BPTH Chapter 175

No One Can Save Him!

“Alright, get up. It’s been… hundreds of years, the Ye Family has flourished to such a large pool of descendants now! You’re Ye Tianlong, right? Hmm, your grasp on the Laws of Heaven and Earth is impressive. I wonder what kind of emergency propelled you to raid the tomb and call me out? Tell me!”

Up until now, no other person could be found except Ye Tianlong and Ye Baihu. But, the coarse sound of Ancestor Ye Ruoshui reverberated in the air, as though he was right beside the two of them.

“Respectful ancestor, please come out and save our young lord!” As straightforward as he was, Ye Tianlong cut to the point and bowed to Ancestor Ye Ruoshui, while imploring him with an earnest expression.

“Give me the reason!” The voice sounded out, but with no amicable feelings attached to it. Rather, he sounded as if he was reproaching Ye Tianlong for interrupting his reclusive cultivation, and raiding the family tomb, simply because of a young lord.

“This young lord isn’t like any of the mediocre ones. Back in the Awakening Ceremony, he managed to summon a holy-grade battle beast after the appearance of a nine-colored halo, and learned a formidable integration technique that attacks others’ souls. Most importantly, at the age of sixteen, he is now in the first level of the Realm of the Marshal already! Not long ago, he participated in the Prefecture War, where his integration technique became even more powerfull. In general, his strength should be… in my calculation, better than any cultivator below the Realm of the Emperor…”

– Shoo! –

While Ye Tianlong was detailing Qinghan’s achievements and talents in proud, the air began to slightly vibrate. Soon afterwards, in front of Ye Tianlong, there appeared a white-clothed middle-aged man. Judging from his skin and outlook, it seemed as if he was only in his late thirties or early forties. Oddly enough, despite his youthful features, his two long eyebrows were silvery white, which dangled down along his face. Also, his pair of deep eyes suggested that he must be a man of old age, at least in spirit.

“We respectfully greet you, Ancestor Ruoshui!” It baffled both Ye Tianlong and Ye Baihu as to how this ancestor looked so young. A man, who was over 500 years old, simply looked much younger than either of them. Although the portrait of Ye Ruoshui was hanging in their Ancestral Hall, and they had had a glimpse of him already, they had never thought that he was this young and full of vigor. However, no other man, other than Ye Ruoshui, who was in the Heaven Immortal Realm, would be able to teleport himself in such a short amount of time.

Their guesses proved to be right, this was Ye Ruoshui, the man that owned a ninth grade White Tiger, and had led the Ye family to occupy Grey City. Now, he was in the Realm of the Heaven Immortal, so far, he was the most powerful man in the Ye family.

“Are you sure that this kid has summoned a holy-grade battle beast? What does this beast look like? And also, tell me something more about his integration technique!” Ye Ruoshui stood their squarely, without releasing any of his Battle Qi; yet, Ye Tianlong and Ye Baihu felt so suppressed by his imposing manner, that they thought that they were facing an insurmountable mountain.

Ye Tianlong took a deep breath to balance his mind, before he responded, “The nine-colored halo is witnessed by all the elders of the family. As for the appearance of that battle beast… hmm, it actually looked like a lion-nosed dog. The difference is, it has a black horn on its head. According to what this young lord told us, this is a Soul-eating battle beast. But, when we checked all the books concerning battle beasts, we found none matching it. Errr… The integration technique, he says it’s called Soul Blackout, which can make anyone below or in the same realm pass out for a short period of time. Now, after the Prefecture War, his integration technique has reached a level where it can attack the souls of a group of enemies, rather than individually. He successfully slaughtered large groups of demons and barbarians within seconds!”

“Hmm, impressive! Where is he then? I’d like to meet him!” Now, Ye Ruoshui’s voice revealed some shock and excitement.

“Respecful Ancestor Ruoshui, it’s all my fault! This young lord killed the son of Yao Xie, in revenge, Yao Xie ambushed us in the Luo Shen Mountain and launched a sneak attack. Now, this young lord ended up being sucked into the Luo Shen Mountain… Although, I believe he can survive temporarily, I’m not sure how long he can sustain inside the mountain, especially inside the slaughter illusion, which is currently three times more powerful than when the Heaven Path opens in five years. That’s why I’ve come to seek your help. Ancestor, please save him!” Ye Tianlong threw himself to the ground, and bowed to Ye Ruoshui, while his face was saturated with a mix of regrets and hope.

“Dumbass! If this little kid dies there, you’ll be the sinner of our Ye Family!”

His two long white eyebrows moved a little bit, as Ye Ruoshui frowned. The light of indignation and killing intent in his eyes made Ye Tianlong and Ye Baihu scared, as if they were being thrown into an icehouse, and their blood was frozen. They were extremely scared, but they didn’t know what to say other than kneeling down like two statues.

However, Ye Ruoshui just slowly closed his eyes, as if he had fallen asleep. Ye Tianlong and Ye Baihu made no sound at all, but their bodies were trembling in fear.

After a long time, Ye Ruoshui’s eyes were still shut, as he remained silent. When Ye Tianlong was about to break the silence and beg for mercy, Ye Ruoshui suddenly opened his eyes.

“Respecful Ancestor, what did you find?” Ye Tianlong couldn’t help but ask, while Ye Baihu didn’t have the guts to say a word.

“This kid… he’s safe and sound up until now.” With a slight breath, Ye Ruoshui replied with eyes less cold than before. Instead, he looked rather confused, “I’ve checked his condition with my soul observation ability, but I’m shocked by how quickly he is healing. I mean, he was severely injured, right? But he’s recovering at a terrifying speed, almost a hundred times faster than a normal cultivator!”

“I’m not quite sure, but I think that he might possess a holy-grade item!” Ye Tianlong’s fear of being punished was greatly eased, as he replied lightheartedly.

“What a competent leader!” Ye Ruoshui glanced at Ye Tianlong with the corner of his eyes.

Embarrassingly, Ye Tianlong’s face turned blushed, and his sense of guilt resurfaced. Ye Ruoshui gave him false praise in sarcasm. He was blaming him for not protecting the genius of their family. Now, this young lord was in the dangerous Luo Shen Mountain, but Ye Tianlong still couldn’t confirm whether there was a holy-grade item with the kid or not. It was taken by Ye Ruoshui, as negligence.

“Ancestor… When will you save him?” Ye Tianlong asked in abashment.

“Save him? No, I can’t!” To their great surprise, Ye Ruoshui rejected with a firm accent, which left Ye Tianlong and Ye Baihu both perplexingly petrified.

How could Ancestor Ruoshui be unable to save Qinghan? Since he could check Qinghan’s current condition from thousands of miles away, how was it possible that he had no means to save Qinghan? Wasn’t he a Heaven-Immortal Realm cultivator?

As for Ye Qingniu, a Saint-Realm cultivator, he was able to break through the white fog of the Luo Shen Mountain with his Ox Into Chopping; the Demonic Saint, Yao Xie, could rip through the white fog with his golden spear with a two-meter crevice that had sucked Qinghan in… It would be totally inconvincible, that Ye Ruoshui, a Heaven-Immortal Realm cultivator, wasn’t able to save Qinghan?

“How come? Respectful ancestor, you’re in the Realm of the Heaven Immortal!” Ye Tianlong lost his temper a little bit, but after several minutes of serious meditation, his expression changed, and he asked with caution, “Respectful ancestor, has you injury recovered?”

Once again, Ye Ruoshui shook his head helplessly, before he spoke up, “No, it has nothing to do with my injury. I simply can’t get into the Luo Shen Mountain. You know, not only me, but also all other Immortal-level cultivators in the Flaming Dragon Continent! Neither the leader of Immortal City, nor the leader of the Concealed Island can enter the Luo Shen Mountain, despite their distinguished power in cultivation. The only person that has a chance to get into the mountain, as far as I know, is Majesty Shi, who lives in the Dark Forest. Anyway, forget about him, I know for sure, that he won’t help us! So… No one can save our young lord!”

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