BPTH Chapter 154

Snowing City Will Be Covered in Blood

In a reclusive room of the Ye Family Garden.

Apart from the elder of the Xue Family, who was standing blankly outside, all other representatives had arrived. Sainan, Qinghan, and the other young lords and ladies got themselves seated in a row.

“Qinghan, tell us, what actually happened during the Prefecture War? Spare no details, please!” Ye Qingniu, like the rest of the elders, were eager to learn the truth behind the ambiguous statement given by Zhan Shenwei. Qinghan’s abrupt increase in cultivation, and his extreme hatred towards Wuhen, as well as a series of unusual events that had happened during this period, all needed an explanation.

Of course, Elder Qingniu wasn’t a reckless moron, who would tell everyone the secret of Qinghan’s cultivation improvement. Rather, he would secretly convey his conversation with Qinghan, whenever the subject turned sensitive.

“Alright!” Qinghan nodded his head politely, and stood up.

He cupped his hands in front of his chest, and bowed to the elders present, before he spoke up slowly.

“I have to start from the days when we just arrived on Ghost Island. Under Ye Qingcheng’s suggestion, the four of our families formed a super elite team, and our first destination was a place called the Monster Slaughter Pool… Later, we charged to the three prefectures’ mingled battlefield, where we slaughtered several demonic and barbarian teams… Then, at some point, we were unexpectedly besieged by both Yao Kaka and Man’gan’s legion. If it wasn’t for the Sickle Team giving up their lives for us, we wouldn’t even be here… In the Black Dragon Valley; we accidentally encountered a Dragon Crystal, which had a positive effect on my integration technique. Also, due to my painstaking efforts in cultivating, I have successfully broken into the Realm of the Marshal. Taking all of this into consideration, I’m now able to kill any Demonic or Barbarian Emperor within seconds… That’s why.”

For as long as half an hour, Qinghan had reeled off the events from beginning to the end. Of course he was sparing some important details, such as his battle beast, and Soul Chaos. The credits for all these miracles were simply given to the Dragon Crystal.

The great elders present all had their expression change, including Elder Qingniu. Shocking as it was, they had received clarification surrounding three things. First, Ye Qinghan’s absolute power in cultivation had reached the Realm of the Marshal, at the age of sixteen! But combined with his newly acquired integration technique, his comprehensive ability could beat those below the Realm of the Emperor. Given his young age, he was a real genius in this regard, even more outstanding than his father – Ye Dao. Second, Xue Wuhen had actually allied with the other two races, and had attempted to kill Ye Qinghan. In the process of carrying out this plot, he had even put the younger generation of the four families, which the super elite team was comprised of, in great risk. Third, Tu Qianjun must’ve been involved in the whole conspiracy, otherwise the “righteous” Immortal City wouldn’t imprison him for five years.

“Qinghan, you said that Wuhen betrayed the Mars Prefecture, and gave away your whereabouts. But, do you have any evidence to support this accusation? Don’t talk throw groundless accusations around in public…” After a little bit of silence, Elder Qingniu raised his head up, as his eyes flashed with shrewdness and caution.

“Right, Elder Qingniu is right, we have to see the evidence before making our final judgment!” The elder of the Feng Family seconded Ye Qingniu’s suggestion. After all, this wasn’t a small issue. If this was real, then the repercussions for the Xue Family would be great. The rest of the elders all wore a solemn expression, as they were staring at Qinghan’s face.

“Of course we have!” In a hurry, Qinghan rummaged a small, transparent bottle out of his chest pocket, inside which were several piece of cut-off parts of worms. Qinghan pulled opened the lid, and threw the remains of these worms onto the nearby desk, for the elders’ close observation.

“Moreover, I’ve personally interrogated Man’gan, and got his confirmation about all the above-mentioned. Miss Sainan, Hua Cao, Feng Zi, Qingcheng, and the other young elites of the Mars Prefecture were all there as witnesses!” Qinghan continued.

Following Qinghan’s remarks, they all stood up, and confirmed what Qinghan had said was true. On behalf of all the witnesses, Sainan spoke up, “We can all testify to Qinghan’s statement. Plus, Man’gan also told us that Wuhen had given him and Yao Kaka each a Positioning Crystal Ball, to trace our whereabouts! Now, Wuhen is nowhere to be found. He must be fleeing to escape punishment!”

“Humph!” Hearing all this, Ye Qingniu’s emotion surged into a fury, and he slammed his fist on the left handle of his chair. All of a sudden, the left handle shattered into powder. His bugling ox-like eyes widened to an extremely terrifying size, and the rough skin on his face twitched for some time, before he roared like a provoked buffalo, “How dare the Xue Family! Not long ago, they’ve already attempted to kidnap our Jade Spirit Body; now they went so far as to assassinate our future successor? The streets of Snowing City will be covered in blood, rather than snow! Did they really wish to be excluded from the Mars Prefecture, huh?”

“The Xue Family is so audaciously shameless; I will certainly report this to our leader. Didn’t the Xue Family know, that the young lords and ladies in the super elite team are the most promising future inheritor of each family? This is a move against the entire Mars Prefecture!”

The elder of the Yue Family voiced her attitude, and took side with the Ye Family. After being reassured of Qinghan’s terrifying power by Qingcheng, she had hatched up a strategy of drawing Qinghan over to their side at any cost. As a direct victim, Ye Qingniu wasn’t convenient to express himself fully. But, as an outsider, the elder of the Yue Family jumped to the conclusion without any hesitation. She aimed to urge the other families to choose their side right now.

“Errr… this is an issue of great severity. I have to ask our leader’s opinion. I cannot make this decission. Since Wuhen has actually done such an immoral thing, I guess our leader won’t be kind to the Xue Family any more. Personally, I hope that Snowing City, where the Xue Family is located, will enjoy some bloodshed…” The elder of the Feng family came with a cautious statement.

“Xue Wuhen should be killed! As for the Xue Family, we need to sit down and have a more detailed discussion about how to deal with them.” The elder of the Hua Family, who wasn’t in the position to make the final decision either, suggested rather ambiguously.

“Doubtlessly, after committing such a capital felony, Xue Wuhen is definitely to face the death penalty! As for the whole Xue family… Guys, hold your fury a little bit, we need to assemble the leaders of each family and have a further discussion with them.” The representative of Dragon City remained rather neutral on this subject.

“Alright! Then give the order to capture Xue Wuhen! Our family will award a treasure-level item for anyone, who can provide information about this bastard’s whereabouts!” Generally, Elder Qingniu was satisfied with the other elders’ advices. As for whether the Snowing City should be overturned or not, he’d rather have the leader of the four families and Dragon City decide.

The impressive reward, which could be used to buy half of a small city, was definitely irresistible. For the advanced cultivators, purple crystal coins were no longer their source of wealth; instead, they started to look for spiritual-level items, treasure-level items, some rare medicine, etc.

Disappointed by the indecisive representatives from the other families, Qinghan took a long, deep breath. Originally, he had thought that, as long as he had obtained solid evidence, the Xue Family would slip into everlasting perdition. But now, the situation seemed not as simply as he had first thought, and he was afraid that there would be some hurdles emerging in bringing down the Xue Family.

However, the young lords and ladies were always on Qinghan’s side. When they discovered the nuances in Qinghan’s face, they stepped forward. Among them, Feng Zi spoke to Qinghan in a loud voice, disregarding the winks shot to him by the Feng Family elder.

“Young lord Qinghan, please rest assured, we will find Xue Wuhen. Even Heaven won’t tolerate what he did to us! We swear to tear Snowing City down into pieces…”


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