BPTH Chapter 162

Ye Tianlong’s Concern

Ye Tianlong was so excited, that even his soul shivered a little bit. It was just like one year ago, when he had been informed of the holy-grade battle beast that Qinghan had obtained.

Ever since the death of Ye Dao more than a decade ago, he was determined to lead a reclusive life, and hand over all the matters concerning the family to others. During these years of solitude, nothing had really made him happy. One year ago, when Qingwu crushed the messaging token, given by her grandfather, and grabbed the attention of all the great elders of the family, he had hurriedly rushed to the Drunken Heart Garden, only to find the dead Ye Ron, the fainted Ye Qingyu, and the teenager standing unyieldingly at the center of the scene.

At that time, he was thrilled to know, that there actually existed such a promising young lord in his family. He had, therefore, imprisoned Ye Jian, and expelled Ye Qingkuang, in the hope that this would make up for their mistakes. Eventually, in order to save Qinghan’s sister, he had permitted all the young elites to go to the Prefecture War. On the other hand, he himself had gone to the East Sea, to get another Spirit Immortal Dan. All of his actions only had one purpose: to win back Qinghan’s loyalty to the Ye Family!

Today, he had received an urgent letter written by Ye Qingniu, and he was struck yet again by another bout of ecstasy.

Qinghan had broken into the Realm of the Marshal, and his integration technique had also become impressingly fearsome. In general, his overall ability could be compared with those in the Realm of the Emperor. This was absolutely impressive! During the Prefecture War, he had killed thousands of barbarians and demons, all by himself! The leader of the Demonic Team, Yao Kaka, was even killed by him within seconds. Solely because of his efforts, the Mars Prefecture had gained an nearly perfect victory, something that was unprecedented throughout history.

Holding the letter tightly in his hands, all of Ye Tianlong’s body shuddered. As a great elder, he never had a stroke, so his shivering could only be explained by his overexcitement. The corners of his lips raised up bit by bit, until he laughed out loudly…

“Respectful leader, what’s making you so happy?” Ye Tianlong’s demented laughter had grabbed the attention of Ye Baihu, who was originally outside of the pavilion, but soon rushed in, to see what had made this inflexible, square-toed leader to lose his usual temperament.

Without speaking a word, Ye Tianlong kept laughing. While at the same time, he handed over the letter to Ye Baihu. Subsequently, Ye Baihu quickly thumbed through the content, and the suspicion in his eyes was soon replaced by shock and joy. Based on the familiar calligraphy of Ye Qingniu, they were both sure of the authenticity.

A sixteen-year Marshal-Realm cultivator, with a heaven-defying integrating technique, Qinghan turned out to be the most promising young lord in the Ye Family, or even in the whole Mars Prefecture. His integration technique was on a whole new level, because it could be upgraded to higher levels that could be comparable to the well-known spirit techniques. This was, of course, something worth celebrating for the Ye Family. If Qinghan kept on his diligent cultivation, within the span of ten years, it was highly possible that he would break into the Realm of the Emperor, or perhaps even the Realm of the Saint! Such a perverted cultivation speed, words would fail them, when it came to describing this power…

“Leader, we should train this kid, he will probably, in the future, break into the Realm of the Heaven Immortal. If that is the case, our Ye Family will regain the glory of our ancestors!” Ye Baihu’s eyes lit up, as he spoke up.

Likewise, in Ye Tianlong’s eyes glittered lights of hope, “It’s still too early to predict whether he can become an Heaven Immortal Realm cultivator or not. But, one thing is for sure, if we treat him properly, he can play a big part in bringing glory to our family for hundreds of years!”

“Yes, yes! I guess, we’ll be prosperous once again because of of this kid. He has so many secrets. Hmm, I’m confident his potential in cultivation is limitless!” Thinking of all that had happened in Qinghan’s life, Ye Baihu let out a sigh of relief. Before this letter, he was worried that Qinghan would’ve been hurt on the fierce battlefield. It dramatically exceeded his expectations, that after one year of arduous fighting, this kid proved to be invincible on Ghost Island.

Ye Baihu decided to get the details of Qinghan’s improvements when they came back. Suddenly, he jerked his head towards Ye Tianlong, and frowned rather concernedly, “Leader, this morning, I was told that the teleportation posts there are all broken. I mean, right now, the Mars Prefecture Legion is unable to return until about two or three months later. What do you think about this? Could there be anyone deliberately vandalizing the posts, in an attempt to prohibit others from coming back?”

“Are all the posts broken?” Ye Tianlong responded similarly with knitted eyebrows, and after a little analysis, he abruptly shouted out, “Damn, this must be another nasty plot! The teleportation posts have been in a good condition for more than ten years, why did they all break at a time when Qinghan is so desperate to go home?”

They both exchanged a suspicious glance, as if they were reassured by each other that this could not be a simple coincidence. Several seconds later, Ye Tianlong’s face turned surly, and spoke up in a booming voice, “Based on Qinghan’s short temper, he won’t wait for another couple of months, since he was told I have got the other Dan already. I’m afraid… he has already embarked on his homeward journey to Grey City. No, we have to do something. Baihu, hurry up, send some people to protect him!”

The lineal route from Immortal City to Grey City would take him at least one month. Most importantly, he had to pass through the Luo Shen Moutain, one of the three most deserted places in the continent. Qinghan’s father, Ye Dao, was killed at this very place years ago. As Ye Baihu kept thinking of the possible outcomes, his face turned extremely anxious. Without saying another word, he turned around to find some people capable of taking on this task.

“No, Baihu, wait up. You stay here, I’ll go myself!” After walking back and forth for several rounds, Ye Tianlong made his final decision. Abruptly, he darted to the door, and gave out an earsplitting roar, which made the whole Ye Castle vibrate a little bit.

“All elders, come to the Punishment Hall, now!”

As Ye Tianlong’s sound reverberated in the castle, Ye Qiang placed his long sword on his back, and rushed to the Punishment Hall, with a stunned expression plastered onto his face. Ye Tianqing put aside his books, and Ye Tianxing dropped his cup of tea… Within a moment, dozens of elders had appeared in the Punishment Hall, looking at each other in shared bewilderment. None of them had any clue why their leader had called them in here so urgently. Could there be more drama, like what had happened one year ago, which had led to the imprisonment of Ye Jian?

– Swoosh! –

A black figure from the rear hill came into everyone’s view. He was Ye Tianlong.

“Ye Qiang, Ye Tianxing, Ye Quan… you guys come with me, the rest of you just stay at home and wait for news from us. Now, I announce Ye Baihu is in temporary charge of the Ye Castle during my absence. Ok, let’s go!”

Instantly, several figures collectively bounced up high in the air, and flew to the southwest. The citizens of Grey City all raised their head, curiously looking up at the sky. They wondered why the most advanced elders of the Ye Family came out in mass numbers.

“Are they going to slaughter the holy-grade cyan dragon?” Some of them guessed.


As predicted by Ye Tianlong, Qinghan had already left Immortal City. Three days before, an envoy of Immortal City had brought them the latest news concerning the teleportation posts. Sadly, they had to wait for two to three months until the posts were fully repaired. Having no patience to wait any longer, Qinghan directly went to Elder Qingniu, asking his permission to immediately leave.

Since Immortal City was located in the center among the three prefectures, if Qinghan ran at his fastest speed, he could reach the Mars Prefecture region in five days. Then, it would take more than half a month to get back to Grey City.

Of course, for Elder Qingniu, he was able to fly home within roughly seven to eight days. But it wasn’t practical to ask Elder Qingniu to take Qinghan and fly away, while leaving all other young lords and ladies behind. Plus, after hearing Qinghan’s wish to return, Qingcheng and Qingwu all showed their determined willingness to follow him. Qingcheng even wished to declare her marriage with Qinghan as soon as Qinghan’s sister was saved. On the other hand, the young lords, typically Feng Zi and Hua Cao, had all become bored in Immortal City, and wished to return to the Mars Prefecture as soon as possible. Also, Qingcheng had promised the young lords, well before the commencement of the Prefecture War, that she would send two girls from the island of the Tranquil Lake to each young lord. This was a major reason why they all urged to go back home right now.

For anyone in or above the Realm of the Emperor, they could fly. The elders of each family were no exception. Originally, Qinghan had planned to go with the elders, so that he could save ample amount of time and see his sister sooner. Yet, his proposal was instantly vetoed by Elder Qingniu, who had even complained his naivety in thinking of such an infeasible idea. As a Saint-Realm cultivator, Ye Qingniu was definitely capable of doing so, as were the other elders. The problem was, however, the young lords and ladies themselves! Once they were lifted in the air by the elders, they had to endure the intense air pressure up ahead, and unfortunately, based on their current level in cultivation, none of them could sustain for such a long period of time. For Emperor-Realm cultivators, they could protect themselves with their Battle Qi, but they weren’t able to protect the young lord or lady in their arms. If they reduced the speed to ensure the safety of these youngsters, they’d rather go back with horse-drawn carriages.

After some discussion, therefore, they eventually reached a consensus, in which they agreed to let the elders go with the young lords and ladies first. In that way, Qinghan’s sister could be saved sooner, while at the same time, the safety of the youngsters could be secured. After returning to the Mars Prefecture, they would further discuss the issue related to the Xue Family.

As for Shisan, and the other elites of the Mars Prefecture Legion, they were left behind, as they would slowly walk back home.

On the fourth day after the conclusion of the Prefecture War, several extremely luxuriously decorated carriages marched out of Immortal City, heading towards the Mars Prefecture.

Inside one of these carriages sat Ye Qingniu. Right now, he was watching looking through the window, and introduced the surrounding geography to Qinghan and Qingwu, “Little Qinghan, we’ll arrive at the Luo Shen Mountain the day after tomorrow. This is a place full of treasures. It’s said, that one can even bump into Immortal-level items if lucky enough. Errr… Luo Shen Moutain will reopen its Heaven Path five years from now. If you can obtain the Realm of the Emperor by then, I suggest you to go on that path to widen your knowledge, and by the way, collect some treasure at that time…”

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