BPTH Chapter 168

I Will Forever be Your Girl

Qinghan was also forced to stop under the strong gravitational force and the pressure from up above. Even if he released all his Battle Qi, he wouldn’t be able to escape the golden palm, and all his meridians might be damaged in the process. Since he was given no chance to dodge the palm, he gave up on struggling. Rather, he kept staring at both Qingcheng and Qingwu, and his heart was overwhelmed with compunction and regrets. If it wasn’t for him, they wouldn’t have to put themselves in such great risks, because they wouldn’t have taken part in the Prefecture War in the first place. Melancholy, Qinghan found himself to be the one to blame for all the misfortune they had encountered.

However, when Qingcheng and Qingwu met with Qinghan’s anxious eyes, they both tightened their grips, for Qinghan held them both with his hands. Both the girls’ faces turned red, and their eyes were filled with affectionate romance, as if they were telling Qinghan, though silently, that they were willing to go through any difficulties, as long as they were together with him.

“Why are you guys not moving? Release your Battle Qi and use it as an armor! Drop to the ground, now!”

In the middle of their despair, Ye Qingniu roared at full strength, after which he spit out a mouthful of blood, leaving his face uncannily pale. While, at the same time, his bulging eyes looked even bigger, as if they were about to fall out in the next moment.

– Bang! –

When the golden palm was about to squash the young lords and ladies, Ye Qingniu and his battle beast ran increasingly faster, until they both collided with the force of the palm. The sound of the collision reverberated in the air. It was almost a ground-breaking explosion!

“Young lords!”



In front of the blinding light caused by the explosion, some elders lost their control and exclaimed desperately. Although the young lords and ladies did release their battle Qi to form an armor, how could they sustain such a mighty blast?

“They all survived! Don’t worry. Hey, boys and girls, speed up and try your best to make it out!” Ye Qingniu’s face gradually regained some radiance, as he turned back, comforting the elders. Regardless of the blood spilled over his mouth, he widened his already very big eyes, directly dashing towards Yao Xie.

“Thank goodness!”

Being reassured by Ye Qingniu about the youngsters’ safety, the elders all felt somewhat relieved. They divided themselves into two small groups, and went to the back of Yao Xie, and the ape race demon and leopard race demon respectively.

As the resounding boom of the explosion gradually faded away, and the dusty scene slowly cleared up, the wrecked bodies of the young lords and ladies were revealed.

For Feng Zi, Hua Cao and Shuiliu, their face were almost unrecognizable due to a dense layer of blood on their faces. Of course, the blood didn’t originate from a head wound, it was spilled out of their mouth instead, because of the unbearable explosive force, which had done great visceral damage to all of them.

While Sainan wasn’t hurt in the process, for she was in the peak level of the Realm of the Prince already. Her defensive Battle Qi armor was obviously much more powerful than the others’. But, her purple robe was torn apart, giving full vision of her snow white skin and a stripe of her red bellyband.

“Qinghan, how about you? Are you alright?”

“Little Qinghan, you cannot die!”

On the other side, Qinghan’s injury seemed extremely severe. Under Ye Qingniu’s instruction, Qinghan did likewise with other young lords by forming a Battle Qi armor. But, before he dropped down on the ground, he had held both Qingcheng and Qingwu in his arms, covering up the force of the explosion for them. The moment the two girls woke up, they had found themselves in Qinghan’s tightly-gripped embrace; but, when they had helped themselves up, they were stupefied by his bloody back.

Hearing the sobbing exclamations of Qingcheng and Qingwu, Sainan walked to their side with heavy steps, without noticing her own exposed skin. While, at the same time, Hua Cao, Feng Zi and Shuiliu followed behind Sainan, to see what had exactly happened to Qinghan. They knew, that Yao Xie was determined to kill Qinghan, so the golden palm was actually located right above Qinghan. Therefore, he had received the most force, and was gravely injured.

“Cough! Cough! I’m… I’m ok. Why don’t you all run away immediately?” With a bout of coughing, Qinghan threw out a full mouth of congested blood. With great difficulty, he supported himself up. Obviously, he was safe and sound. The bronze ring on his ring finger had helped him heal most of the wounds. Despite his horribly bleeding back, none of his veins or meridians were damaged. So he urged the others to run away…

“Let’s go!”

Now that Qinghan was able to walk by himself, Sainan turned away and spoke to the other young lords and ladies. It wasn’t the proper time to express their feelings. Now, they were like a bunch of miserable ants, trying their best to dodge a giant, who was chasing them tirelessly. They could be killed any moment. Before their leader, Ye Tianlong arrived, anywhere was dangerous. The only way out, was to go as far away from the Luo Shen Mountain as possible. Despite Ye Qingniu and other elders’ effort in fighting against the demons, in order to win more time, they found it highly difficult to deal with two Demonic Saints. Any attack from the Demonic Saint would smash them away. They had to, therefore, be extremely cautious.

“Qinghan, let me carry you! Hurry up!” Qingcheng put one of Qinghan’s arms around her neck, preparing to help him run faster.

Meanwhile, Qingwu was touched by Qinghan’s selfless protection as well. She quickly grabbed Qinghan’s other arm, and sobbed, “Little Qinghan, hurry up. We’ll carry you, no matter what. As long as our leader arrives, we’ll be saved!”

“Ye Qinghan, Today, I swear that I’ll end your life! Ye Qingniu, get the fuck out of my way! You two idiots, why don’t you go to Ye Qinghan and kill him!” Yao Xie was barred several times from killing Qinghan, and had now fully lost his temper, as he yelled like crazy. Therefore, he instructed the other two demons to help him get rid of Qinghan.

Ye Qingniu’s integration with his ox further accelerated his offensive ability. He followed the rule of Dark Destruction, thus showing no mercy while attacking Yao Xie. Being afraid to be hurt by Ye Qingniu, and most importantly, the arrival of Ye Tianlong, Yao Xie turned flurry, as he scolded his two fellow demons.

“Grr! Grr!”

The leopard race demon, who was dragged out by Hua Ruoruo, hurriedly dodged away, and directly dashed towards Qinghan, after hearing Yao Xie’s order.

While the other Demonic Saint, the ape race demon, broke the powerful defense of several elders, after which he also rudely spurted towards Qinghan.

“Listen, you two must run away right now. They’re coming for me!” Qinghan saw the two raging demons running in his direction, so he instantly realized it would put the two girls in unimaginable danger if he allowed them to follow him. His voice was firm, and his expression was resolute while speaking to Qingcheng and Qingwu.

“No, little Qinghan. If you die, life will be meaningless to me. Remember? You’ve said you’ll be responsible to me all my life. Don’t you ditch me halfway through!” Qingwu shook her head repeatedly, while her tears welled up from her charming eyes. She snatched Qinghan’s arm even tighter, as if she was afraid to depart from him.

“I’ll forever be your girl, even if I die, I’ll follow you as a ghost. Qinghan, don’t you dare to dissert me!” On the other side, Qingcheng spoke rather calmly compared with the teary Qingwu. She blinked at Qinghan, showing no grief or sadness, but her deep love for him.

Qinghan kept silent, though he was deeply touched by their sincere feelings. He knew, however, that it wasn’t the right time to express their romantic feelings. Neither were there any flowers or the moon around, and as such it wasn’t a place to flirt with girls. This place was now overwhelmed by surging murderous vibes. Given no better alternative, Qinghan turned them unconscious by using his integration technique.

With a flash, the exotic purplish rays added a strange element in the atmosphere. Without hesitation, Qinghan pushed them further away until they landed on the right side of the mountain.

“Miss Sainan, take them away! The demons are only here for me!”

Hearing Qinghan’s determined voice, Sainan halted in the middle, and turned around. There, she saw Qinghan staggering away in the opposite direction, trying to lead the demons away from the other young lords and ladies.

With a slight shake of her head, Sainan rushed to the spot where Qingcheng and Qingwu lay. Not far away, the leopard race demon seemed to have successfully gotten rid of Hua Ruoruo, and he ran as quick as a flash towards Qinghan…

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