BPTH Chapter 170


“Little Qinghan?”

Ye Qingniu spit out another mouthful of blood, while he threw out a forceful flow of Battle Qi, single-handedly, towards Yao Xie. In a hurry, he used his soul power to see what had exactly happened to Qinghan. As a great elder, he was a knowledgeable pundit in terms of techniques used in the continent. The cut-off palm was actually an exclusive technique owned by the leopard race demon. It was fairly difficult to learn, and the odds of success were pretty bleak. Yet, its power was mind boggling. As a young cultivator in the first level of the Realm of the Marshal, Qinghan shouldn’t be able to survive such an attack. Even if he integrated with his beast, it was still a fantasy for Qinghan to counter this attack.

At this moment, Ye Tianlong was about to arrive. How should Ye Qingniu explain to his leader about the bruised Qinghan, who could be severely injured or dead already. Despite his full-hearted willingness to save Qinghan, he still blamed himself for being negligent. He, therefore, tried a secret technique, which he only used in times of life and death. By doing so, he forced his attack power to be greatly increased for a while, and temporarily defeated Yao Xie in this round. At the same time, however, a great deal of his blood and energy were squandered. Without any hesitation, he seized the right timing, and furthered his soul power to see Qinghan’s condition clearer.

“Ahhh… my goodness, he’s still breathing!”

To his pleasure, he found that Qinghan was still alive, though most of his bones seemed broken, and his inner organs injured. As long as Qinghan was not dead, there was hope. Meanwhile, he once again yelled at Hua Ruoruo, “Hua Ruoruo, go and kill that leopard. I will give another 100 bottles of Snow Spirit Dan!”

On the other hand, Yao Xie’s mouth was throbbing with fury, partly because of Ye Qingniu’s crazy attack, and partly because Qinghan had survived that attack. As a Demonic Saint, he could easily sense Qinghan’s conditions from far away. Considering the affluence of the Ye Family, no matter how severe their young lord was, they would save him anyway, regardless of the cost. The most urgent issue for Yao Xie right now, however, was to end Qinghan’s life before the arrival of Ye Tianlong. Because he was sure, he would stand no chance in killing Qinghan once Ye Tianlong had released his Saint Domain.

Now, he was determined to risk his life to avenge his beloved son, whom he had long wished for to carry on the family line and inherit the glory of the golden-haired lion race. However, to his deep grief, Qinghan had ended his son’s life at the Breaking Blade Summit. Now, as a father without any offspring, he wouldn’t be reconciled until he had killed Qinghan. And now, it was a golden opportunity for him to launch his revenge. Thanks to Tu Guardian, who had provided him with such an opportunity, though against the will of the leader of Immortal City, by deliberately breaking the teleportation posts the day the Mars Prefecture Legion had decided to go home. He reckoned, therefore, that if he let go of this opportunity, that he would probably never be able to kill this young lord again. If Qinghan was given ample time for cultivation, heaven knew how powerful he would become. Moreover, under the shelter of the Ye Family, the chance of assassinating this popular young lord was extremely slim.

“You bastard, die!”

With a resounding howl, Yao Xie’s hair erected, and his eyes shot out flaming fiery light, as he tried to make a head-on collision with Ye Qingniu.

“Yao Xie, you better surrender! Our leader is about to arrive! If you don’t concede right now, you’ll be buried here forever!” Ye Qingniu snapped, as he was busy defending himself. To some extent, he and Yao Xie shared some common weakness: they both could be categorized as cultivators specialized in offense rather than defense. Ye Qingniu followed the rule of Dark Destruction, and Yao Xie cultivated as per the rule of the Fire Element. If they both attacked with full strength, none of them would be safe and sound. That was why they seldom used their most powerful technique while fighting each other.

“No one in the Mars Prefecture can defeat me!” As Yao Xie kept on responding to Ye Qiangniu’s attacks, he occasionally stole a glance at the place where Qinghan lay. Outside the white fog shield, Qinghan seemed motionless. Amidst the fierce battle, Yao Xie was calculating the best timing and angle to throw another lethal palm against the injured Qinghan.


“Little Qinghan? What happened to him?”

“Poor Qinghan, Who did this to him?”

What had just happened, from the moment Qinghan had thrown away the two girls, and was caught up to by the leopard race demon, until he had been slammed onto the ground by the demon’s palm, only took a few seconds. When Qingwu and Qingcheng woke up, the first thing they did was run around looking for Qinghan. At last, they were told Qinghan had already lost his consciousness, and lay at the foot of the Luo Shen Mountain. Not knowing whether Qinghan was dead or alive, the two girls turned to Sainan for help, as they grabbed her sleeves and begged her for a positive answer.

“He… he was attacked by the demon’s palm…” As Sainan replied, she found both Qingwu and Qingcheng letting go of her sleeves, as both started to run in Qinghan’s direction. Immediately, she snatched both of them and yelled, “What are you doing? It’s too dangerous over there!”

“Take Miss Sainan’s advice. Miss Qingcheng, Miss Qingwu, don’t risk yourself to go to that place. Young lord Qinghan will be alright!” Feng Zi prevented the two emotional girls from running to the mountain. With a surly face, Feng Zi spoke in a gloomy voice, as he kept glancing at the far-away Qinghan.

“Let me go! Please!” All Qingcheng’s usual gentle demeanor had vanished, as she struggled to get rid of the grip, and implored with a firm voice. Her eyes were pinned at the bleeding body of Qinghan.

Likewise, Qingwu waved her head while tears kept rolling down her face, “I have to see him. Feng Zi, let me go!”

“Quiet! You two reckless girls! I can assure you that Qinghan isn’t dead. Sainan, take them away!” Ye Qingniu conveyed his voices to them while he continued his fight with Yao Xie. He asked Sainan to take the two girls away from the battlefield, in case either of them would be hurt.

“Yao Xie, do you want your entire demon race to receive my fury?”

At this critical moment, Ye Tianlong’s roar sounded from the northeast part of the sky. There, people saw several black figures, who were desperately flying in their direction.

“Yao Xie, you old bastard, you dare to hurt my niece! This time, I won’t allow you to get out of this mountain!”

“You three demons, I’ll let you pay for it for one hundred times over! Anyone who dares to hurt our young lords will be punished!”

Following Ye Tianlong, a dozen Emperor-Realm cultivators also cursed and threatened the demons. They used all their energy to ensure their speed, in order to win enough time, though the gravitational force was such a disadvantage to them.


Yao Xie’s face turned pale, as he yelled out. He decided to escape, as he found that the ape race demon had enlarged the size of his body, and had swept away several human cultivators. All of a sudden, Ye Ping and Long Shaoxiang were both thrown away. This ape race demon, disregarding the attack of Feng Huo and Yue Xiangfei, directly went in Qinghan’s direction, trying to give him the final blow.

“Bastard ape, you dare to kill him?” At the beginning, Ye Qingiu was thrilled by the appearance of Ye Tianlong, who he believed would release his Saint Domain in a minute and everyone of the Mars Prefecture would be out of danger. Now, the mad ape race demon had succeeded in breaking out of the encirclement, and rushed towards Qinghan. In a second, Ye Qingniu extended his right hand, and released a Battle Qi palm aiming at the ape race demon. While, at the same time, his left hand was still attacking Yao Xie.

“Haha, Ye Qingniu, now I’ll send you to hell!”

Noticing Ye Qingniu was somewhat distracted by the ape race demon, Yao Xie laughed out and quitted running away. He thought it would be a rare opportunity to kill Ye Qingniu. All of a sudden, his golden hairs stood up once again, after which it eerily left his head. Every streak of hair was transformed into a pointy thorn. Gradually, they were all automatically bundled together, until it formed a golden spear, which directly shot toward Ye Qingniu. His golden hair, was actually his weapon! The more advanced he was, the more destructive power this weapon would manifest. If Ye Qinghan was unfortunately targeted, he could be badly injured or even killed.

“Ah, you nasty demon, you dare to use your life-saving technique? Ok, I’ll play with you. Ox Into Armor!”

As soon as Ye Qingniu found the long spear flying in his direction, he was shocked at first, but soon regained his confidence. Despite the blood in his mouth, Ye Qingniu was stubbornly unyielding, so he summoned out his ox and transformed it into a defensive armor.

For Ye Qingniu, he had two life-saving techniques. Once was this Ox Into Armor, the other was called Ox Into Chopping. The former was a defensive skill, and the latter an offensive one. Despite the amazing power these techniques could exert, he had to consume large amounts of Battle Qi in his body in order to successfully use these skills. He would have to rest for a whole month to recover, after using either of these skills. He wouldn’t, therefore, use these techniques unless in times of extreme danger.

“Haha! Old ox! You’ve bit my bait! Now, Ye Qinghan, you little bastard, go die!” Seeing Ye Qingniu using his Ox Into Armor, Yao Xie laughed out like crazy; at the same time, his golden spear skewed its direction and went towards Qinghan instead…

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