BPTH Chapter 157

 ­Spirit Immortal Dan

Qinghan tidied his room up, and calmed down a little bit, before he went out to the hall with a pretended relaxed expression.

In the hall, almost everyone was present and they had already finished their breakfast. Now, they were busy chatting with one another.

“Qinghan! Take a seat. Haha, I thought your capacity of wine was tougher… You have to practice, time and time again. You know, when I was young, I could keep on drinking for three consecutive days and nights. No bragging, I wasn’t even drunk at that time.”

Seeing Qinghan’s arrival, Ye Qingniu made fun of him, but his care and love for this young man could easily be discerned in his voice.

The rest of the crowd jerked their heads towards Qinghan, and nodded politely as a greeting. While, at the same time, among them, Qingcheng shot a concerning glance at him, and asked, “ Why are you so late, Qinghan?”

“Hehe, yeah, why? I, your brother Elder Feng, remember to have drunk even more wine than you last night. But, you know what? I got up several hours before you! Oh, I suppose you’re a terrible drinker!” Feng Zi grinned, as he mocked Qinghan.

“Bastard, you are Elder Feng? Then what am I supposed to be called?” One of the elders of the Feng Family scolded Feng Zi for his impoliteness. In front of so many senior elders, especially Ye Qingniu, it was flagrantly improper to make such a joke by calling himself an Elder.


Fortunately, the rest of the people, overwhelmed by the glorious victory of the Prefecture War, laughed out merrily. Another reason for their happiness was Qinghan’s generous act of distributing large chunks of the credits he had earned to all of them, rather than putting them all into his own pocket. With the credits, they would be able to obtain a large amount of items, which could further support their cultivation. Everyone was satisfied and pleased.

“Eh? Wait, where is Qingwu? She should’ve gotten up at this point of time. Hey, Qinghan, did you bump into her when you walked out?”

Suppressed by his guilty conscience, Qinghan nodded his head without giving a verbal answer. But, when he sat down beside Ye Qingniu, the latter tossed his head towards him, and asked further about Qingwu.

“No! Why would I be running into her when I wake up? We’re not sleeping in the same room. Errr… I mean… actually, I didn’t see her either. Shall we ask somebody to call her up?”

Looking at Ye Qingniu’s bulging eyes, Qinghan’s sense of guilt surfaced once again, propelling him to awkwardly defend himself.

On the other hand, however, Ye Qingniu didn’t give much heed on this topic, and replied, “Alright, let her sleep some more. I guess she has a headache or something. If she doesn’t show up at lunch time, we won’t wait for her and directly go to the Burning Immortal Pavilion to get the Spirit Immortal Dan! Our leader has informed me, that he already obtained the other pill. With the two pills, your sister will be saved!”

“Really?” Qinghan was so excited to hear this, that he almost jumped up. All his previous anxiety had suddenly disappeared. Abruptly, he stood up, and faced Elder Qingniu with eyes full of joy. At the beginning, the corners of his mouth curled a little bit; but, he reassured himself by seeing Elder Qingniu’s nod, after which the curve of his smile enlarged to a big grin, and eventually he uncontrollably laughed out…

Looking at the demented laughing Qinghan, not a single person found him obnoxious; instead, their admiration for him only increased.

Given Qinghan’s current reputation, his story was no longer anything new. Everyone knew, that in order to save his sister, Qinghan had put himself at great risk by killing the key descendants of the Ye Family, ruining the cultivation of Qingkuang, the then-successor of their family, and killing a member of their Elder Clan, Ye Ron. As his story went viral, many people became his fan for his courageous fight for love.

Meanwhile, the Ye Family, who had treated this young lord unfairly before, was determined to win back his heart. Left with no other alternative, they had reluctantly permitted him to take part in the Prefecture War. During this war, Qinghan’s diligence in cultivation was witnessed by all of the participants. With the help of his own endeavor as well as luck, Qinghan had successfully obtained a great deal of credits, dramatically exceeding the aimed quantity. By doing so, he had laid the foundation for the great triumph of the Mars Prefecture.

Right now, as he was being told that his sister, who he had missed so much, was finally only one step away from waking up, he could no longer hold his true feelings, and laughed out indulgently. His straightforward disposition attracted many, for they considered Qinghan to be a friend worth getting along with.

In most people’s eyes, Qinghan’s laughter was a sign of his ecstasy, while in Qingcheng’s eyes, she knew that Qinghan had a mixed feeling of sadness and happiness. She felt grieved for the great duty Qinghan shouldered, and the misfortunes he had gone through. While, at the same, she was proud of Qinghan, for his resilience and courage.

“Let’s go to the Burning Immortal Pavilion!” Qinghan couldn’t wait any longer to fetch the Spirit Immortal Dan. He wished to give this Dan to his sister as quickly as possible and stay with her forever…

“Heh… Alright! Let’s go to the Burning Immortal Pavilion right now!” Since Qinghan had already almost disappeared beyond the gate, Ye Qingniu sighed, and stood up calling for the others to follow.

“Go! Let’s exchange the credits for treasures!” Feng Zi also stood up, and caught up with Qinghan…


The Burning Immortal Pavilion, east of Immortal City, was a place built to deal with issues concerning the three prefectures. The owner of this pavilion was Fen Shenwei.

Right now, the Mars Prefecture team walked along the way to this very pavilion, and the citizens living in Immortal City all craned their heads to watch them. The ancestors of the residents here could trace back to thousands of years ago, when each prefecture was asked to dispatch 10,000 people to Immortal City, as original inhabitants. As time went by, the overall population of Immortal City had increased exponentially, causing several times of renovation and expansion inside the city.

“The Mars Prefecture is the final winner! They’ve lost an exceedingly small number of soldiers in this war. The other two prefectures were battered so badly…”

“Yeah, you’re right. I’ve also heard that a human-race young hero has emerged… I think his name is Ye Qinghan! This guy is a piece of work! It is said he killed the son of Yao Xie… Yesterday, Yao Xie even lost his temper at the Glory Plaza…”

“Ye Qinghan? So he is the young hero among them, haha. Oh, they said he’s only sixteen years old. How impressive!”

The residents of Immortal City, who had already shaken away their identity as descendants from the three prefectures, thought highly themselves. Although they didn’t give much heed to what was happening back in the three prefecture, they did like to gossip. On the other hand, as residents of Immortal City, they had quick access to the latest information. Now, they discussed noisily, as they watched the Mars Prefecture Team march.

Ever since Qinghan had heard that another Spirit Immortal Dan was already obtained, he had acted frantically, while rushing towards the destination for exchanging his credits. The moment he stepped over the threshold of the pavilion, he yelled, “Ye Qinghan, Mars Prefecture. I’m coming to exchange my credits!”

The hall of the Burning Immortal Pavilion could well accommodate hundreds of visitors. However, there were only several strange people, each dressed in a golden robe. Among them, a woman’s face distinguished herself from the others. She looked so voluptuously beautiful.

“Respectful Feng Guardian, sorry for the rudeness of our young lord. Please forgive him for intruding in the pavilion with such a manner!” Ye Qingniu dashed into the pavilion, and for a second, he was overwhelmed by the charm of the woman in the middle, but soon, he bowed to them all, trying to help Qinghan in case they were offended.

“Respectful Feng Guardian!” The elders, that followed from behind, respectfully greeted the golden-robed guys.

“Hehe, never mind. Make yourself at home!” Feng Guardian waved her hands, while her lips curled up a little bit. Judging from her voice, this Fen Guardian was much younger than what her appearance suggested. Because her voice was so mellow, and girlish, very much like limpid water in the brook.

Curiously, Fen Guardian looked at Qinghan, and finally moved her glance down at the yellow ring on Qinghan’s left hand. She then asked, “I guess you must be Ye Qinghan. Good, heroes are always appear among the youngsters. Little hero, what do you want to exchange your credits for?”

“A Spirit Immortal Dan!” Qinghan cupped his hand in front of his chest, and replied with due respect.

“Errr… I’d like to hear your own account of what has happened to you. Because, I’m rather touched by your deeds. A teenage hero! Alright, here you go!” The admiration in Fen Guardian’s eyes could be easily identified. By slightly waving her left hand, an emerald green box directly flew towards Qinghan.

Looking at the delicate jade box, which had shimmering green light covering the surface, Qinghan reached out his hands, and held it tightly. This moment, for him, was so significant, for it marked the end of his struggle to saving his sister. All his previous efforts had eventually paid off, and his sister would be saved!

“Hey, stop! Don’t open it! The Spirit Qi will evaporate if you keep it exposed. This Spirit Immoral Dan is authentic through and through. Don’t bother to check it. Say thank you to Fen Guardian!” When Qinghan was about to open the box, to see what the famous Dan looked like, Ye Qingniu immediately conveyed his voice in secret. Hearing this warning, Qinghan packed the jade box with meticulous care into his pocket. Then, he bowed deeply to Fen Guardian once again.

“Hehe… it’s nothing. This is what you earned from the Prefecture War. Hereby, I announce the items to be exchanged: one inferior saint-level item, fifty superior treasure-level items… Everyone, please discuss with your team members before lining up and exchanging, one by one!”

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