BPTH Chapter 171

He Disappeared?


Ye Qingniu’s face was uncannily pale; as he opened his large eyes looking at the golden spear turn around and fly towards Qinghan. He could do nothing, but release a desperate howl.


On the other side, the two girls, Qingcheng and Qingwu, uttered a shriek of terror. There were no tears on their faces, because horror had held their young hearts hostage, giving no room for misery at this moment. Sainan was also petrified, just like Feng Zi and Hua Cao. Hua Ruoruo stopped his attack, Ye Ping froze in the middle of his fight without noticing his bleeding, while Feng Huo also halted and held down his sword. As if everyone was frame-frozen, and their attention was fully absorbed by the flying golden spear. Due to the high speed, the spear eventually appeared like a streak of golden light, rendering an overwhelming destructive force. As it drew closer to the battered Qinghan, everyone’s heart was further tightened.

“Qinghan, wake up!”

Ye Tianlong’s ground-breaking sound broke the suffocating silence at the scene. Because of the sharpness of his scream, everyone’s ears felt temporarily impaired, for they could hear nothing but some buzzing noises. Even the colossal Luo Shen Mountain was shaking a little bit. Of course, Ye Tianlong did it intentionally; he aimed to wake up Qinghan with this thundering howl, so that Qinghan might escape that devastating stab!

Qinghan was indeed, neither dead nor unconscious. He could feel the agonizing pain of his injuries, almost all over his body, from his bones to his inner organs. Also, he was quite sure that something was flying in his direction, at an unimaginable speed.

When he heard Qingcheng and Qingwu’s exclamations, he had tried to get up and tell them not to come over. But… he had failed to make a single move. He was undergoing the healing process brought about by the bronze ring. Unlike any other time, the gentle healing flow, which was released from the bronze ring, circulated throughout his body several times. But, in the end, only some surface wounds had been healed, as his bones and organs were still greatly damaged. Given the severity of his injuries, it would probably take a whole day to fully recover.

When the earsplitting roar of Ye Tianlong had reverberated in the air, however, Qinghan had felt the overwhelming momentum behind him. Although he didn’t have a clue what that thing was, he did know that he would be utterly smashed into bits and pieces, if he was hit by it.

At that critical moment, all the past events had flashed through his mind, including the humiliations he had suffered back in the Ye Castle, and the girls that had so deeply loved him. How could he die? Neither had he saved his sister yet, nor had he shouldered his responsibility for Qingwu, nor had he slept with Qingcheng as any normal couple would do. Plus, the seductive lady boss back in the An’yue Hotel, he would one day go back there and tell his woman how powerful he had become. Most importantly, the oaths he had made in front of his deceased mother weren’t at all fulfilled.

So many unfulfilled wishes and promises!

Qinghan never felt such a strong desire for survival, which somehow transformed into the last strength he could utilize to release a little bit of Battle Qi. With his left palm slightly opened, he struggled to slam it towards the white fog nearby…

– Bang! –

As he expected, a faint white light appeared and bounced him back several meters.

What a narrow escape! The golden spear flew just across Qinghan’s body, and pierced into the white fog. Despite all this luck, the turbulent air flow brought about by the spear scrapped on Qinghan’s already wrecked skin, which left his bones to be exposed. It was, actually, too horrible to look at.

– Bang! –

The moment the spear collided with the white fog, there came an even brighter light following a thundering explosion. Afterwards, a two meter wide hole was created by the colliding force. Inside the crevice, only pitch darkness could be seen. It was a stark contrast when one compared the whiteness of the outside and the darkness inside, as if the whole mountain was a giant beast, and the hole its mouth, ready to devour anyone daring to come close.

“Hu! Heaven bless the Ye Family!” Ye Qingniu was greatly relieved by seeing this, and felt that Qinghan must be blessed. But, in the next second, his expression changed, as he anxiously stared at the direction of Qinghan, and yelled, “No…”

Hardly had he finished his words, or the black hole began to inhale all things surrounding it. Instantly, the soil, weeds and debris all being sucked in by the black hole. There was an unseen force causing the wind to swirl like crazy, carrying the plants, and stones into the hole.

The most urgent part was, that Qinghan was being hauled into the hole! Unwillingly, he was dragged to the hole bit by bit. Regrets and compunction was filled in his eyes…

– Shoo! –

“Hold on!”

The yellowish light finally came! The entire Luo Shen Mountain was now covered up by Ye Tianlong’s Saint Domain. In an attempt to counter the attraction force of the hole, he released a large amount of his battle Qi.

However… the force from the hole was so strong, and Ye Tianlong was so far away, that it had little to no effect. Qinghan was continuously dragged away, and the nearer he came to the hole, the faster the speed. To everyone’s astonishment, in the next moment, Qinghan suddenly disappeared into the hole…

“Qing… Qinghan…” Powerlessly, Qingcheng kneeled down, as her long hair was all messed up due to the previous struggle. Her graceful image, as the Holy Virgin of the Yue Family, had completely vanished. Her lively eyes turned deadly lackluster. She chose to believe that this was some wicked illusion or dream.

“Little Qinghan, you’re such a liar! You said you will be responsible to me in the future…” Qingwu waved her head repeatedly and desperately. Tears began streaming down her face like heavy raindrops, which soaked her clothing, and the ground.

Qinghan looked at the two girls from the hole, but he couldn’t make any sound. He exerted all his physical strength, and took out a green box. Soon after that, he pushed the box out by using his last amount of Battle Qi. He cried out with great difficulty, before he was fully sucked in, “Save… Save my sister! I’ll… be back!”


Following a heartbroken scream, Qingcheng closed and opened her eyes several times, to see if Qinghan would miraculously walk back out again, or not. To her disappointment, the size of the hole began to shrink, as the nearby fog was spreading over the hole. When she realized that Qinghan had disappeared, she suddenly slipped into a coma.

“No, it’s impossible!” Qingwu acted utterly out of her mind, because she kept rubbing her eyes, and pinching her own legs, to make sure she wasn’t having a nightmare. A little while later, she only showed the white part of her eyeballs, and fainted. Instantly, Sainan held Qingwu, and thought it was better for her to be unconscious than being grieved over the sad scene.

“Young lord Qinghan disappeared?” Feng Zi and Hua Cao looked at each other unbelievably, but the sorrow and helplessness in their eyes were conspicuous.

“Yao Xie, I’ll make you pay for this in the hard way!” Ye Tianlong descended at the center of the battlefield, and the coverage of his Saint Domain enlarged even further. Yao Xie and other two demons were all covered within. Ye Tianlong’s long hair was flying even without wind, as it was caused by the vibrant, strong momentum in the air. He held a two-meter long Moon Sword, and stood still. Yet, his turbulent fury was so violently visible, that his imposing manner made everything in the surrounding seem frozen.


Another elder landed on the ground, it was Ye Qiang. Without any hesitation, he immediately dashed to the leopard race demon with his long sword…

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