BPTH Chapter 160

 ­Xue Wuhen’s Grievance

Xue Wuhen was rather pissed over the things he had had to face.

Within the Xue Family, he was the most privileged young lord, the official successor of his family, and the current young leader of Snowing City. He was supposed to be a celebrity surrounded by many followers from the Mars Prefecture. Yet, right now, he was kept in a small-sized pavilion in Immortal City. He was told that he was prohibited from going out for as long as five years. If he betrayed this order, he would undoubtedly be killed.

The pavilion, where Wuhen currently lived, actually belonged to Tu Qianjun. Apart from its size, this place was generally living-friendly. The sceneries in the surrounding were pleasant to the eyes; and the servants and maids here were good at taking care of their new master.

As a young lord, who was accustomed to an extravagant and playful life, he was forced to be imprisoned in the confinement of a pavilion, for five years! How was it possible for Wuhen to stand the monotonous life in this prison-like place?

However, Wuhen understood crystal clear, that he had to endure all these sufferings. Because… once he walked out of his pavilion, he would be discovered by the scouts from the four families of the Mars Prefecture. If that happened, no one would be able to protect him, even Immortal City.

Back on Ghost Island, Tu Qianjun had promised Wuhen that he would give him access to Immortal City if the latter agreed to help him kill Qinghan.

Given the already existing hostility between Wuhen and Qinghan, he had accepted Tu Qianjun’s proposal in a heartbeat. Together, they had hatched a nasty plan: first Wuhen would plant concealed worms in Qinghan’s hair, and then provide Yao Kaka and Man’gan with two Positioning Crystal Balls, to help them locate their target – Ye Qinghan. At that time, Wuhen was confident that his sworn enemy, Qinghan, would be doomed by the combined forces of the other two prefectures. He believed in the power of the barbarians and demons, who he thought could stamp Qinghan to death like an ant.

Nevertheless… to his great, great surprise, Qinghan didn’t only escape, but also happily gained another terrifying technique. He had broken into the encirclement of the demons and barbarians, and he had even killed Yao Kaka, the demonic leader!

As soon as Wuhen was informed about the reversal of the situation, he had immediately run away. At the beginning, he had been in a cave for several months, until the beginning of the final war. Since everyone was busy fighting on the Bloody Prairie, he went to the temporary camp, which had been deserted at this time. Through the teleportation posts near the camp, he had successfully transferred himself to Immortal City.

Wuhen had been at Immortal City for a couple of days, much earlier than the arrival of the Mars Prefecture legion. He was allowed to be in Immortal City by showing the special token given by Tu Qianjun, and was directly led to the Tu Immortal Pavilion.

At first, considering what he had done for Tu Qianjun, he was confident that he would receive promotion or special care from Immortal City. Or perhaps, he would be directly enlisted as a member of the Tu Immortal Pavilion, and be bestowed with a ton of advanced technique methods, and saint-level items… However, everything that followed went against his rosy expectations. Up until now, he hadn’t seen Qianjun, even once! He wasn’t even allowed to take a single step out of this place. He was told to stay here for a full five years.

Now, to Wuhen, everything seemed so eerily horrible. He was stricken with panic, and wished to go out to see what had happened outside. But… he didn’t have the guts to be disobedient in Immortal City. This morning, however, a messenger sent by Qianjun told Wuhen everything: Like Wuhen, Qianjun was imprisoned for five years; Ye Qingniu had offered a reward of a superior treasure-level item for anyone, who provided him with the whereabouts of Wuhen. Wuhen frowned and felt a little bit consoled to be placed in such a pavilion, rather than a prison.

Now that their conspiracy had been disclosed, he was now a traitor in the Mars Prefecture. Although he wasn’t sure whether his own family would be implicated by this incident, one thing he was certain about, was that he would be killed if he appeared in the Mars Prefecture. Honestly, he was mentally prepared for this result. It was just… he had never thought that the young lord of Immortal City, Qianjun, would also be punished in this way. His “big tree”, Qianjun, whose trust he had tried so hard to win, was now unable to protect himself, let alone his followers. In Immortal City, Wuhen was nothing but an unpopular young lord from the Mars Prefecture. It was “nice” of Immortal City, so to speak, to provide him with such a shelter.

Like a displaced dog, Wuhen had never, in his entire lifetime, felt so grieved and thwarted. Tu Qianjun was imprisoned, and so was he. The promised prospects were so vague and ambiguous…

“How could all of this happen? Why? This isn’t the life I’m supposed to live…” For a whole day, Wuhen was recalling the whole event. It seemed as if his dual pupils were saturated with unspeakable grievance.


On the other hand, Qinghan felt so vibrantly happy.

He had convinced Qingwu, in the end, to be his girl. Although Qingwu didn’t give an explicit response, Qinghan was pretty sure she was more than happy to say yes.

Qinghan was thrilled to win the heart of another beauty. Since he was neither a leader nor an influential big figure, he never thought he could win the hearts of beauties so easily. Before that night, in Qinghan’s heart, he did have some admiring and grateful feelings towards Qingwu, but he never considered her to be a romantic partner. Until that night, when they had a direct feeling of each other’s body, and he had found Qingwu to be rather attractive. Her smile, frown, innocent face, and fabulous curving body… No healthy man could resist such a stunner…

In the Ye Castle, when they had first met, Qinghan was overwhelmed by her feminine charm. Back then, as a “garbage” young lord, he would be easily satisfied by just having a glimpse of a beauty like Qingwu. During the intense Prefecture War, he had no time and energy to think over his feeling towards Qingwu, either. When he had accomplished victory at the Breaking Blade Summit, Qinghan felt so relieved and spent his spare time with Qingcheng. Since he was accompanied by Qingcheng during that time, he wouldn’t bother to think of any other girl.

It wasn’t until last night, when they were both drunk, and he had accidentally slept with Qingwu, that he had begun to develop some feelings for her. In face of such a Heaven-sent opportunity, he decided to settle down everything between them. If Qingwu didn’t show any hatred towards him, he was confident to win her heart. It was only a matter of time…

“Hey, little bastard, what’s on your mind that makes you laugh so recklessly?”

While Qinghan was in the garden contemplating on how to pursue Qingwu, a figure appeared in front of him out of the blue.

“Errr? Ah, Elder Qingniu, I was… just recalling the Prefecture War, nothing more! Errr, do you have anything to tell me?” Hurriedly, Qinghan replied with caution, in case he revealed the accident between him and Qingwu.

“Oh, I just came to ask you, why you chose such a useless saint-level item?” It seemed that Elder Qingniu didn’t have a clue about that accident, and he directly cut to the point.

“Oh, that one… I was reminded by my battle beast, that this might be a super treasure!” Gradually, Qinghan felt his nervous feelings go away, as he explained.

Ye Qingniu raised his eyebrows, and asked in great confusion, “Your holy-grade battle beast really said so? Hey, why don’t you take out this arm armor, and let us have a closer look? Perhaps, your beast is right.”

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