BPTH Chapter 156

Not a Favorable Accident

“Oh, my sister, don’t shout out! Do you intend to let you grandfather know about this? He’ll kill me! I know you’re excited right now, so am I! Oh, shit, no, it is not excitement… Errr, yeah, worried and confused. This thing, I mean, what I have done to you is totally out of my control. I thought I was in a dream! Anyway, I’ll take the blame and be responsible for all that happened. But please, don’t make any noise to grab others’ attention, ok? Everything is negotiable, as long as you don’t scream. If you agree, just give me several winks, and I’ll let go of my hand!”

In the middle of Qinghan’s bewilderment, he realized that Qingwu had fully woken up. The moment their eyes met each other, Qingwu smiled at him, and he responded with a similar baffled smile, which looked quite silly. When Qingwu grabbed the blanket to cover the breath-taking “scenery” of her chest, and started screaming, Qinghan had quickly regained his sensibility.

Where were they? They were in the Ye Family Garden in Immortal City, which was totally fine. But the problem was, Ye Qingniu was only a couple of rooms away from them! What if… What if Ye Qingniu broke into the room after hearing the screams of his granddaughter? How would he react, if he saw the two of them naked in bed together? Based on his cranky personality, he would probably end Qinghan’s life on the spot.

With all possible risks in mind, Qinghan jumped towards Qingwu, and prevented her from making any noise. He then explained in a hushed voice, as an honest and sincere light filled his eyes.

After an awkward silence, Qingwu stared deathly at Qinghan, and winked agreeably, As her beautiful eyelashes went up and down, two streaks of tears rolled down her delicate cheek.


Qinghan felt like a great weight had just been lifted off of him, as if he had survived a week long of continuous fighting. Following Qingwu’s response, he slowly put his hand back, while he continued to observe Qingwu’s expression, in case she would scream again.

However… a couple of minutes later, when Qingwu had taken in several deep breaths and was about to say something to Qinghan, she once again, widened her mouth as large as she possibly could, and yelled out in sheer shock, as if she had seen something horrible.

“Oh, didn’t you hear me? Don’t shout out! I thought you promised, that you wouldn’t scream, a little while ago.” Like the speed of a flying arrow, Qinghan swooped in front of Qingwu, and sealed her mouth for the second time. Desperately, he implored Qingwu not to make any more high-pitched noises.

In embarrassment, Qingwu had already shut her eyes. Her naughty face had now turned blushed all the way down to her neck, as even her little pinkish ears were now as red as fire. In response, she pointed out her slender hand towards Qinghan’s private parts.


Glancing at the funny-looking Qingwu, Qinghan followed the direction she pointed at with confusion, only to find his “dragon root” piercing proudly in the air…

– Shoo! –

Now, it was Qinghan’s turn to be embarrassed. His face abruptly turned red, much redder than Qingwu’s. Meanwhile, he hurriedly jumped off of the bed as fast as he could, and grabbed some clothing, which was scattered randomly on the floor. Then, he quickly got himself dressed.

“Errr… You… you better also get dressed, otherwise you’ll catch a cold!” Bashfully, Qinghan casted a sidelong glance at Qingwu, and stammered out.

“Throw… throw me my cloths!” Without raising up her head, she replied with a shivering voice.

“Alright! Alright!” Seeing that Qingwu wasn’t the kind of girl, who would, make a big deal out of this, Qinghan was rather delighted. When he finished picking up the clothing, and was about to throw them to Qingwu, he stopped. Among the cluster of clothing, he saw a piece of thin clothing, which was torn into strips already. His face turned blush once again, and asked, “This piece of your underwear is too broken to wear, isn’t it?”

“You bastard… Just throw it to me and turn your back towards me!” Qingwu glanced at the thing in Qinghan’s hands, and cursed.

As instructed, Qinghan quickly turned away, right after he had thrown Qingwu’s clothing on the bed. An instant later, from behind, he heard the rustling noises Qingwu made, while getting herself dressed. Thinking of the extremely large and round breasts Qingwu possessed, at the glimpse of which every young man would spill blood in hyper excitement, Qinghan felt his underbelly warm up yet again…

“I… I’m done!”

The voice from behind pulled Qinghan out of his illusion. He tidied up his drooling mouth with his hands, before he turned around. But, what he saw only aroused his sense of guilt: Qingwu buried her face into her hands and started to sob. Qinghan knew, at least judging from the rugged underwear, that he must’ve been excessively brutal to Qingwu last night… He felt as if he was reduced to a beast spurred by evil urges…

“Sister Qingwu, I…” Qinghan tried to console Qingwu’s feeling, but he halted and didn’t know what to say, and ended up only making some spasmodic jerks with his mouth.

“Why don’t you go out immediately? Do you wish to be discovered by my grandpa? He will kill you!” Qingwu angrily urged Qinghan out, while biting her red lips in embarrassment.

“Sister Qingwu, I will be responsible…” Looking at the shivering Qingwu, who pretended to be tough and strong, Qinghan had the feeling to embrace her in his arms. But, he knew, under such circumstances, he would definitely be kicked away by Qingwu if he dared to do so.

“Stop! Please, leave me alone. I need to calm myself down. Get out!” Qingwu’s mind was such a mess, that she desperately needed some private time to think this all over. She arched her eyebrows and yelled at Qinghan.

“Errr… ok, but don’t be mad at me. I’ll go, immediately. We better talk about this when we’re both level-headed again.”

Since Qingwu had manifested her anger, Qinghan hurriedly darted to the door after he finished these words.

A moment later, however, Qinghan returned!

“Sister Qingwu, it seems, this… this is my room!”


Nervously, like a thief, Qinghan sent Qingwu back to her own room. Now, it was at noon. Thankfully, most of the young lords and ladies were still fast asleep due to yesterday’s crazy banquet. As for Ye Qingniu and the other elders, they had already rose up, and were now drinking tea in the hall. They knew, that the youngsters were drunk, so they weren’t surprised at nobody getting up at this time of the day.

Qinghan’s room was already a mess after last night’s “battle”. But, when he drew near the bed again, he spotted a stain of blood on the white sheets.

“Oh, what a beast I am!”

He cursed himself a dozen times over.

“Alcoholic-addled sex? How could this happen?” Qinghan showed some regrets.

Of course, he admitted that, no young man could resist the charm of Qingwu. It was just… he simply couldn’t fully enjoy the thrill of that night, because he was too drunk! When he woke up, he could hardly remember the heavenly moments he had had with this beauty. Instead, he had to face the risk of being killed by Ye Qingniu. In his opinion, this was far from a favorable accident to him.


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