BPTH Chapter 158

 ­The Teleportation Posts Are Broken

“Inferior saint-level item?”

Everyone’s eyes lit up when they heard the list of items to be presented. As for the Spirit Immortal Dan, it was already known by all before the commencement of the Prefecture War. Hardly anyone had predicted, however, that there would be a saint-level item involved.

A saint-level item was an extremely rare treasure. Among the five most prominent families, it was said there were only a couple of them. However, most of them refused to expose their treasures to the public and preserved them in private. As for the Ye Family, the Immortal Slaughter Sword was a publicly announced treasure; but, they had another five, which was unknown to the outside world. The other four families, also had several pieces, but they too, would rather keep it a secret, to avoid unnecessary battles. That being said, even if all five families’ saint-level items were put together, the number wouldn’t surpass ten. The scarcity of this item made it even more attractive. Perhaps, only the affluent Immortal City treated it as a regular item.

The representatives of each family leaned forward, as their eyes sparkled. They wondered how awesome it would be, if they had the chance to obtain the only saint-level item of this event. They could, in theory, break into a higher level with the aid of such an item.

However… when the Immortal City envoy gave them the detailed list of reward items, they suddenly turned disillusioned.

On the list, it said that the saint-level item was a broken one. Or, more exactly, only a quarter of the size was preserved. It was originally a piece of a protective arm-armor, named the Fire Immortal Arm Armor. It was supposed to be a set of four left-arm armors, but the other three pieces were nowhere nowhere to be found. Thus, the function of this armor had sharply decreased, almost to zero, which was why it was rated as an inferior saint-level item only.

“Oh! What a pity!”

The cruel reality damped everyone’s hopes for obtaining a saint-level item in their lifetime. In despise, they all sniffed at its whopping price, because in their opinion, a broken, almost functionless item, should not be categorized as a saint-level item in the first place. It was unfair to exchange such an item at the same price as the Spirit Immortal Dan.

Even a superior treasure-level item or a full set of armor and the like, would only cost 6,000 to 7,000 credits. Therefore, people’s attention was diverted to the treasure-level items instead.

Meanwhile, Ye Qingniu gave out a long sigh, for he would definitely ask Qinghan to rethink exchanging his credits for this armor piece. Given the size of this arm armor, he reckoned that it was far from a favorable deal. Why not use fewer credits to exchange for a piece of a set of a superior treasure-level armor? After all, arms weren’t the most crucial part, that would directly cause one’s death.

Qinghan took a deep breath, for he was a little bit discouraged by this information. If the saint-level item was a complete one, he would definitely exchange his credits for it. As an experienced cultivator now, he knew all too well what a big role a saint-level item played in a life and death battle.

“Boss, take the arm armor! This is a super treasure!” When Qinghan was about to look for other items on the list, Little Black conveyed his voice secretly.

“A super treasure? Little Black, are you kidding?” In great shock, Qinghan urged Little Black to explain, for even Elder Qingniu denied the value of this saint-level item.

“Sorry, boss, I don’t know either. But, I have the feeling that this will be a stunning piece of armor. Believe me, get it!” Although Little Black’s voice was vague, he seemed exceedingly affirmative on his proposal.

In response, Qinghan nodded his head approvingly, despite the fact that he didn’t understand Little Black at all. For Qinghan, Little Black was more than a battle beast; he treated him as a human being, a companion, and a brother, with whom he could face any challenge fearlessly… Ever since their first communication back at the Wild Mountain Range, they had already committed to each other. This was the first time, Little Black asked him to do something. He had to trust him under any circumstance. Even if it was rubbish, he would get it without any hesitation, let alone that it was a saint-level item.

As soon as everyone had finished reviewing the Reward List, they began to exchange for their chosen items. Since Qinghan had already exchanged one item, the Spirit Immortal Dan, he thought it would be the others’ turn first. To his surprise, however, Sainan proposed to let Qinghan continue to enjoy the privilege of being the first one to exchange, in order to thank him for his brave rescue at the Breaking Blade Summit.

Doubtlessly, everyone agreed on Sainan’s proposal. They knew, that without Qinghan, most of them wouldn’t be able to appear in this pavilion and exchange their credits for treasures. In fact, they would most likely be buried on Ghost Island, contributing to the nourishment of the weeds and flowers there.

“Hey, Qinghan, exchange for the sixth item on the list – the superior treasure-level one.” At the same time, Elder Qingniu also gave some advice to Qinghan on which item to take.

The sixth item was actually a complete Dragon Scale Armor, composed by the scales ripped from an eighth-grade Silver Dragon. It was said, that its defensive power distinguished itself as the top among all treasure-level items. Elder Qingniu thought that Qinghan was in desperate need of a protective armor at his current stage, since the latter’s cultivation kept soaring up. It should be the best choice for Qinghan.

“I’ll choose that saint-level item. Please deduct my credits from the ring, plus the 10,000 for the Spirit Immortal Dan!” Not taking Elder Qingniu’s advice, Qinghan stretched out his left hand, pointing to the second item, the Fire Immortal Arm Armor.


Everyone was taken aback, for they thought Qinghan was after all, a reckless young man pushed by his impulses, rather than reason. In their opinion, Qinghan was squandering the credits by choosing such a useless item. Even Qingcheng shook her head towards Qinghan disapprovingly. Despite all the doubts others might hold, Qinghan was determined to get the arm armor.

“Ye Qinghan, are you sure? I’ll directly deduct your credits!” The envoy, who was wearing a golden robe, asked in an indifferent tone.

“Sure!” Qinghan replied with a firm nod.

“Good!” The envoy reached out with a pale white hand, and placed it over Qinghan’s ring. Soon, a streak of cyan gust emerged from his palm, and Qinghan’s yellow ring departed from him until it flew right in the envoy’s hand.

“Here you go, this is the Fire Immortal Arm Armor, a saint-level item. Your total credits amounted to 26,300. Excluding the amount that should be paid for these two items you already have, there is only 6,300 left. Would you please let me know if you will continue to exchange for something else with the remnants? Or will you exchange it for something else when you return to Dragon Ctiy?” The envoy handed over a red jade box to Qinghan, after which, he wrote on this book the number of Qinghan’s remaining credits.

“As for the remaining credits, Elder Qingniu, I entrust you to decide for me!” Qinghan put the red jade box in his chest pocket, before he bowed to the crowd, “Excuse me, everyone. I still have a headache from yesterday’s wine. So… I will take my leave now, and get some rest. Have a nice day, guys.”

Under the confused gaze of others, Qinghan stepped out of the pavilion, and headed towards the Ye Family Garden.

Seeing this, Elder Qingniu nodded his head and turned to Ye Ping, who was standing behind him, “Ye Ping, go back with Qinghan. This kid desperately needs some proper training in drinking wine!”

“Hey, Miss Sainan, it’s your turn!”


Of course, by now, Qinghan was already sober. He just used the wine as an excuse, what really concerned him was Qingwu. Since the Spirit Immortal Dan was obtained, he had to go back home as soon as possible. Yet, before he set off, he wished to make sure whether Qingwu was fine and healthy. If possible, he’d like to have her go with him to Dragon City by teleportation posts, before he went to the Ye Castle.

“Elder Ye Ping, are the teleportation posts in Immortal City able to send us back to Grey City?” Qinghan turned to Ye Ping, and wondered if he could shorten the time to meet his sister.

“Of course not! We’re only allowed to be sent back to Dragon City. I mean, we don’t have the privilege to be teleported directly to where we want to go.” Ye Ping found Qinghan’s homesickness quite funny, and he couldn’t help chuckling to himself. But, a moment later, he came to realize something and frowned, “Errr… Young lord Qinghan, I’m afraid you’re not able to go to Dragon City today. I forgot that we’ve been informed this morning, that there is something wrong with the teleportation posts in Immortal City. Don’t worry, they’ll have it repaired in a couple of days.”

In sheer surprise, Qinghan halted his steps in the middle, and asked, “Are all the teleportation posts broken?”

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