BPTH Chapter 161

The Realm of the Heaven Immortal

Without hesitation, Qinghan took out his arm armor, which was made out of scarlet red scales, and a ferocious head of a demon. Although the softness of this armor made one feel comfortable while feeling its surface, but the vividly sculptured demon head brought an eerily feature to its appearance. Once it was put on, it looked like as if a little demon was attached to the arm.

“This is nothing special in terms of appearance, except for the excellent material, nothing about it impresses me! “Elder Qingniu took it in his hand, and observed it by using all of his soul power. However, he didn’t feel anything extraordinary.

After a moment of silence, he abruptly threw the arm armor into the air, after which, he stretched his left arm out, slamming harshly against the item.

– Bang! –

The cyan gust of Battle Qi collided with the red armor; immediately, a gleam of red glaring light shot out from the armor and flashed for only a second, before it faded away. The next moment, when the armor became visible again, it flew in the opposite direction, until it hit the ground.

A shrewd light could be found in Elder Qingniu’s eyes. He soon threw out a palm of Battle Qi, and fetched the armor back. After a further careful observation, he laughed, “Yeah, Qinghan, you’re right. This is fabulous! Look, it is as intact as moments ago after my attack. Hmm, its defense ability is one of a kind. Hey, little Qinghan, put it on, now. I bet it can save your life in times of extreme danger.”

“Ok!” Cheerfully, Qinghan received the armor, undressed his overcoat, and put on this armor on his right arm. Since Elder Qingniu was a Saint-Realm cultivator, the strength of his attacks were devastating; however, this armor could withstand his punch. This must be an item with a super defensive function!

“Oh, just now, you mentioned you’re still recalling the Prefecture War? Believe me, I’ll help you to capture that bastard Wuhen. You know, when we get back to the Mars Prefecture, the first thing we’re going to do is to summon all the elders of the prominent families, and negotiate with them concerning this issue. Ok, don’t think too much about this.” Elder Qingniu was kind of trying to console Qinghan.

“No, I’m not worried about this. You decide it!” With an absentminded nod, Qinghan suddenly raised his chin pondering. The question, that had haunted him for so long, resurfaced at this moment, so he asked curiously, “Elder Qingniu, would you mind if I ask you a question? But you have to tell me the truth. Are there Immortals in this world? I mean, can we all become immortals through arduous cultivation?”

This had been an intractable conundrum for Qinghan. The legend of Immortal City wasn’t unfamiliar to any child brought up in the Dragon Flaming Continent. It was said that the very leader of Immortal City, named Tu, was actually an immortal. Also, the five prominent families were said to be the offspring of immortals. Each and every descendant from these five families carried the essence of blood inherited by their immortal ancestor. The secret summoning space, the secret techniques, all served themselves as solid evidence of the power of the immortals. Geographically, the hints of the presence of Immortals were also ubiquitous, like the teleportation posts placed all over the continent, the mysterious Ghost Island, and the myth of Immortal City…

Everything that had happened prompted Qinghan to be suspicious over whether there existed any overpowering immortals in this world, or not. If the answer was positive, then how do they look like? What are the limits of their power? Could they separate heaven from earth? Or could they cut off the flow of water, fly in the sky and dive into the deepest part of the earth?


Elder Qingniu arched his eyebrows, and turned his face towards the excited Qinghan. He knew, when he was at Qinghan’s age, he was as curious as this young man towards any legend about immortals. It was understandable, at such a young, aspiring age, one would be bathed in endless fantasy and illusions. After taking some serious meditation, Elder Qingniu replied, “Honestly, I never planned to tell you anything about immortals before you entered into the Realm of the Emperor, in case your attitude towards cultivation would be negatively influenced. But, since you mentioned it, I’ve changed my mind and decided to satisfy all your curiosities. In this world, we do have immortals; and there is more than one, as far as I know, there are three!”


Qinghan was shivering in face of this groundbreaking truth, which implied that there were as many as three immortals!

“Yes, I tell you, people have long overestimated the true abilities an immortal can deliver by wild imagination. You guys always say the immortals must be omnipotently mighty. In reality, they are just a cultivator, but much more powerful than normal ones. Yeah, they are simply one realm above the Realm of the Saint, which is known as the Realm of the Heaven Immortal. I bet you already know that once a cultivator reaches the Realm of the Emperor, his journey of feeling the Laws of Heaven and Earth begins. The more he extracts from the divine laws, the higher his realm will become. When you have a thorough comprehension of the Laws of Heaven and Earth, you will be an immortal.”

Elder Qingniu reeled off a detailed explanation, providing some insight in Qinghan’s future cultivation, in spite of the fact that Qinghan was only in the Realm of the Marshal, far away from the Emperor Realm.

However, the terrifying speed of Qinghan’s cultivation was one in a million. Given his current achievements, only luck and speed couldn’t explain it all. His comprehension ability must be heaven-defying. In general, if he integrated with his battle beast, his overall ability would reach the peak level of the Realm of the Prince! In front of such a talented cultivator, Elder Qingniu broke the rules and explained Qinghan about immortals in advance. Looking at the bewildered Qinghan, Elder Qingniu nodded his head satisfactorily, and continued,

“As for who these three immortals are, I can tell you, the leader of Immortal City is definitely one of them. Another is the leader of a reclusive island, near the East Sea. You know, our leader went there a couple of days before in his trip to obtain a Spirit Immortal Dan. Oh… the last one, also the most mysterious one, is living in the Dark Forest. Strangely, he only got a surname, but not a name. We all call him His Excellency Shi. He is the king of the Dark Forest!”

“As for the rumors that immortals can do anything they want to do, don’t believe that shit. They all have limits. You might already know that for all saint-realm cultivators in the Mars Prefecture, they’re able to release a Saint Doman. While on the demons’ side, when they become a Demonic Saint, they have a Demonic Shadow. Do you remember the lion behind Yao Xie that day? That technique is called the Demonic Shadow. Alright, for normal Saint-Realm cultivators, they can live as long as three hundred years. But once you break into the Realm of Heaven Immortal, you can extend your longevity to 10,000 years! Furthermore, all immortals are able to teleport to anyplace they wish to go to, simply by themselves. As for other additional techniques, it depends on how deep he has grasped the Laws of the Heaven and Earth.”

“10,000 years… It’s almost like living forever and never die. Teleportation? No one can fight or escape in front of such a stunning technique.”

Elder Qingniu’s reply shocked Qinghan, and brought his knowledge of cultivation to a whole new level.

“Hey, Qinghan, keep on the good work. Once you enter the Realm of the Emperor, I’ll explain it to you in much more depth. Right now, that’s all you need to know. I’ll tell you one more thing, any cultivator with adequate diligence will be able to break into the Realm of the Heaven Immortal and become an immortal!” With shining eyes, Elder Qingniu stared into Qinghan’s eyes. An instant later, he patted encouragingly on Qinghan’s shoulder and left.

Qinghan was left speechless, as he was looking forward to the day when he himself would become an immortal!

Now, Qinghan knew, immortals were also cultivators, but with even mightier power. It wasn’t a privilege owned by some people, but the majority of the cultivators could obtain such a goal through persistent cultivation. Today’s conversation with Elder Qingniu had injected a new dose of impetus in his journey of cultivation. He had to stay diligent and aspiring, to pursue the seemingly-impossible dream of becoming an immortal, and remain resilient to overcome the insurmountable hurdles, that laid ahead of him.

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