BPTH Chapter 172

Ye Tianlong’s Fury

“Earth Roar!”

Following Ye Tianlong’s resounding howl, the ground of the Luo Shen Mountain shivered, as well as the Essence Qi inside the Saint Domain. Meanwhile, Yao Xie, and the other two demons were busy trying to fly away, but due to the sudden changes brought about by the Sain Domain they were horror stricken.

Different as they were, the demons, barbarians, and humans shared one thing in common: they all had to inhale the Essence Qi between Heaven and Earth to enhance their cultivation. Only in this way could they reach new heights in both their defensive and offensive capabilities. The Essence Qi was therefore the very foundation of cultivation, with which cultivators could furnish their fighting ability with various techniques.

Right now, Ye Tianlong’s Earth Roar caused some turbulence in the surrounding Essence Qi. The three demons were shocked to learn how magnificent this technique was. Before, they only knew that Ye Tianlong had an eighth-grade Bear of the Earth, which could help him reinforce his defensive ability, never did they expect, however, that Ye Tianlong’s grasp of the Laws of Heaven and Earth could be this impressive. Being intimidated by the sheer power exerted by this Earth Roar technique, the three demons chose to flee as quickly as possible.


Yao Xie stabilized himself, as he gave out this order. Being afraid of the dozens of Emperor-Realm advanced cultivators from behind, he urged his other two companions to run away. On the other hand, he was rather satisfied concerning his revengeful task, for he was confident that Qinghan must be dead after being sucked into the mountain. If Qinghan was carried back to the Ye Family, he would’ve most likely survived; but not in this case, where he stood no chance of survival considering the severity of his injuries and the dangers of the mountain. Now, since his mission was successful, he was glad he had brought his son’s murderer to justice.

The three demons, led by Yao Xie, therefore, ran away before they got attacked by Ye Tianlong.

“Escape? No way! Today, I won’t let any of you get out of this place… Earth Swamp!”

Looking back at the vanished hole, that had swallowed Qinghan, Ye Tianlong’s eyes were filled with grief at the beginning, but soon replaced by boundless fury. Immediately, waves of yellowish light emanated from his body, and spread in the surroundings. The Saint Domain, accordingly, turned into a dark yellow colour.

Inside the Saint Domain, the ripples of yellowish Battle Qi greatly slowed the speed of the three demons, while the advanced cultivators of the Ye Family weren’t affected at all, as they were running at an even faster speed than before. It was clear that the Ye Family had the upper hand. Shortly after, the three demons were encircled, as they were continuously struck by various weapons.

“Fuck, I was told that this bastard, Ye Tianlong, is a mere ‘turtle’, who’s only good at defense. This information is so wrong! I will tear the mouth up from his face once I find out who told me this false information. Ye Tianlong must’ve reached the second level of the Realm of the Saint! This ‘turtle’ disguised himself so well!”

Yao Xie couldn’t help but curse, as he found it to be increasingly difficult to make a fluent movement. As a Demonic Saint, he felt ashamed to be attacked by elders, who were only at the Realm of the Emperor. Angry as he was, he had no means to escape.


The other two demons, who were less capable in cultivation than Yao Xie, were both injured. Although these wounds wouldn’t become a threat to their lives, they believed, if they didn’t fight back, they would most likely be buried here forever. Thus, in order to survive, the leopard race demon released a special technique only belonging to the leopard race Demonic Saints. Instantly, a gigantic leopard shadow emerged over his head. The shadowy leopard slammed its palm, trying to attack the elders in the surroundings, so that they might get rid of the Saint Domain.

However, under the influence of the Earth Swamp, each and every movement of the demons would be postponed. Before the shadowy leopard began its attack, all the elders had already hurriedly dodged away, leaving the demonic special technique to slam its palm in the air. Now, being fully provoked, the elders gave the demons a good showering of stabs and punches.

“Nasty leopard, go die!”

Among the elders, Ye Qiang distinguished himself as a cultivator in the third level of the Realm of the Emperor once integrated with his beast. Ever since Qinghan’s incident had happened in the Drunken-heart Garden of the Ye Castle, Ye Qiang had been diligently cultivating until Ye Tianlong had summoned him out to this place. He specialized in grasping the Laws of the Fire Element, which was part of the Laws of Heaven and Earth, and he had made a big breakthrough. He had actually invented his own series of offensive movements, which he had named “Flaming Spear”. Thanks to the demons, now he had the chance to practice his newly-invented skill in a real fight.

The leopard race demon had already cut off one of his hands, which had left his overall ability abated. Plus, being restricted by the Earth Swamp, his speed had reached a record low. In face of Ye Qiang’s flaming red spear, he behaved extremely sluggish. At last, he groaned miserably, as he was wishing for his master, Yao Xie, to come and help him out.

However, currently Yao Xie wasn’t even able to protect himself, for Ye Tianlong was approaching him step by step. He neither had the time nor energy to care about his subordinates. In his failed attempt to kill Qinghan, he had already used his life-saving technique, which could only be used once. Moreover, his ability was reduced by ten to twenty percentage after using that critical technique. As for Ye Qingniu, he was no longer a threat to Yao Xie, because his Ox Into Armor had also consumed much of his energy, and had greatly limited his ability to attack. It was Ye Tianlong that Yao Xie mostly feared right now. He had to run away no matter what. Otherwise, he believed that this mountain would become his tomb.

The only thing left, that he could protect himself with, was his shadowy lion. With this technique, he strived to run away from the Saint Domain.

“Body Burn in Fire!”

On the other side, Ye Qiang was throwing his long spear at the leopard race demon. In the process, the spear flew at a high speed with flaming fire surrounding the surface; and a little while later, it changed into twelve more shadowy spears, shooting altogether at the desperate leopard race demon. Eventually, with a grieving moan, the leopard race demon was killed, for he couldn’t outrun the spears with the force created by the Earth Swamp.

The death of the leopard race demon left the ape race demon highly alerted. He knew that Yao Xie, who was in danger himself, wouldn’t come to his rescue. Desperately, he gave up any form of defense, as he flew away with a red light enshrouding his body.

“Humph, no one can escape! Earth Roar!”

With firm and steady footsteps, Ye Tianlong drew closer and closer to his opponent, Yao Xie. But, he had also kept an eye on the situation of the other two demons, so he released yet another Earth Roar, preventing them from running away. Suddenly, the Luo Shen Mountain, as well as the air, all wobbled for several seconds. Without a doubt, the ape race demon almost fell down from the air, as he was struggling to stabilize himself.

“Flaming Spear!”

At this moment, Ye Qiang saw a golden opportunity to kill the ape race demon once and for all. So he held his spear, which still had fire lingering on the edge, and threw it forward with the forceful waves that the fire had created in his palm. All of a sudden, the flaming spear left his palm, directly pointing at the back of the demon.


The spear eventually penetrated through the body of the demon, before the spear fell down to the ground. A big hole was left in the demon, as blood was vigorously gushing out. With a last groan, the ape race demon lost his consciousness, as he fell down to the ground, where he caused the nearby dust to create a smokescreen.

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