BPTH Chapter 169

Bloody Escape

“Hua Ruoruo, go and cut off the route of that leopard race demon! I will give you 100 bottles of upper-level Snow Spirit Dan as a reward!”

Despite the undaunted efforts of Ye Qingniu in fighting with Yao Xie, he still kept an eye on the youngsters, especially Qinghan and Qingwu. The former was seen as the future of the family, and the latter was his beloved granddaughter. Now, he saw Qinghan run towards the Luo Shen Mountain all alone, after he had deserted the two girls, who wished to accompany him so much. He cursed Qinghan harshly for running towards the danger-ridden mountain, but on second thought, Qinghan’s intention was worthy of praise under such circumstances. Being the sole target of Yao Xie, Qinghan had realized that it would safer to desert his friends, so that they wouldn’t be in danger.

When the leopard race demon got rid of Hua Ruoruo’s attacks by shrinking the size of its body, it accelerated its speed, and pounced towards Qinghan. Ye Qingniu discovered that this demon had used his most-advanced technique, and Hua Ruoruo, a cultivator in the second level of the Realm of the Emperor, had found it impossible to catch up with such a fast beast. On the other hand, Yao Xie’s attack seemed to be more fierce, for he was somewhat encouraged by the leopard race demon’s small victory. Since Ye Qingniu was still in a fight with Yao Xie, it was impossible for him to go to save Qinghan himself. Instead, he yelled at Hua Ruoruo, trying to persuade him to save Qinghan with juicy rewards.

“Fuck, I’ll risk my life for it!”

Hua Ruoruo was running desperately to catch up with the leopard race demon; when he had heard the reward of the priceless Snow Spirit Dan, his eyes had lit up with greed, and he spared no efforts in this pursuit. All of a sudden, all of his body oozed some bloody mist-like Battle Qi, and his eyes were filled with a red color. Within just a few seconds, his speed had soared violently, and one could only find a blurred shadow flying after the demon up ahead.

“Look at Hua Ruoruo! He’s fighting a desperate fight! We will, too!” The Emperor-Realm cultivator, Feng Huo, used his full strength in fighting with the ape race demon, with his small yet extremely sharp sword. He intentionally aimed his sword at the demon’s eyes and nose. This demon, however, was nimble in his defense, because he successfully dodged every attack from Feng Huo. For every second, both of them had to be meticulously careful, which left them both exhausted.


Yue Xiangfei, another Emperor-Realm cultivator from the Yue Family, let out a morale-building howl. She knew the reason behind Hua Ruoruo’s sudden acceleration in speed, it was a technique used only in times of great danger, which was named Bloody Escape. Honestly, usually no one would choose to use such a technique, because it was exceptionally energy-consuming. Hua Ruoruo ‘s cultivation ability would be greatly reduced afterwards, and he had to lie on bed for at least a month to recuperate. But, the tempting part of this technique was, one’s speed could be more than doubled almost within seconds.

In Hua Ruoruo’s calculation, it was absolutely worth the risk. The loss in his cultivation would later be replenished by the bottles of Snow Spirit Dan. The number of bottles Ye Qingniu had promised him had well surpassed common sense! It was actually a real bargain!


Ye Ping strained every nerve in fighting with the demon. As a member of the Ye Family, he had already used his full strength in attacking. Hua Ruoruo, a member of the Hua Family, however, only did so at the lure of the rewards.

In the fight against the ape race demon, though it seemed that everyone was fighting desperately, it was far from the truth. As a participant in this battle, Ye Ping knew all too well that the others didn’t use their full strength at all. Take Feng Huo for example, he kept attacking the demon’s facial part, but it only served as a distraction purpose. Also, Yue Xiangu, her Spiritual Attack could only slightly influence the demon’s mind, which turned out to be not effective at all. After all, this was a Demonic Saint. As for Long Shaoxiang, as soon as he had realized that Sainan was out of danger, he had behaved less serious than in the beginning. After all, it was Ye Qinghan, the Ye Family’s young lord, that was being targeted.

Thus, despite the other three’s help, Ye Ping found it still extremely arduous to fight with this demon. Several times, he was on the verge of death. As an elder of the Ye Family, however, he felt obliged to protect Qinghan. Most importantly, as a former best friend of Ye Dao, Qinghan’s father, he had virtually no reason to be hands-off.


Qinghan kept running in the direction of the Luo Shen Mountain. Of course, after being told of the dangers of this creepy mountain, he wasn’t going to commit suicide by doing so. He was trying to protect other people, regardless of his own safety. The last time he had ran like this was back on Ghost Island, where he had eventually broken into the Realm of the Marshal in the process. It was a tiresome, yet cheerful journey at least. This time, nevertheless, the situation was different. He was running for his life! Before all of his hope for survival had vanished, he wouldn’t choose to stand where he was and wait for the enemies to snatch him. Moreover, Ye Tianlong was coming to his rescue, which he believed would be very soon. The further he ran away, the safer he would be.

However, he was pissed off by the grotesque gravitational force in this area. Every time he lifted his feet, he had to exert all his physical strength to take a single step forward. His Battle Qi was consumed very quickly, like water pouring down a waterfall, and his muscles turned so unbearably sore. Many times, he had felt as if he was on the brink of suffocating to death… Despite all these hinders, he had to run anyway…

– Boom! –

Behind him, the acute explosive noises kept on ringing out almost in between every second. Given Qinghan’s current cultivation, he could be smashed into bits and pieces by any random attack of Yao Xie. On the other side, Ye Qingniu and Yao Xie continued their fierce battle. But it was hard to say, whether Ye Qingniu could sustain each and every attack from Yao Xie or not.

– Swoosh! –

The sound in the air grabbed Qinghan’s attention. He saw a leopard race demon rapidly closing in on him, which scared the hell out of him. Without thinking of the possible results this leopard would bring to him, he simply ran like hell. Some seconds later, following Ye Qingniu’s angry roar, another air-vibrating noise sounded out. This time, it was Hua Ruoruo, who was covered in a bloody mist. Like a lightweight ghost, he popped up in the air, and rushed towards the leopard, while replicating nine figures of himself.


Once again, the leopard demon was dragged out by Hua Ruoruo. Being fully provoked, the demon shot an evil glare at Hua Ruoruo, before he howled ruthlessly. An instant later, to Hua Ruoruo’s great shock, the demon cut off his left hand, after which the cut-off part revealed an extremely sharp claw, and he threw it directly towards Qinghan.

“Little Qinghan, watch out!” Ye Qingniu was actually relieved by seeing Hua Ruoruo’s Bloody Escape, but a moment later, his concern was raised once again, for he had never thought that the demon could be brutal enough to cut off his own hand.

“Young lord Qinghan, be careful!” Hua Ruoruo had never expected, that the demon could use his own hand as a weapon. His Bloody Escape turned out to be in vain.

“Yay…” In full spirit, Qinghan ran faster and faster, and his speed even surpassed that of Hua Ruoruo. At this very moment, he didn’t dare to turn around, rather, the released all his Battle Qi and formed an armor around his body. Meanwhile, he leaned his body a little bit, trying to dodge the attack.

It seemed, however, that Qinghan had underestimated the velocity of the cut-off palm. The moment he tried to dodge away, the golden-colored, hairy claw directly slammed on his Battle Qi armor. All of a sudden, the two forces collided and exploded. Qinghan was thrown far, far away, until he landed right next to the misty fog of the Luo Shen Mountain…

“Little Qinghan…”

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