on second thought, she raised some doubts about this answer. She could remember vividly how severe Qinghan had been injured: the ruptured bones and the massive hemorrhage… Plus, throughout history, she had never heard of anyone that had the ability and luck to get out of the mountain, if he had entered through the white fog rather than the Heaven Path.

“Baihu, what you just said is true?” Qingniu stared at Baihu’s face, for he was also eager to know of Qinghan’s condition.

“Of course, this is what our ancestor told us. But, in my opinion, the odds are only around 40%. I’ll explain it to you later!” Baihu conveyed his voice to Qingniu, before he turned to others and said, “This information is confirmed by our leader. Five years later, when the Heaven Path opens, I hope all of the Emperor-Realm cultivators in the Mars Prefecture will come to help us to find Qinghan.”

“Yeah, what Baihu said is true. I can assure you that this is the truth. Qingwu, Qingcheng, you two are supposed to cultivate hard to reach the Realm of the Emperor, so that you’ll be able to join on this adventure in five years!” Qingniu interrupted.

Looking at the sincerity in Baihu’s eyes, and the solemn expression on Qingniu’s face, Qingwu and Qingcheng burst into happy tears.

“Thank goodness. He’s still alive. There is still hope that we can meet him in five years!”

This definitely was good news for these two girls, for they would strive to find him even if there was only a 10% chance to do so. Encouraged by Qingniu’s remarks, they both made their revolution to cultivate hard in order to contribute their due efforts in saving Qinghan five years from now.

“Great! This piece of news is just like a good rain after a long drought! I mean, I was so depressed all these days since I thought I lost one of my best friends already. But, look, you give us hope! In five years, we’ll see him again! I believe he can eventually make it out!” Feng Zi was so elated, that he slapped his own thighs as he talked, and the light in his eyes showed his feeling was genuine rather than a pretended one.

“Five years later, I promise I’ll go and save young lord Qinghan!” Sainan also stood up, taking her vow.

“Me too!” Hua Cao also showed his willingness to join the rescue efforts.

“Thanks so much… we really appreciate your help! If Qinghan, as we wish, comes back out in five years, our Ye Family will reward each one of you with grand rewards!” Baihu cupped his hands, as he expressed his gratitude. At the same time, he really wished to thank Qinghan for his ability in sociable skills. In the past, Qinghan had been low-profiled in the Ye Family, and some even attributed his unpopularity to his own personality. But now, everything had changed. Not only had he won the heart of the Holy Virgin of the Yue Family, he had even gotten on good terms with these young lords and ladies, who had now all vowed to help him in five years.

At the same time, Qingcheng bit her red lips, while turning to Qingniu, “Elder Qingniu, I… I have a small request, though I don’t know if it’s appropriate to ask at this moment or not. But, would you allow me to have a look at Miss Qingyu?”

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