BPTH Chapter 166


“Where did that fog come from? Why is it so thick? Even now we stand right in front of the Luo Shen Mountain, it is still impossible for any of us to have a vivid view of its geography. This place is so ghostly unusual.”

Qingcheng’s remarks brought everyone’s attention back from the gravitational force. As one of the most deserted places in the continent, the Luo Shen Mountain distinguished itself geographically in many ways. When the young lords and ladies first got off their carriage, looking afar in the direction of the Luo Shen Mountain, they had found it like a straight stone pillar, standing tall and upright on the vast plain. Originally, they had planned to have a closer view, hence they had walked closer to the foot of the mountain; to their great disappointment, however, it turned out that there was nothing visible but the turbulent, swirling white fog, shielding visitors from seeing anything inside.

“Will there exist breathtaking sceneries behind the fog? Or are there just endless layers of dull fog? If there’s fog inside, how can it be possible to locate any treasure? If there is danger in the surroundings, our defensive ability will be sharply reduced in such an unfavorable circumstance!” Hua Cao crossed his arms, showing his perplexity.

“Hehe, guys, the fog isn’t really fog. In fact, it’s actually an Energy Shield!” To Sainan, it wasn’t unfamiliar when it came to this knowledge; she volunteered, therefore, to help the others with their questions, “Don’t underestimate the fog, it serves as a shield that prohibits anyone from intruding in the mountain. Once a person touches the fog, he or she will be automatically bounced away, together with his or her belongings. Every five years, three gates will emerge, a staircase, and the Heaven Path. At that time, every qualified cultivator will be allowed into the mountain via the Heaven Path.”

“It’s unbelievable! I mean, it is beyond any human power, it must be the work of those immortals from the ancient times. Hmm, the Luo Shen Mountain deserves its reputation as one of the three most deserted places!” Feng Zi’s eyes were spellbound, as he was imagining the sheer power of the founder of such a mysterious mountain.

“Yeah, you’re right. It is built by the Giant Immoral thousands of years ago. Remember, we’re now only at its periphery, you’re supposed to be overwhelmed by more precious items and phenomenons when you walk deeper in. Let’s cultivate for our five-year appointment from now on. If you miss this opportunity, you’ll have to wait until the next time it opens! This being said, never force yourself into the mountain if you find it difficult to break into the Realm of the Emperor. For those below the Realm of the Emperor, the risks will rise tenfold. There is almost no doubt, that they won’t be able to make out in the end…” Sainan stood squarely, but smiled at Feng Zi, as she encouraged him.

“Sister Sainan, would it be possible for any Saint-Realm cultivator to rip through the fog shield? I mean, if it had a small crack, people can worm their way in. Judging from its appearance, the fog seems not that defensive… Plus, the mountain is so colossal, that the fog cannot be evenly distributed. I bet there are some parts that have a weaker defense.” Qingcheng interrupted.

“Errr…” Hearing this, Sainan first pondered on the possibilities of the scenario mentioned by Qingcheng, then she replied, “I don’t think the immortal, who designed this mountain, would allow such a loophole in his work. But, it’s true some capable Saint-Realm cultivators are able to rip a hole in the fog. You know, it already has happened. It was just… those who entered in such a way never came back out again. None of them survived, including three advanced cultivators in the peak level of the Realm of the Saint. Even since their failure, no one dared to try it again…”

“Weird! This place is grotesquely strange! Alas, there’re so many unsolved mysteries in the Flaming Dragon Continent!”

Qinghan also joined in the conversation, expressing his confusion. It suddenly struck him that he was almost as ignorant as an idiot, when it came to the mysteries of this continent, including the revered Immortal City, the fog-covered Luo Shen Mountain, the Reclusive Island on the coast of the East Sea, the boundless Dark Forest, as well as the King of the forest, Excellency Shi, and the Misty Swamp, which was inhabited by many powerful beasts… Qinghan was sure, that there must be a myriad of mysteries to be discovered in the Flaming Dragon Continent. Only if he entered the higher realms, would he obtain the access to this information.

“Let’s get closer to the fog!” Qingwu chuckled, interrupting Qinghan’s thought. They began lifting their much heavier legs, and marched forward.

After a quarter of an hour, they finally approached the white fog. When they came near to the mountain, they realized that the fog at the foot of the mountain spiraled upward, like wriggling, curly fleece. Under whatever circumstance, be it rainy or windy, the fog would never disperse. Thus, it left no chance for adventurers to peek at the inside of the mountain.

“Hey, let me try something.” Feng Zi found it hard to withhold his curiosity, and extended his hand directly to the white fog. The moment his hand touched the fog, he was instantly bounced backward by an unknowing force. Luckily, he didn’t fall on the ground, but his whole arm felt numb awhile.

“Wow, that’s super funny! Let me have a try!” Seeing no severe injuries on Feng Zi, Qingwu walked much closer and felt the fog with her slim fingers. She did it rather softly, and her fingers were bounced back less forcefully. Like a child playing with her toys, Qingwu tried time and time again.

“Haha…” Looking at the naughty Qingwu, Qinghan laughed cheerfully, but a minute later, he suggested, “Enough, we’d better go back now. Our elders are waiting for us…”

“Yeah, it’s time to return. Guys, keep on cultivating, and I hope that all of us will be allowed to enter this mountain in five years!” Sainan followed.

“You’re right, I swear that I’ll be here in five years! I promise to obtain as many treasures as I can at that time!” Feng Zi gritted his teeth, showing his resolution.

Following their casual conversation, they began to walk back to reunite with their elders. Through this half-an-hour journey, they had had a firsthand feeling of the mysterious Luo Shen Mountain. They also understood, that cultivation was the only way to obtain access to these mysteries; and only the qualified ones would be given the chance to explore this place in more details.

“Wait, what’s that?”

All of a sudden, Sainan halted, and her smile turned stiff. Qinghan, who had the most powerful soul force among them, also sensed something unusual on the right hand of the mountain. Soon, everyone raised their vigilance.

“Black shadows!”

There actually appeared three black figures rushing towards the young lords and ladies. These three unknown strangers ran at a shocking speed, despite the gravitational field of the Luo Shen Mountain. Obviously, these three people must be far more advanced in terms of cultivation, than those youngsters of the Mars Prefecture.

“Ahh, they’re all from the Demonic Prefecture!” Feng Zi abruptly jerked his head, when he heard Sainan’s exclamation, only to find three demons quickly approaching them.


Qinghan yelled out, when he met with Sainan’s approving glance. He immediately released his Battle Qi, as he grabbed both Qingcheng and Qingwu, and ran like crazy to their carriages.


Meanwhile, other young lords, Feng Zi, Hua Cao, and Shuiliu all wiped off the wet sweat on their forehead and followed Qinghan.

For the young lords and ladies, they didn’t have a clue about what was really going on. But, one thing was for sure, the ability of these three demons must be at least at peak-level Demonic King, or even Demonic Saint. Otherwise, they wouldn’t risk their lives by sneak attacking the young lords and ladies in the presence of Ye Qingniu and several other Emperor-Realm elders.

– Shooo! –

A streak of cyan light emerged in the air, and quickly formed a cover above the three demonic chasers. It was Ye Qingniu’s Saint Domain! He roared like a provoked bull, and his sound was as loud as a thunderbolt.

“Yao Xie, how dare you sneak attack my descendants! You vicious old bastard, do you really think that I won’t kill you?”

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