BPTH Chapter 176

Mars Prefecture Blood Token

“No one can save him!”

On hearing this hopeless conclusion, both Ye Tianlong and Ye Baihu shuddered with ghastly pale faces. If Qinghan’s life was under threat, they would surely be regarded as the guilty elders, who had failed to protect the most promising young lord in their family.

“Don’t be so depressed, guys. There is still hope!” Ye Ruoshui glanced at his two panicked descendants, and continued, “Plus, this could be an opportunity for this young lord to become stronger, provided he can make it out eventually… Alas, after all, it all depends on his own potential and luck. Everything is unpredictable at this moment.”

“Oh? Ancestor, would you please explain it a little bit to us?” Ye Tianlong took Ye Ruoshui’s remarks as a silver lining, which reignited his confidence in Qinghan’s survival. He stood up abruptly, and asked expectantly.

“The legend of the Luo Shen Mountain, I believe, you’ve all heard something about it. I can confirm that this legend isn’t a fantasy created by some bored people. It’s real! The Luo Shen Mountain is indeed a channel connecting various Small Immortal Pavilions in a myriad of spaces. There is an Immortal Sword in the Small Immortal pavilion of the Luo Shen Mountain, and with the help of that sword, one can access the key to the Soul Emperor Pavilion. But, that being said, one only gets three chances to go into the Soul Emperor Pavilion, in which there are priceless treasures, once owned by the mighty Soul Emperor, left for any successful intruder to obtain.”

“The purpose of establishing the Luo Shen Mountain is clear. Through the many trials one might encounter, the invader will be tested in terms of his potential, comprehension ability, personality, and luck! Of course, the Soul Emperor won’t let mediocre cultivators with a flawed personality obtain his relic. I said I have scrutinized all the information about this kid, and found that his name is Ye Qinghan, and his comprehension skill in cultivation is one of a kind. It is fair to call him a top genius. In my analysis, this kid isn’t short of integrity, and remained kindhearted in spite of the so many slaughters he committed. Yeah, I know, in front of the enemy, he will turn unyieldingly ruthless. To my knowledge, the chance of him being a successful invader by passing all three trials and obtaining the Immortal Sword is realistic. Anyway, it’s only my prediction; everything depends on his mindset, as well as his luck!” Ye Ruoshui’s eyes turned warm and amicable, as if he was rather appreciative towards Qinghan.

“Errr…” Ye Tianlong and Ye Baihu looked at each other perplexingly, not towards the Luo Shen Mountain, but towards the terrifying ability of Ye Ruoshui. Ye Ruoshui had penetrated through Ye Tianlong’s soul and checked his knowledge about Qinghan, without Ye Tianlong even realizing it.

“That… that’s impressive.” Ye Tianlong murmured to himself. But a second later, he raised his head again, and asked, “However… Ancestor, I heard that anyone, who forcefully enters the Luo Shen Mountain well before the Heaven Path opened, would never come back out again. As far as I know, no one survived after entering like this. Also, I have another question. Why can cultivators in the peak level of the Realm of the Saint rip through the white fog, but not a Heaven Immortal cultivator like you?”

Without giving Ye Tianlong a quick response, Ye Ruoshui pondered silently for a minute, before he finally spoke up, “There are two ways to enter the Luo Shen Mountain. The first way is through the well-known Heaven Path, which will open once every five years. Usually, those under the Realm of the Emperor aren’t advised to enter, because their odds of surviving are extremely low. But for those in or beyond the Realm of the Emperor, as long as they don’t go to deep into the mountain for more treasures, they’re relatively safe. Of course, one must control their greed for treasures or any other kind of fancy illusion, otherwise they will recklessly pursue ahead without realizing the dangers lurking in the shadows. Like I said before, it’s not only a battle of your force, but also a struggle of your mind. Anyway, if you get out of the mountain within ten days of the opening of the Heaven Path, you’re generally safe. But, after the tenth day, you’re not allowed to come out randomly, and you’re forced to continue your journey.”

“Well, the second way is also called the “Death Way”. At the time when you break through the white fog and enter the mountain, you’re not allowed to come out until you complete all the trials. The second way is actually much more suitable for relatively lower ranked cultivators. The lower the cultivation level, the lower the risks. Let’s look at our young lord Qinghan, he is simply in the first level of the Realm of the Marshal. Even when he integrates with his battle beast, he’ll only obtain the power of those in the Realm of the Prince. I mean, the severity of the slaughter illusion will vary precisely according to the true ability of the invader. As for the other two trials, I’m not sure whether he can pass it or not. But remember, even though the slaughter illusion is comparatively easier for lower-ranked cultivators, we never suggest anyone below the Realm of the Emperor to throw himself into such a great uncertainty. As for Qinghan, we have no choice. I’ll keep on checking his conditions, and I’ll inform you whenever there is any news… Is there anything else you wish me to explain?”

Ye Ruoshui’s ambiguous prediction about Qinghan left Ye Tianlong and Ye Baihu restless. Although Qinghan was temporary out of danger, who knew what would happen to him next. Thinking of the dire condition Qinghan would face, they both slipped into depression, and their anger towards Yao Xie had turned unprecedentedly fierce.

“Ancestor, I know, as the leader of the Ye Family, that I should be held accountable for all of this. But, Yao Xie should by no means be spared. He brazenly broke the Blood Treaty by assassinating our young lord! Let me lead our Elder Clan to kill this bastard and his followers. I’ll teach them a brutal lesson! Otherwise, the reputation of our Ye Family will be greatly damaged. Also, I think people from Immortal City also got themselves involved in Yao Xie’s plot. Ancestor, please confirm whether Tianlong can launch an attack against the demons?” Ye Tianlong’s bloodshot eyes stared into Ye Ruoshui’s face, expecting for a positive answer.

“Don’t get yourself in trouble by provoking people from Immortal City! I have my own way in dealing with this matter. As for Yao Xie…” Ye Ruoshui meditated for some seconds, before he took out a red token from his chest pocket.

“This is the Mars Prefecture Blood Token. Take this token and meet the Dragon City’s leader. By showing him this token, you can summon the Saint-Realm cultivators across the Mars Prefecture to join the action. This time, we have the moral high ground, and Yao Xie is the wrongdoer and treaty-breaker. You can slaughter as many demons as you wish. But remember, tell them to only kill the lion-race demons that belong to Yao Xie, not other races of the Demonic Prefecture, in case those creepy old demons in the Demonic Immortal Hill are provoked. And… If any representatives from Immortal City interfere, you have to retreat!”

“Yes, respectful ancestor!” Ye Tianlong and Ye Baihu nodded their heads firmly.

“This is a messenger token, you can call me out only in case of a big event. Tianlong, keep on cultivating. I hope you can break into the Heaven-Immortal Realm before your lifespan expires.” Ye Ruoshui threw out another jade token to Tianlong, before he walked to the black wall. In a second, he miraculously renovated the broken wall, and disappeared.

“Goodbye, ancestor!” Ye Tianlong and Ye Baihu quickly kneeled down, marveling at the sheer power of his ancestor. Their growing respect for their ancestor was sincere and ardent.

“Leader, what shall we do next?” Ye Baihu finally talked, as he hadn’t dared to speak in front of Ye Ruoshui.

“What shall we do? Hahaha” Ye Tianlong raised the red token, and laughed. Before he met with Ancestor Ruoshui, he had planned to secretly assemble the advanced cultivators and surprise attack the demons. Now, however, this retaliation plan was approved by Ye Ruoshui, he wouldn’t waste this opportunity to teach Yao Xie a good lesson.

“You stay at home, and wait for the arrival of Qingniu and the youngsters. I guess that in a couple of days, they’ll arrive. Now, I’ll go to Dragon City to meet with Long Pifu. We’ll collaborate with him to call out all the advanced cultivators of our Mars Prefecture, to raid the Demonic Prefecture! I swear to annihilate all the lion race demons and let Yao Xie know how powerful we truly are!” Ye Tianlong smiled coldly, as he instructed Ye Baihu.

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