BPTH Chapter 150

The End of the Prefecture War


Both Yao Yu and Man’gan were left shocked, they never thought the results could be this disappointing. All these days, they’d been fighting around the clock, for the very occupation of this spot; but now, it seemed that all their efforts would be in vain. How could they face their leaders, soldiers and compatriots?

“Your majesty, you’ve already claimed another spot…” In an extremely low voice, Man’gan tried to remind Qinghan; while, at the same time, Yao Yu shot Qinghan a expectant look.

“The Death Immortal Spot looks so grotesque, that I’m afraid you two won’t be able to suppress the deadly atmosphere here. Ahh, let our Mars Prefecture occupy it for you…” Disregarding their surly, disdainful expression, Qinghan reeled off a list of advantages of the other spot, the Ghost Immortal Spot, “That spot over there is really suitable for you two. Look at the breathtaking scenery… Bring your wounded soldiers there to have a good rest and enjoy the picturesque beauty over there!”

Hardly had Qinghan finished his remarks, or Yao Yu and Man’gan looked deathly unpleasant, as if their parents had just died. In spite of all the reluctance and indignation, they kept silent, afraid to reveal even the slightest bit of their true feelings. Meanwhile, Sainan, who stood beside Qinghan, seemed expressionless outwardly, but deep inside, she was laughing like a thriving blossom.

“Errr? Do you two have any problems about this?” By raising his voice a little bit, Qinghan frowned at the two unhappy leaders.

“Of course… not!” Man’gan forced a hideous grin, as his muscle-ridden face wrinkled in an ever uglier shape.

“Hehe… Young lord Qinghan, you’re so considerate of us. We will obey your order!” After a short while of measuring, Yao Yu replied helplessly. Given the thousands of soldiers, who were full of spirit waiting to fight, Yao Yu decided to surrender. Plus, the powerful boy standing in front them alone was enough to bring them all down. In the end, she had no reason to say no.

An instant later, she added, “What about the Ghost Immortal Spot you mentioned? Only one prefecture is supposed to occupy it. Young lord Qinghan, I’m willing to meet any of your demands, provided that you allow us, the Demonic Prefecture, to claim that spot.”

“Shit!” Man’gan spit out, for he found Yao Yu’s trick so disgusting. Any demands? It was obvious that she wished to sexually lure Qinghan into her trap. However… he racked his brains trying to find something that would be an even bigger temptation to Qinghan.

In the end, he gritted his teeth, and said, “Your majesty, if you give the Ghost Immortal Spot to us, the Barbarian Prefecture, I… I will give my specially-designed shorts to you. You know what… my pair of red shorts is far from a normal one. It’s said to be a superior treasure-level item inherited by my ancestors.”

“So what?” Qinghan impatiently replied.

Man’gan drew close to Qinghan’s side, and whispered in his ears, “Hey, buddy, this pair of shorts has a special function for men. The performance of the ‘stick’ in your pants will be uplifted to great degrees. You know, once you put on this pair of shorts, it won’t be a dream for you to ‘battle’ with ten girls at a time…”

“Fuck off!”

Without waiting for Qinghan’s response, Sainan yelled out angrily, for she had overheard all the obscenity and couldn’t stand it anymore.

“Errr… as for the super shorts you mentioned, keep it to yourself. Yao Yu, don’t seduce me anymore, it is of no use to me…” Qinghan touched his nose in embarrassment, and continued, “As for the Ghost Immortal Spot, let the heaven decide who will be the occupant!”

Taking the cyan dagger from his chest pocket, Qinghan explained, “I’ll throw this dagger in the air, and let’s see whether it is the tip of the dagger or the handle of it, that lands on the ground first. You two, choose one! Whoever guesses it right; the spot will belong to the winner. No tricks are allowed in the process, understand?”

“Great! It’s fair. I choose the tip of the dagger!” Since the likelihood of handing over his cherished shorts was completely eliminated, Man’gan was more than happy to agree this new proposal.

“Okay, I choose the handle of the dagger!” Yao Yu glanced at Qinghan with her eyes full of bitterness, as if she was blaming Qinghan for not accepting her good intention.

– Shoo! –

Without any more words, Qinghan directly threw the dagger upward. After rotating in the air for some seconds, the dagger eventually dashed downward, and quickly landed on the ground.

– Bang! –

With a thud, the handle of the dagger first touched the ground. Yet, no one showed any surprise about the result. Because, it was quite normal for the handle of the dagger to fall on the ground first.

“Haha, the Ghost Immortal Spot is ours, the Demonic Prefecture’s! Thank you so much, young lord Qinghan! Errr… I’ll never go back on my words. I mean, tonight, If you wish, come and find me…” Yao Yu was in such an excited mood, that she gave Qinghan an appealing invitation, before she left.

On the other hand, Man’gan was pissed off. His face looked deadly gloomy, as if there was a dark cloud hovering over his head. Since Qinghan was about to leave, he quickened his steps and followed closely behind him.

“Your majesty, my pair of red shorts are really awesome. Won’t you reconsider my offer? If you give the Ghost Immortal Spot to me, I’ll take it off immediately. Also, if you think the function of my shorts is too exaggerated, I can test it with ten barbarian girls right here, right now, for your final decision…”

“Get lost!”


As darkness fell, the moon rose up high, pouring the silvery light upon the Bloody Prairie, which, in some way, made the atmosphere even more uncanny and mysterious.

It was a sleepless night for all three prefectures, for they were busy burning off the corpses lying on the prairie. Life was so fragile. The reflection of the light flashed in everyone’s faces, revealing the sadness in their eyes…

The Prefecture War was finally over! Tomorrow, they would all be teleported to the spacious Glory Plaza in Immortal City. During this year, all the survivors had gone through life-and-death moments, the happiness of victory, and the suffering of being defeated… This would be the most important battle in their lifetime. This Ghost-Island-Journey would never leave their memory…

Sainan had experienced her first time as a commander: the expectations she had had before each battle, the anxiety and grief she had gone through in each loss, and the ecstasy she had enjoyed after a narrow escape…

Qingcheng had won Qinghan’s heart at last. To some extent, she was the big winner…

Qinghan had broken into the Realm of the Marshal, and had his integration technique upgraded. At the moment, in terms of cultivation potential, he had become the number one among the younger generation of the Mars Prefecture. He was no longer the piece of garbage, that he used to be, but a truly respected seventh young lord. Most importantly, he had obtained enough credits to save his sister…

Man’gan had been through the roughest period of his life. Not only had he lost his ring finger, but also thousands of barbarians. Yet, In the end, he had obtained absolutely nothing.

Everyone had their own mixed feelings about this war, an experience that they would never forget. How could they fall into sleep on such an emotional night?

Right now, Qinghan was sitting in front of a bonfire, together with the other young lords and ladies. He suddenly fell into melancholy, when he thought of his sister back in the Ye Castle. The scene where Qingyu flew in the air and scarified her soul was so unforgettable to Qinghan. Thinking of his sister’s white hair, he felt so guilty for not protecting her well. However, the charming smile on Qingyu’s face, before she closed her eyes, cheered Qinghan up a little bit…

As for Shisan and Shiqi, they lamented on the death of the Sickle Team. The explosion of Ye Yi and Ye Jiu, and the terrifying black dragon occupied their mind right now. After a little while, however, they all broke into a smile, for they had wondered what kind of expression the great elders of Ye Family would have, when they were told that Qinghan had killed thousands of enemies, all by himself?

Meanwhile, Qingcheng raptly pinned her eyes upon Qinghan’s face. She got the feeling, that she would get everything she wanted, once she had Qinghan. Like any girl in love, Qingcheng shared the same “symptom”: in her eyes, the whole world was gone, as only her lover was left.

Sainan, Feng Zi, Hua Cao… Tomorrow, everyone would be welcomed by their elders, who were waiting for them in Immortal City. How would these elders react, once they knew that their young lords and ladies had struck such a victory in this Prefecture War?

The wind began to blow harshly, and the bone ashes in front of the Death Immortal Spot flew into the distance. Next year, all these ashes would turn out to be mingled in the spring soil, providing excellent fertilizer for the red grass.

As the wind kept whistling, everyone’s mind traveled to Immortal City…

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