BPTH Chapter 173


“Ye Tianlong, one day, I will return what you have done to me today in double!”

One after the other, Yao Xie’s subordinates had died under the ruthless attacks of the elders. Such being the case, Yao Xie had found no reason to linger around this battlefield anymore. Besides, he would only suffer the same misery as the other two demons, if he failed to run away. Anyway, he was determined to take a shot. With bloodshot eyes, he glared at Ye Tianlong in full indignation, while his shadowy golden lion, as well as his shanks, were wrapped in a flaming fire, with which he successfully created a powerful force and pushed the Ye Family members away. While, at the same time, the fire burned increasingly violent until it carried Yao Xie, at an increasingly fast speed, out of the Saint Domain…

“Don’t bother to chase after him! Since Yao Xie burned his shadowy lion and shanks, we won’t be able to catch up with him. Humph, don’t worry, by burning himself, his cultivation will be dramatically damaged, and his body will definitely be crippled. Haha, given these weaknesses, it’s hard for him to preserve his title as Demonic Evil. As far as I know, he has tons of enemies even inside the demon innercircle! It’ll be an interesting drama to watch, when he is being targeted by those of his own kind!”

Looking at the disappearing Yao Xie, Ye Tianlong extended his hands, trying to prevent others from pursuing any further. As an eminent leader, Ye Tianlong knew all too well of Yao Xie’s tricks of burning his shadowy lion and shanks. Only upper level Demonic Saints were qualified to use such an ultimate life-saving technique. As a last resort, only when one’s life was truly threatened, would they use this technique, for an upper-level Demonic Saint would degrade to a lower-level Demonic Saint once it was used, and it would take a great amount of time and medicine to help one recover from the loss of Battle Qi. With abated cultivation, Yao Xie would find his position of Demonic Evil, which was craved by many, under threat. Hence, if he dared to go back to the Demonic Prefecture, he would be killed anyway.

After a long sigh, Ye Tianlon went directly to Ye Qingniu, after withdrawing his Saint Domain. He knew, if Elder Qingniu had used his Ox Into Chopping, rather than Ox Into Armor, Yao Xie would’ve already been killed. What had been done, however, couldn’t be undone. So he went to Ye Qingniu, who was hunkering in a stable position while curing his wounds.

“Qingniu, are you alright? Is your injury serious?” Ye Tianlong squatted a little bit, and whispered into Qingniu’s ear, rather concernedly.

“Errr….” With an extremely pale face, and blood stains around his mouth, Elder Qingniu opened his eyes and looked at Ye Tianlong. He felt abashed and regretful for not fully accomplishing his task. Following a bout of coughing, he continued, “Respectful leader, I… I’m sorry. I’m a guilty person for failing to protect our young lords. I apologize to you, and all the ancestors of our family…”

“Hey, Qingniu, don’t be so sad. I don’t blame you, because I know that you’ve done your best. Plus… I don’t think our young lord Qinghan will die inside the mountain.” Touched by Qingniu’s allegiance to the family, Ye Tianlong patted on his back, trying to console him. Meanwhile, his eyes suddenly lit up, as he turned his head towards the white fog of the Luo Shen Mountain.

“Do you remember, when Qinghan got severely injured at the Drunken-heart Garden, but then he miraculously recovered after just a short day? I guess, that this kid has a Saint-level item with him, an item that can heal his body. You know, what I worry about most right now, is whether he can resist the slaughter illusion inside the Luo Shen Mountain. Alas, I know, he’s a kid of emotions, which was already proved by what he did for his sister. I’m afraid, that he’ll fail to overcome the slaughter illusion and degrade himself into a killing machine until he dies…”

The prospect, that Qinghan could survive, greatly lifted Qingniu’s spirit. In retrospect, he believed that Qinghan must indeed have many unraveled secrets on him. So he frowned, “The slaughter illusion is very difficult to get over when one is thrown in that condition alone. What shall we do? It’s not often that our Ye Family will have such a promising young lord. If we fail to lend him a hand, and let him from die in the mountain, we’ll have no face to meet our ancestors after we die.”

“Alas! It’s beyond my ability!” Ye Tianlong took a deep breath, as he looked at the eastern sky, “Little Qinghan is too important for our family… Alright, I’ll invite our eldest senior out from his reclusive cultivation, no matter what his response is! After all… By doing so, I risk incurring his wrath onto me.”

“The eldest senior!” Qingniu’s eyes were glimmering with hope when he heard these words. But, an instant later, the light in his eyes disappeared, “Don’t forget, our eldest senior instructed us that no one is allowed to interrupt him, unless it’s for the survival of our Ye Family… These are his dying words… This is a rule strictly abided by us for so many years, and no one ever broke it.”

“Little Qinghan’s life links to the survival and prosperity of the Ye Family! In my opinion, the eldest senior will approve of my interruption. However, even if I’m taken as a rule-breaker, I’m ready to receive the punishment!”

There was a light of cruelness in Ye Tianlong’s eyes, as he continued with gritted teeth, “In our ancestor’s tomb, some simple structured barricades have been erected, I’ll directly go there and blast them all into smithereens. At that time, I believe that our eldest senior will appear… Do you want to go with me now, or later with the rest of them?”

“Alas… I hope that our eldest senior will save Qinghan. I think I’d better stay here with the youngsters. You know, the two girls… I’m afraid they’ll commit suicide when they wake up! Anyway, I’ll keep an eye on them!” Qingniu said his goodbyes to Tianlong, and glanced at Qingwu and Qingcheng in the near distance, who were both in Sainan’s arms.

Being a man of action, Ye Tianlong quickly nodded to Qingniu, and delivered his farewell speech, “Members of the Elder Clan, listen up! First, please escort Ye Qingniu and the young descendants back home. Second, keep cultivating. A month later, you’re required to come with me to the Demonic Prefecture, and annihilate the sub-races that belong to Yao Xie…”

As he finished his words, he immediately released his Saint Domain, with which he successfully flew up in the direction of Grey City.

“Respectful leader… Qinghan is still… Oh, I don’t understand my father, why does he fly away so hastily? He didn’t provide any ideas about how to help Qinghan out. I’m rather concerned whether Qinghan can sustain through the dangers of the mountain with his already heavily injured body.” Ye Tianlong’s hasty speech left the other elders baffled, especially Ye Qiang, who cared about Qinghan the most.

“Now that Qinghan is sucked into the Luo Shen Mountain, and there’s no way to break in, we better leave the decision to our leader. Although as some of you might know, my Ox Into Chopping has a chance of ripping a hole in the white fog, I’m unfortunately exhausted following my use of Ox Into Armor. Anyway, our leader will figure out a way to resolve this issue. Now, prepare yourself and we’ll go home. We have to wait until we get back to Grey City to see what our leader has come up with.” Qingniu helplessly waved his hands, demanding everyone to arrange their journey instead of wasting time here wondering.

Afterwards, the elders all sighed with deep grief, for they felt it a pity to lose such a genius. It was a big blow to the family. They believed, that they could now only put all of their hope on Ye Tianlong, and see if he could save Qinghan or not…

Among the young lords and ladies, Feng Zi and Hua Cao both felt dejectedly unhappy without the company of Qinghan. Now, they were standing in front of the turbulent white fog where Qinghan was dragged in, they began memorizing all the cheerful and adventurous moments they had spent with Qinghan, which was definitely saddening them a great deal. But, what could they do for him? Nothing! The elders at a higher cultivation realm didn’t even have a way to save Qinghan, let alone these unfledged rookies.

As for Sainan, who held the passed-out Qingwu and Qingcheng tightly, she was thinking of how should she could comfort the two girls when they woke up. Her usual bright eyes had also turned lackluster because of the sorrow in her heart.

People from the other four families, as well as those from Dragon City, stood beside the carriages, and began to talk about Qinghan’s accident. Back on Ghost Island, Qinghan was labeled as invincible by his admirers. But just a few days later, this young hero had disappeared, and probably even died. Everyone with a conscience would find himself grieved on hearing of this tragedy…

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