BPTH Chapter 151

Ye Qingniu’s Concern

In the specialized garden provided for the Ye Family by Immortal City.

Ye Qingniu was waiting here, as he was filled with anxiety and expectations.

As a great elder of the Ye Family, he didn’t have to show up here. Each Prefecture War, usually, every family would dispatch one or two Emperor-Realm elders, as representatives to welcome their returning young elites.

This time, however, it was different. The only holy-grade battle beast owner had left a year ago to join the war on Ghost Island, and it was currently unknown if he was still alive. As the most promising descendant of the Ye Family, this teenager should be well protected by the great elders, while growing into adulthood; yet, the silly thing done by Ye Jian and his son had spoiled this plan. The family eventually had no choice left but to send Qinghan, the future hope of the Ye Family, to this cruel Prefecture War.

As an experienced participant in Prefecture War, Ye Qingniu knew all too well of the dangers and risks involved. Therefore, he was extremely worried about Qinghan’s wellbeing. While, at the same time, he was rather expectant to see if the holy-grade battle beast had helped Qinghan out in the fierce battles, and had helped him to become more mature and powerful. Another reason why he had come to Immortal City was, because his own beloved granddaughter was also in this war, so he decided to break the routine and brought Ye Ping with him to welcome the Ye Family descendants.

“Great elder, I’ve just received a report that the Demonic Evil entered Immortal City several days before us. But now, we cannot find his whereabouts!” Ye Ping rushed in, and saw Elder Qingniu sitting in the shadow of a big tree.

“Oh? That old pervert also came? But, what for?” Qingniu furrowed his eyebrows, and after a little pondering, he added, “Let it be. I guess he came for his spoiled son. Haha, this old pervert has a son at such an old age, there’s no reason for him not to cherish his son as a pearl in his palm.”

“Great elder, it’s time for us to go out!”

Ye Ping shared Elder Qingniu’s concern, but when he looked at the shining sun suspending in the middle of the sky, he remembered it was the time when all participants on Ghost Island would be teleported to Glory Plaza.

“Alright… Let’s go and see if our little young kids will bring us a surprise!” With a deep sigh, Elder Qingniu led the way out of the garden.

“Glad to meet you Elder Qingniu!”

As soon as Elder Qingniu arrived at the southern gate of Immortal City, where the plaza was situated, he found groups of people, who were patiently waiting there. Seeing the arrival of Elder Qingniu, they all paid their due respect to him.

“Let’s wait for the good news!” Sweeping his eyes over the crowd, Elder Qingniu anchored his glance on the Emperor-Realm cultivator of the Xue Family for some seconds, before he focused on the arrivals from the other races. On the left of the plaza, there were dozens of barbarian representatives, whose cultivation level should be as high as the upper-level Barbarian Emperor; on the right side of the plaza, there were the demonic representatives, yet Elder Qingniu was unable to spot the Demonic Evil within this group. In the forefront of the crowd stood a line of golden-robed representatives of Immortal City.

– Shoo! Shoo! Shoo! –

It was at high noon. The three gigantic-sized teleportation posts suddenly gave out glaring lights, which were blossoming into colorful gleams. What a fleeting show, within a second, all the brightness faded away, revealing groups of humans, barbarians and demons.

“Mars Prefecture participants, come to the front. Barbarians Prefecture to the left and Demonic Prefecture to the right!” The envoy of Immortal City yelled, as he arranged the placement of the glorious returners. Each time, only about 10,000 participants could be teleported. So it would take several times to fully transfer the total number of soldiers from Ghost Island.


The first batch, that had been teleported, was all the lower-ranked soldiers from the three prefectures. Obediently, they walked to their designated spot, as per the request of the envoy.

“Ohh, they look good…”

Looking at the high-spirited Mars Prefecture soldiers, Elder Qingniu felt a little bit relieved. Even a blind man could discern the excitement in each and every of the Mars Prefecture soldiers, whose imposing bearing told everything. On the other side, however, the demons and barbarians were either wounded or paralyzed, showing a picture of misery. They dragged their feet along the plaza, as they were all wearing a surly face. By this sharp comparison, the likelihood of the Mars Prefecture having achieved victory was really high.

– Shoo! –

The teleportation posts gave out light once again, and this time another group of Mars Prefecture soldiers came out sound and intact. While, behind them appeared groups of battered demons and barbarians.

– Shoo! –

The third time the teleportation was activated, what happened around the post shocked every representative present, including Ye Qingniu. Because… the number of Mars Prefecture soldiers remained 10,000, whereas those from the Demonic and Barbarian Prefecture had seen a landslide in the declining number of their participants. More confusingly, they found Man’gan, the bald-headed leader, had his ring finger cut off. And Yao Kaka, the demonic leader, who was supposed to appear among the demons, didn’t show up at all…

– Shoo!-

The fourth time, when the Mars Prefecture soldiers arrived in full numbers, the other two posts simply didn’t give out any light. No demons or barbarians appeared this time! The crowd stirred up in clamors, especially among the demons, for they didn’t find their young lord – Yao Kaka!

“Is Yao Kaka dead?”

Speculations about Yao Kaka’s death began to go viral. The abnormal behavior of their leader, Yao Xie (Yao Kaka’s father, also known as Demonic Evil), had cemented their hypothesis. Since Yao Kaka was considered as the lifeline of Yao Xie, the death of their young lord would definitely trigger deep hatred between the demons and humans, and a battle would be unavoidable.

– Shoo! Shoo!-

The most creepy moment came, when the teleportation post of the Mars Prefecture kept pushing out soldiers, while the other two posts had been inactivated for some minutes. The soldiers of Mars Prefectures were miraculously sound and secure.

“This is… so uncanny. Elder Qingniu, it’s not normal. Up until now, 80,000 soldiers of the Mars Prefecture have been teleported here. Oh, no… the number is still increasing, now it should be 90,000! What has happened? Didn’t they join the final war? But it’s only at the Bloody Prairie that they can be teleported.” An Emperor-Realm cultivator from the Feng Family expressed his shock, and turned to Ye Qingniu for a proper answer.

“We have to wait until everyone is here!” Elder Qingniu replied with a camouflaged calmness. Meanwhile, deep inside his heart, he was completely astonished. The uncommon phenomenon forced him to think whether there had occurred some problems in the process of the war.

Nevertheless, Ye Qingniu’s concern was squashed into pieces when the last beam of light flashed on the post. Out of it, the familiar faces of several young lords and ladies came into his view. All of a sudden, his eyes turned blurred with tears…

His granddaughter, Ye Qingwu, had grown up a little bit, for the childish naivety had disappeared from her face. Qinghan stood there with a tanned skin, yet his bright, shining eyes flashed with a matured shrewdness. When Qinghan’s eyes met with Elder Qingniu’s, he broke into a confident smile, as if telling him that he had grown up…

“Go and welcome them! Hahaha…” Ye Qingniu’s lips twitched in ecstasy, and smiled at Ye Ping. Gradually, his smile changed into a chuckle, and finally he laughed out loudly.

“Good, they all survived… Nothing is more important than being alive!”


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