BPTH Chapter 174

 ­The Eldest Senior of the Ye Family

It was early morning, the bustles and hustles in Grey City had already begun, either on the busy streets or on the narrow lanes. Everyone was in full spirit, striving for a better life. Perhaps, in the near future, they would make some breakthrough in their cultivation…

As the sun rose up, the warm, shining light casted all over Grey City, as well as the Flaming Dragon Continent.

-Swoosh! –

The rustles in the southwest sky grabbed the attention of the citizens in Grey City. Those morning-tea drinkers put down their cups of tea, the pedestrians stopped in the middle of their hasty footsteps, and the peddlers and their customers halted in the middle of their bargaining… Everyone shot their glance at the sky in the southwest.

Grey City, a place under direct governance of the Ye Family, had enjoyed stability for a long, long time. Because of the Ye Family, who protected their peaceful life, seldom did anyone dare to stir up any trouble here, unless he was intending to challenge the Ye Family. But now, a fuzzy figure was flying in the sky in full swing. Could this man be an intruder?

“Who’s that up in the sky?”

Another black figure bounced up from the crowded street, as he yelled out. This was actually the leader of Grey City, trying to figure out who this rude visitor up in the sky was. But, he was somehow able to refrain himself from using any impolite words in his language.

“Get out of my way!”

The neutralized statement of Grey City’s leader was met with an impertinent snarl from the man in the southwest sky. As that man quickly approached, they saw his yellow robe and his face… He was flying directly towards the Ye Castle, north of Grey City.

“S-Sorry, Respectful leader! Please punish me for my rudeness!” When Grey City’s leader was about to curse at the approaching man, it turned out that this ‘intruder’ was actually Ye Tianlong! In a hurry, he made a courteous bow and replied, in case Ye Tianlong was offended.

However, Ye Tianlong quickly disappeared into the Ye Castle, completely disregarding the crowd, who were waiting for his response.

“Eh?” Grey City’s leader confusingly stroked his beard, while his face turned ghastly pale. He couldn’t understand why Ye Tianlong had treated him so coldly, although he was notoriously for his stereotype mind. Or was it possible that there had happened some big event in the Ye Family?

People began to discuss about the abnormal behavior of Ye Tianlong, who was revered and idolized by many. But today, the impression he had left on these people was his indifference and rudeness. Therefore, rumors started to spread that something big had happened in the Ye family.


As soon as Ye Tianlong arrived at the Ye Castle, all the members from the Elder Clan had voluntarily gathered together, with proper clothing and neat hair, to show their respect for the leader.

“Respectful leader!”

Looking at the surly-faced Ye Tianlong, everyone’s heart tightened, so they collectively bowed to him with full respect, waiting for his further instructions if there were any.

“Go and guard every gate of the Ye Castle, and prevent anyone from coming in. No one is allowed to tell any outsider what will happen in the following minutes! Now, dismiss!” Hastily, Ye Tianlong flew to the back hill of the castle after these words.

“Yes, Your Majesty!” Although Ye Tianlong’s order was met with a unanimous yes, everyone was left in confusion. It was just because of Ye Tianlong’s solemn face, that prevented them from asking the reasons behind it. Nevertheless, bewildered as they were, they quickly dispersed and blocked the whole Ye Castle.

“Respectful leader! What’s going on?” Ye Baihu came out to welcome Ye Tianlong. He realized something bad must’ve occurred, otherwise Ye Tianlong wouldn’t come back all alone.

“Don’t ask too much right now. I’ll explain it to you later. Release your Saint Domain, and don’t let anyone in!” Without a proper explanation, Ye Tianlong flew to a spacious ground, which was enclosed by walls near a small pool.

The walls weren’t very high, as they were approximately a meter high. The surface of these walls was painted black. Inside the walls, a spacious grassland was revealed, on which stood numerous mounds. On each and every mound, a stone tablet was erected and various sacrificial offerings were laid down. No doubt, this was the place called the Ye Family Tomb. All the prominent ancestors, who had made their great contribution to the family, were buried here.

“Why’s he going to the tomb?” Despite Ye Tianlong’s warning several minutes ago, Ye Baihu couldn’t resist the temptation to seek the truth behind his leader’s weird behavior. Why had Ye Tianlong come back alone and directly entered the family tomb? These questions haunted Ye Baihu’s head, since the moment he had seen Ye Tianlong return.

On the other side, Ye Tianlong had landed on the ground and walked in front of the black walls. Instead of walking through the middle gate, he suddenly kneeled down with a thud. He kowtowed and bowed precisely following the required traditional rituals.

“All respectful ancestors, I’m your unfilial descendant Ye Tianlong. I don’t intend to disturb your souls, I hope I may be forgiven. If any one of you is offended, please don’t punish the Ye Family descendants as a whole, punish just me!”

Afterwards, he deeply bowed before he opened his left palm, and released a glaring yellowish light. He concentrated his Battle Qi on his left palm, and forcefully slammed his palm on the wall.

One face of the wall was therefore, swaying a little bit, but the force was far too weak to make it collapse. In the process, there appeared a blinding light.

-Bang! –

Once again, Ye Tianlong, a man who never yielded to difficulties, pushed out his two palms. This time, the wall was as stable as the previous time, but the light that followed was obviously much more dimmed.

– Bang! Bang! Bang! –

Under the repeated attacks of Ye Tianlong, the light on the wall eventually faded away. A second later, the wall crumbled under his attacks, leaving dust flying in the surroundings.

Satisfied with the result, Ye Tianlong put aside his palms, and kneeled down quietly, as if he was waiting for something to happen…

“Is our leader… out of his mind?” Ye Baihu couldn’t believe what he had just witnessed. How could their leader attack their family tomb, where the souls of many ancient seniors rested? Ye Baihu even guessed that his leader’s brain had been damaged after his recent travel.

Several minutes later, however, Ye Baihu withdrew his Saint Domain for he had sensed something and kneeled down behind Ye Tianlong.

Faintly, they heard some buzzing sound in their ears. But neither of them knew exactly how much time they had spent in silence, maybe only some seconds, or maybe several hours. Immediately following the buzz, however, they were both overwhelmed by a terrifying force that descended on the whole rear hill. It was like someone put a gigantic mountain upon their shoulders, the weight of which bent their spines. Ye Tianlong and Ye Baihu felt as if they were snatched by someone at the neck, as they were unable to move even in the slightest. This suffocating, unbearable feeling made them believe their heartbeat might stop once and for all.

“Humph… you two have really taken me aback! I never thought it to be my own descendants that raided our family tomb! Give me a convincing answer, or I will use the family law to punish you!”

A cold voice sounded out in the air, but strangely enough, when this voice rang out, the weight on Ye Tianlong and Ye Baihu disappeared as well, as if it had merely been an imaginary force.

By this time, both Ye Tianlong and Ye Baihu’s faces were streaming with cold sweat. They were spooked by the sudden appearance of this eldest senior.

“The 36th generation of the Ye family, Ye Tianlong, and Ye Baihu, respectfully greet you, respectful Ancestor Ye Ruoshui!”

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