BPTH Chapter 15

Ye Qingwu

“Ye Qingwu, what is your intention?” Qingkuang was pissed off. As the eldest young lord, who would probably become the next successor of the Ye Family, he was always surrounded by a bunch of kiss-asses. Now, he was publicly attacked and lost face in front of all of these people.

“Oh, there is none.” Qingwu smiled, as if it was none of her business.

“You…” Qinqkuang widened his eyes, “Nothing? Are you attacking me over nothing?”

“Ah, just now, I saw you sneak attack Qinghan. Just now, I simply repeated what you have done to your younger brother.” Qingwu replied coldly.

“Because he stood in my way! Plus, I just slightly pushed him away…” Qingkuang tried to justify his previous actions, yet it was far-fetched.

“Right! You were standing in my way just now too! And I only exerted half of my strength, otherwise you would be dead by now…” Qingwu added, still in an unconcerned manner.

“You… You’re using your strength to bully the weaker ones! And you’re making trouble out of nothing!” Qingkuang was in a uncontrollable fury, yet he didn’t dare to fight back. The fact was, in the Ye Family, the noblest descendant was still this little faerie, who had a combination of a baby face and supermodel figure, rather than him, the eldest young lord.

Qingwu’s grandfather, Ye Qingniu, accounted for one of the three most advanced cultivators in the Realm of the Saint. He was one of the leading cultivators throughout the entire Mars Prefecture, also, he was known as a grumpy elder who only cared about his lineal siblings. As for Qingwu, she was raised as the “princess” of the Ye Family. Apart from her preferential treatment, she was apparently more advanced and a more talented cultivator than Qingkuang.

“Haha…” Qingwu chuckled, making her pair of giant breasts slightly tremble, which made the others widen their eyes and swallow.

“I’m bullying the weaker ones, so what? Just now, you also bullied this younger brother, who is evidently weaker than you! Shame on you! Now, listen, Ye Dao is the most respected elder in my heart, if anyone dares to bully his son, I’ll teach that person a good lesson.” Qingwu threatened the rest of the descendants and tenderly smiled at Qinghan before she left.


Qinghan was shocked by what had happened just now, but he managed to robotically smile back. Actually, he felt extremely flattered to win Qingwu’s support. During these fifteen years in the Ye Family, he had been the target of countless of insults, mockery and bullying. Actually, he had grown accustomed to this life pattern. Now, a heroine-like girl had suddenly appeared and helped him out, it took him some time to calm down and accept that this had actually happened.

Indeed, everyone was overwhelmed by Qingwu’s behavior. Remembering her warning, they looked at Qinghan, as they instantly started planning to avoid him like a plague.

– Creak! –

The doors of the three branches finally opened. Behind each door, an elder appeared.

The elder, who stood at the rudimentary branch, opened his mouth: “Those who have just summoned their battle beast yesterday, please come over here. For the rest of you, please go to the branch that you’re supposed to go to.”

The crowd dispersed into three lines, swarming into the three branches respectively. Qinghan dusted off the dirt on his trousers, before he entered the rudimentary branch.

The classroom was about a hundred square meters in space, which could accommodate roughly eighty seats. Qinghan took a seat in the corner, trying to concentrate his mind by getting rid of the image of Qingwu.

Qinghan was grateful for what Qingwu had done for him. Yet, her smile and hot figure kept emerging in his head, distracting him from listening to the class.

Interestingly, the other guys intentionally kept themselves away from Qinghan, as they were terrified of getting attacked by Qingwu.

The elder in charge of the rudimentary branch was ordinary-looking and plainly-dressed. If anyone randomly encountered him in the street, they would most likely fail to recognize his identity as an elder of the Ye Family.

“My name is Ye Tianxing, one of the elders in the School of Battle Beasts. I’m also the teacher of this rudimentary branch. Listen, I don’t have ample time to teach you guys. I plan to teach you for three days. Whether you grasp the knowledge or not is none of my concerns, as I won’t be available after three days from now.”

“First, I’ll give you a brief introduction about battle beasts. Battle beasts are magical animals. Once one has been summoned by its owner, it will automatically have a soul agreement with him, and it’ll become your lifelong companion and will be loyal to you throughout its entire life. It’s possible to outlive your beast. However, if you’re to die, then so will your beast. Therefore, you should be kind to your beast and protect it… Generally, the battle beasts are categorized into three types: the attack battle beasts, the defense battle beasts and the support battle beasts. For example, most of the battle beasts in our Ye Family are focussed on attacking. Ye Jian’s blood tiger, for example, is an advanced attack battle beast.

“Ah… I never knew that battle beasts have this kind of categorization. But what type is my little unicorn?” Qinghan murmured to himself.

Looking at the thoughtful students in front of him, Tianxing was quite satisfied, “Later I’ll teach you how to distinguish these different types. Now, please allow me to elaborate on the three periods that each battle beast is supposed to go through. First is the weak period – the battle beast is extremely vulnerable and sleepy at this stage. Second is the growth period – the time required for this period depends on the type of your battle beast. The shorter the period, the lower the power. The third stage is the maturing period – here, the power of the battle beast will reach its maximum potential.”

“Excuse me, teacher. I have a question. Would you please give us some advice on how to help our beast successfully live through the weak period? Yesterday, I offered my beast something to eat, but it rejected it.” One student raised his hand, as he was rather confused.

“Idiot, battle beasts in the weak period aren’t supposed to eat anything! Let me have a look. Oh, you’ve summoned a spotted pig. Did you feed it with pig fodder, dumbass?” Qingfeng interrupted, throwing an arrogant and disdainful look at the one who raised this question.

Suddenly, the classroom bursted out into laughter.

“Quiet, please!” Tianxing looked at Qingfeng sternly, “Well, Qingfeng was right. There are roughly two ways to assist your beast step out of the weak period. Either to send it back to the summoning space or by offering it first-grade magic crystals. When you are cultivating, it will absorb some battle experience from you in the summoning space, which will help it grow faster. And if it swallowed the nucleus of first-grade magic crystal, it will have the same effect.”

“Send it back into the summoning space? How? Swallow the magic crystals? Where can I find these?” Qinghan was getting more and more absorbed in this class, because most of the knowledge was new to him.

“After school, you’re allowed to get a magic crystal from the Replenishment Hall. As for how to use it, I’ll let you know later… For now, let me introduce you to the most amazing part: integration with the battle beast. Theoretically, every battle beast can integrate with its master once it steps out of the weak period. As long as you’re integrated with your beast, you’ll obtain great improvement in strength, nimbleness, speed and other aspects. The degree of your improvements will vary according to what type and grade your battle beast is. Let me give you an example. Er… Qingkuang is now in the second level of the Realm of the General, and his violent bear is a seventh-grade battle beast. Once they are integrated, the power will be equivalent to the third level of the Realm of the General. Since his violent bear is in its growing period, it has great potentials to become even stronger. Hmm, if the bear becomes fully matured, it’ll help Qingkuang to become as powerful as a cultivator in the Realm of the Marshal once they’ve integrated.”

“The battle beast is what makes our Ye Family sustain our dominating position in the Mars Prefecture. Some battle beasts will have special techniques itself when they reach their adulthood. However, only about ten beasts have had their own techniques in the Ye Family so far. Yeah, the odds are very low to have a technique-equipped battle beast. Once you have it, your fighting ability will soar, becoming multiple times more powerful than before… Remember, once your battle beast has techniques, please report this to the family… Ok, let’s call it a day. You’d better start trying to send your beast back to the summoning space, which, of course, will take you at least ten days to be successful in. Take your time.”

Qinghan immersed himself in the ocean of knowledge; he had almost imbedded every single word the teacher had mentioned into his brain.

“What kind of surprise will this little unicorn bring to me, haha.” Qinghan cheerfully walked out of the School of the Battle Beast, heading in the direction of the Replenishment Hall.