BPTH Chapter 167

 ­The Golden-haired Lion

When Ye Qingniu was sitting inside the carriage, he kept on patrolling the surroundings with his soul sense. Or more exactly, he had been on alert ever since he had departed from Immortal City.

Although Yao Xie had been forced to run away several days ago, in front of the overbearing Zhan Guardian, Elder Qingniu deeply worried that the demons or barbarians might still stir up some trouble during their journey home. Apart from the killing of Yao Kaka, Qinghan himself was seen by the other two races as a big threat. Considering Qinghan’s heaven-defying performance in the Prefecture War, as well as his young age, he would definitely turn out to become a nightmare to the enemies.

Before Yao Xie’s appearance, Ye Qingniu, together with the other elders, had also sensed some abnormal changes in the Essence Qi in the northeast part of the sky. Thus, they had all paid great attention to the changes in the northeast.

Gradually, a group of people rapidly approached from the northeast sky, and they looked wildly arrogant and imposing.

For the young lords and ladies, they were in relatively lower realms, so it was too hard for them to notice this. But Ye Qingniu’s sensibility was much higher, which had prompted him to discover the abnormality immediately. At first, he had strengthened his soul power to discern whether the upcoming people were friends or enemies. To his great astonishment, the familiar smell in the air had suggested that these people were from the Ye Family!

“Why is Ye Tianlong on his way here? And he’s even accompanied by so many advanced cultivators!”

When Ye Qingniu was trying to figure out this question, his mind was struck by Feng Zi’s panicked shouts. He then discovered, in his mental picture, that the young lords and ladies were now being chased by three demons!

Immediately, Ye Qingniu had unleashed his Saint Domain, and dashed to the sky from the carriage, while integrating with his eighth-grade battle beast. All of this had left the other elders, who were unaware of the dangers up ahead, totally dumbfounded.

“Yao Xie, you should be ashamed of being called a Demonic Saint! I’ve never seen anyone with such a high status sneak attack youngsters.” Ye Ping also realized what had happened. Like a flying sword, he directly flew to the young lords and ladies, while releasing a large amount of his Battle Qi. Meanwhile, he threw a signal cartridge high up in the air.

“Demon, don’t you dare to hurt them!”

Almost at the same time, the other elders all flew out of their carriages, with Battle Qi wrapping around their bodies, and faces full of indignation. Their beloved young lords and ladies were exposed to a great danger because of Yao Xie’s retaliation. How were they going to report to their respective families, if they failed to rescue their young descendants?

As the momentum of Qi in the northeast reinforced, they all found the domineering Ye Tianlong, and his followers. They had decided to postpone the possible upcoming battle by obstructing Yao Xie’s attack.

– Bang! –

Hardly before the signal cartridge had exploded, Ye Qingniu’s Saint Domain was abruptly broken. After several rounds of fierce attacks, Yao Xie and two other demons had successfully brought the Saint Domain to crumble. Meanwhile, there emerged a ferocious golden-haired lion figure behind Yao Xie.

“Ye Qinghan, you killed my son! I’ll tear you up!” With flaming red eyes, Yao Xie yelled his lung out at the running Qinghan.

Following Yao Xie’s intimidating remarks, the shadowy lion behind him transformed into a gigantic golden palm, extending itself in the direction of Qinghan.

“Yao Xie, stop!”

Ye Qingniu roared with saturated anger in his eyes, as his speed accelerated at an unbelievable rate. While the glaring Battle Qi in front of his chest condensed into a cyan ox, it was his battle beast! With an unparalleled disposition, the beast first soared high up in the air, and then flew to the giant golden palm of Yao Xie.

“Fuck, this Demonic Saint is difficult to handle with, plus a leopard race Demonic King… Alright, you four go and keep Yao Xie busy, and I’ll deal with the leopard alone.” The Emperor-Realm cultivator Hua Ruoruo of the Hua Family smiled bitterly, and vanished immediately, after he nodded to the other four. He was going to try to hold down the leopard with his Invisible Technique.

“Long Shaoxiang, Yue Xiangfei, Feng Huo, now it’s our turn to impede Yao Xie’s attack! We have to hold on for five minutes before my leader arrives.” Ye Ping gritted his teeth, as he instructed the other Emperor-Realm cultivators from Dragon City, the Yue Family and the Feng Family respectively.

As experienced cultivators, who had all gone through the high risk Prefecture War, they’d developed a discernible eye when it came to the level of cultivation of the enemies.

Yao Xie, also known as the Demonic Evil, had become a Demonic Saint fifty years ago. As for the other two demons, the one on the right side, whose height was well over four meters, was a Demonic Saint as well; the one on the left side, the leopard race demon, was a Demonic King. It was definitely beyond the ability of the young lords and ladies to struggle with these three mighty demons.

– Bang! –

The signal cartridge, after flying in the air for as high as ten meters, exploded violently. The red glaring light immediately ignited the surroundings. In the far away distance, a ground-breaking howl reverberated shortly after the explosion.

“Yao Xie, if you dare to kill Qinghan, I’ll definitely slaughter tens of thousands of demons as his burial sacrifice!” The sound was from Ye Tianlong, the leader of the Ye Family.


At the time when Ye Qingniu released his soul power, Ye Tianlong had already sensed their presence. Thus, he had speeded up, in an attempt to praise his long-ignored grandson. But soon, he had sensed the Saint Domain exerted by Ye Qingniu, as well as the damage dealt to it by Yao Xie and two other demons. Following that, he had seen a gigantic golden-haired lion in the air, and a glaring red light. Now, his excitement to meet Qinghan had subsided sharply, because he knew that a crisis was going on.

The glaring red light was from the exclusive signal cartridge thrown by Ye Ping; the golden-haired, shadowy lion, was Yao Xie’s special technique. Being alerted by these clues, Ye Tianlong immediately integrated with his battle beast, and flew towards the scene as fast as he could.

“Hold on! We only have to drag this battle out until my leader arrives!”

Ye Qiang exclaimed from behind Ye Tianlong, he too, had integrated with this battle beast, as he was fully prepared for the upcoming battle. Usually, given their level of cultivation, it wouldn’t take more than two minutes to reach the spot; yet, they had to go through the gravitational field of the Luo Shen Mountain, which would slow down their speed to a large extent. They had estimated, that it would take them at least five minutes to arrive at the scene of the battle.


As Ye Tianlong’s howl vibrated in the air, Qinghan, as well as the other young lords and ladies, all took a sigh of relief, for they knew, that Ye Tianlong’s arrival was a signal of their safety. Ye Qingniu was powerful only in attacks, but not in defense. So he alone wasn’t able to protect them all. When his Saint Domain was broken, his defensive ability, his weakness, was clearly exposed

Unlike Ye Qingniu, Ye Tianlong’s defense ability was unrivaled, due to his Bear of the Earth, which was the kind of battle beast that was specialized in defense. If it was Ye Tianlong, who had released the Saint Domain, Yao Xie and his two assistants wouldn’t be able to break it so easily.

Nevertheless, the youngsters of the Ye Family, who were running desperately to escape from the demons, found that their excitement only lasted for a second. The golden palm released by Yao Xie came so powerfully over their heads, as if the air in the surroundings had stopped flowing. It was an obnoxious, suffocating feeling that captured each and every young lord and lady. Some of them even felt as if their heart was about to jump out because of the pressure caused by the palm. Apart from the gravitation, they encountered another hurdle, the golden palm over their heads. Now, being squeezed in between the palm and the gravitational field, they found it hard to move even by half an inch…

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