BPTH Chapter 159

Every Night… with Qingwu

“Did the teleportation posts break this morning?” Qinghan turned rather suspicious, because he wondered why they were broken at a time when he was so desperate to return home. Could there be any tricks behind it?

“Hehe, young lord Qinghan, it all happened two days ago, not today. The technicians will take care of it, don’t worry. Just stay here for another couple of days!”

Ye Ping sensed Qinghan’s suspicion, so he explained in a hurry. At the beginning, when he had first received this news, Ye Ping, like Qinghan, had doubted whether it was a conspiracy or not. But after some investigation, he was rest assured that everything was safe and sound.”

“Alright, let’s wait until everything is ok.” While shaking his head helplessly, Qinghan replied. Since he had been away from his sister for a whole year, he figured that another few days wouldn’t change much.


As soon as Qinghan arrived at the Ye Family Garden, he directly went to Qingwu’s room. For one thing, he felt guilty for what he had done last night, so he decided to console Qingwu. For another, he was so worried that Ye Qingniu would discover everything. Honestly, he was a little bit shy to see Qingwu after everything that had happened. But as a man, he had to shoulder the responsibility and face reality, rather than dodge away like a coward.

After a series of patient knocks on the door, Qinghan was finally allowed in. Looking at the pale Qingwu, Qinghan was now filled with remorse. He rubbed his hands awkwardly, and asked, “ Errr… Sister Qingwu, are you alright?”

No response came from Qingwu, who was now sitting on her bed against the wall, as she had curled up her knees, and lowered her head.

“Oh, I almost forgot! You haven’t eaten breakfast yet, right? Last night… I mean, you should take in some nourishment. Say it, what do you prefer to eat, I’ll ask the kitchen to make it for you!” Embarrassed by the silence, Qinghan gave out a fit of dry laughter.

However, Qingwu slowly shook her head, as a sign to decline Qinghan’s suggestion.

“Errr, Sister Qingwu, don’t treat me like this. I mean, if you’re mad at me, just curse me, or beat me! Please talk to me!”

The paleness on Qingwu’s face made Qinghan so worried. After all, Qingwu was his woman now.

The ongoing silence turned the atmosphere even more embarrassingly dull.

– Pia! Pia! Pia! –

Qinghan racked his brains to think of a solution to make Qingwu feel any better, yet nothing came to mind, except for some clumsy remarks. Eventually, he gritted his teeth, and began slapping his own two cheeks. With the crisp sound of spanking, the traces of his hands left on his face became more and more visible and redder.

“What are you doing? Stop!”

Qinghan’s self-injury trick took effect in the end. Qingwu got up from her bed, and spoke her first sentence since he had entered her room.

“Sister Qingwu, I’m a beast, an animal… I ruined your chastity… I’m so sorry… Punish me, please! Why do you not hang me on a tree, and spank me? You can use any tools you wish, candles, leather strips, whatever you like. I won’t even groan in the process!” With eyes full of regret, Qinghan spoke in a sincere manner.

“Get lost, you bastard. Don’t speak of such nonsense…” Qingwu turned her tears into a smile by hearing what Qinghan said. But, an instant later, she, once again, put on a long face.

“Hehe, Sister Qingwu, this is the saint-level item I obtained just now. I’d like to give it to you as a present, what do you think? This is a stunning treasure.” Seeing the atmosphere had warmed up a little bit, Qinghan hurriedly took out the red jade box. Based on his experience of dealing with girls, he had to strike the iron while it’s still hot. Which meant, he had to grasp the moment when her mood was lifted, and divert her attention from the sorrow.

“Saint-level item?”

Qinghan’s small trick, once again, won Qingwu’s attention. The mentioning of the saint-level item made Qingwu turn around as fast as she could, and curiously stare at the red box in Qinghan’s hands. To cultivators, a saint-level item was the most treasured item in the world. Qingwu’s heartstring was somewhat touched by this act of Qinghan.

“Errr, honestly, it has some dysfunctions in terms of its defense. But, you know, people in Immortal City still rate it as a saint-level item! I guess, this should be a super protective arm armor!” Qinghan opened the red box, in order to demonstrate what was inside.

“Ah! It looks so horrible! I don’t want that…”

Both Qinghan and Qingwu were left petrified the moment the box was opened. The arm armor was composed of scarlet red small scales, which wasn’t terrifying so to speak; yet, on top of the armor, there was the head of a ferocious demon sculpted. The uncomfortable, evil feeling could easily be sensed by a glimpse of the demon’s head.

“Yeah… true, it looks terrible… But, except for that, I really don’t have anything special to give you.” With a bitter smile, Qinghan never thought that a saint-level item could be this horrible. Obviously this wasn’t a proper gift for a girl. Yet, he had brought nothing with him that was suited as a gift for a girl. Another saint-level item was his bronze ring, however, he couldn’t take it off, since he had discovered its healing function in the Wild Mountain Range. As for his cyan dagger, it wasn’t convenient for a girl to use. The last thing left was his inner vest armor, but it was a male design. Even if the size fit Qingwu, he couldn’t just take it off in front of her.

“Who wants such rubbish? Plus, are you going to balance your guilt by giving me rubbish? Eh?” As Qinghan was still straining his brain for something better, Qingwu interrupted with a joking tone.

“Yeah, the coldness in her heart is finally melting!” Qinghan thought to himself cheerfully, after noticing the changes in Qingwu’s face. He even guessed, that Qingwu might not have been as offended as he had imagined.

“Of course not, actually, I’ve prepared the most valuable gift to give you, as a compensation for what I did last night. Errr… the value of this treasure will keep soaring as time goes by. Most importantly, it can accompany you for the rest of your life, and make you happy ever after!” Qinghan replied.

“Oh? I never thought you have such a treasure. What is it?” Qingwu asked in curiosity, as her eyelashes winked frequently.

“Hehe, this gift is… Ye Qinghan, me!” With a naughty chuckle, Qinghan grinned cheekily.

“Sister Qingwu, I, myself is the gift I have prepared for you. Look, I bet you can hardly find anyone as excellent as me. You know, I’ve got a ton of merits, like helpful, heroic, generous, inclusive, diligent, talented… Only once in a million years can you encounter a guy like me. Plus, I’m still young and have plenty of potential. You’ll be blessed if you accept this ‘gift’. Deal?”

“Phew!” Qingwu’s face went red. Never, in her twenty years on this world, had she heard such brazen honeyed words. As her face turned as red as fire, she just lowered her head and kept silent.

“Ok, I’ll count to three, if you still don’t give me a reply, I’ll take your silence as approval. One, two, three! Alright, Ye Qingwu, now you’re my girl!” Qinghan tried to strike this “hot iron”, and settle down everything. By that time, he could be with Qingwu, almost every night!

“Go die! How fast did you count! You big bastard…”

“Haha, anyway, you’re my wife now!”

“I’ll kill you…”

A while later, the room was mingled with Qingwu’s flirtatious curses and Qinghan’s rakehell laughter…

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