BPTH Chapter 153

Zhan Shenwei’s Judgement

“Old folk, don’t be so shameless! I won’t save your face any longer!” Yao Xie brandished his pair of claws, and laughed out, as if he had lost his mind. An instant later, a hairy, golden-colored lion suddenly appeared from behind his back. The flaming redness in its eyes shone angrily at the crowd on the ground, and it was ready to launch an attack.

“Humph!” Elder Qingniu, a great elder of the Ye Family, wasn’t supposed to be intimidated into submission. On the contrary, he released more Battle Qi, to help enlarge the circle of his Saint Domain, which now covered almost everything on this plaza, including Yao Xie and several Barbarian Kings. In the process, a gentle gust of cyan light emitted from Ye Qingniu’s body, rendering an imposing bearing.

“Stop this farce, all of you!”

As the tension intensified, an earsplitting howl from Immortal City stunned everyone, after which, a giant figure appeared on top of the City Wall of Immortal City.

“Yao Xie, Ye Qingniu, don’t you guys remember the rules of Immortal City? How dare you try to start a fight at a place within hundreds of miles from the city? Do you want to have a taste of my fury?” A bald man with a strong build glared first at Yao Xie, before looking at Ye Qingniu. Although this guy was covered in a beautiful brocade robe, embroidered in highlighted colors, his outlook was… kind of ugly. His nose, neither quite prominent nor flat, but it was excessively broad at the nostril section. It was like; a piece of garlic was imbedded into his face.

“Your highness, Zhan Guardian! Not in my slightest intention do I dare to break the rules. It’s just… Yao Xie is going to kill us! I have to protect my people!” Ye Qingniu cupped his hands, before he dispelled his Saint Domain. Since Zhan Shenwei had interfered, the chance of starting this fight was almost zero. Plus, it was Yao Xie, not he, that had triggered the hostility.

“Yao Xie, do you need me to repeat my words? I said, disarm yourself! If you don’t obey, I will let you feel my power!” Zhan Shenwei turned to Yao Xie, as he thundered.

“Humph! Alright!” Under the threat of Zhan Shenwei, the shadowy figure of the lion gradually disappeared behind Yao Xie.

“I know what happened in the Prefecture War!” Satisfied with the slavish responses made by both Yao Xie and Ye Qingniu, Zhan Shenwei continued, “In this war, Yao Kaka died, Man’gan’s finger was forced to cut off. As far as I know, a young lord of the Ye Family has something to do with all this… Ahh… Ye Qinghan! You’re such a promising young man!”

After stealing a glance at Qinghan, he went on, “Let me briefly explain to everyone what has happened back on Ghost Island. The Barbarian Prefecture and Demonic Prefecture unexpectedly teamed up, for the purpose of killing Ye Qinghan. Well, in face of this great risk, Ye Qinghan escaped and was blessed with an even mightier power. In order to save his own prefecture, he broke the encirclement of the demons and barbarians, and annihilated thousands of them, all by himself! What happened in the end was obvious: he killed Yao Kaka and asked Man’gan to cut off his finger. What an earth-shaking victory he struck! Such a phenomenon is rare within the span of a hundred years. Ye Qingniu, you should treat him like a rare treasure! Oh, I’m truly impressed with such a stunning genius!”

“Respectful Zhan Guardian, you flatter me. This young boy, Qinghan, just got a little bit of luck to achieve all this. It’s still too early to predict his future path!” Being as humble as he possibly could, Ye Qingniu bowed to Zhan Shenwei; yet, deep inside, he chuckled like hell.

“Thank you for your compliment! Respectful Zhan Guardian!” Qinghan realized the influence of the fancy-dressed man, who was able to silence both Ye Qingniu and Yao Xie. He figured, that it would be better to show some respect to this guy.

“Hehe!” Zhan Shenwei laughed, while his garlic-shaped nose twitched at intervals.

“Of course, we, Immortal City, should bear large part of the responsibility for Yao Kaka’s death. An envoy from Immortal City transmitted a false message that required killing Ye Qinghan with the concerted efforts of the Demonic and Barbarian Prefectures. He shamelessly gave this message to the demons and barbarians in the name of Tu Qianjun, the son of Tu Guardian! I suggest, that we execute him immediately! As for Tu Qianjun, he should also be punished for his poor management of his subordinates. He is now in temporary custody at the Punishment Hall in Immortal City. Tomorrow, we will carry out his sentence of five-year life behind the bars of the Immortal Prison. What do you guys think about this?”

“Eh?” Ye Qingniu furrowed his eyebrows, meditating on the possibilities of the scenario mentioned by Zhan Shenwei.

“An envoy of Immortal City actually dared to convey a false message? There must be some dirty tricks going on behind this statement.” Ye Qingniu thought to himself suspiciously.

Yet, Zhan Shenwei took the initiative and killed the envoy, leaving others no time to dig through this matter even deeper. Since the only male descendant of Immortal City, Tu Qianjun, was sentenced a five-year imprisonment punishment, no one dared to express their doubts at the current stage. Instead, they just nodded their heads approvingly.

“What?!” Qinghan’s face turned surly, as he sniffed at the farfetched explanation from Zhan Shenwei.

“Tu Qianjun is charged for his lax discipline imposed on his subordinate? What a drama! Will they let go all that happened by just killing a scapegoat? No way!” Despite the indignation inside, Qinghan kept a helpless lowered head. He knew crystal clear, that his cultivation was meaningless in front of the power of Immortal City.

Qingcheng and Qingwu, stood on each side of Qinghan, simultaneously grabbing Qinghan’s left and right hand respectively, trying to console his feelings.

“I only care about who directly killed my son!” Yao Xie fastened his flaming eyes on Qinghan, and with an evil attitude he continued, “Ye Qinghan, you’d better stay in the Mars Prefecture for your entire life, otherwise I swear I will kill you! If you dare to take part in the Chaotic Prefecture War, you have to be careful! Demons, let’s all go back to the Demonic Prefecture!”

With an angry howl, Yao Xie turned around, before he directly flew westwards. The remaining demons followed his instruction, and all swarmed towards the teleportation post in the west.

– Shoo! –

The gigantic figure of Yao Xie instantly disappeared. With numerous gleams of light shooting out from the teleportation post, the group of demons also vanished in a second. They didn’t even exchange any treasure yet, despite the fact that they had a limited amount of credits.

“Errr… Hereby I officially announce… The winner of this year’s Prefecture War is the Mars Prefecture! Congratulations! Today, you better have a good rest. Tomorrow, you will be allowed to come to the Burning Immortal Pavilion, and exchange your credits for treasures!” After Zhan Shenwei finished his words, he left.

“Humph! Ye Qinghan, let’s wait and see!” Several Barbarian Kings yelled at Qinghan, before they turned to their barbarian group. Similarly, the barbarians all walked to the teleportation post, and disappeared. Since they were extremely limited in the amount of credits they had obtained this war, they’d rather return home.

“Hahaha… All of our soldiers, stay where you are and set up a camp. The young lords and ladies, come with me to the Ye Family Garden!” Ye Qingniu gave out a direct order, and laughed happily.


Immediately, the soldiers began with their camping. The casualty rate of Mars Prefecture was rather small, compared with other two prefectures. On the other hand, the credits they had reaped from the demons and barbarians could be called a great harvest!

“Hey… Wait… Ye Qinghan, did you see our young lord and the soldiers that followed him?”

When Qinghan and the other young lords and ladies were about to follow Elder Qingniu, the great elder of the Xue Family hastily caught up with them and asked anxiously.

“Xue Wuhen? I guess he’s dead!” Sneering at this Xue Family elder, Qinghan replied coldly, “Of course, if he’s still alive, he will be killed the moment I see him…”


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