BPTH Chapter 149

Ye Qinghan’s Turn

As he watched this battle between the demons and barbarians, Qinghan tried very hard to suppress the temptation to join in. He even bit his lips to sober himself up. The ongoing battle annoyed him so much, that he grew more and more upset. The infernal-like battle scene was so discomforting to the eyes.

“What’s wrong with you, young lord Qinghan? Are you sympathetic over the death of the enemy? Hey, don’t be too compassionate, remember, they’re the ones that killed our people! I wish for them all to die!” Feng Zi found the sudden change in Qinghan’s expression, and tried to console him.

“Yeah, I can’t agree more. I, too, wish for all of them to be annihilated. Shall we join in the battle and give them the final blow?” Hua Cao spoke up, as his face was covered in a dark expression.

“How to say… they were all robust living things minutes before… but now…” Qinghan inhaled a long, deep breath, and slipped into a gloomy meditation.

Meanwhile, Sainan slowly walked to Qinghan’s side, and said, “You’re right, it’s too much for us to watch! Young lord Qinghan, when shall we commence our attack? Shall we wait until they’re all exhausted?”

Without a positive answer, Qinghan simply shook his head helplessly, and closed his eyes, as if he couldn’t stand the cruelty anymore.

A while later, when Qinghan opened his eyes once again, as a light of decisiveness flashed within it. He then turned to the three of them, “Miss Sainan, please come with me to the enemy’s battlefield; Feng Zi and Hua Cao, you two are temporarily in charge of the legion. Stay put and wait for further orders!”

“Alright! Good!” Sainan nodded her head in agreement.

But, Hua Cao and Feng Zi were both left confused. Nevertheless, they followed Qinghan’s orders.

“Let’s go!”

Qinghan and Sainan slowly walked down the Ghost Immortal Spot, and towards the blood-stained Death Immortal Spot on the left.


“Young lord Qinghan, Miss Sainan, what are you two going to do?”

“Ohhh, it’s too dangerous! The Death Immortal Spot is a bloody battlefield!”

“You’re such a goof! Don’t you know that our young lord Qinghan is a superhero, who is excellent at slaughtering entire groups? I guess, they wish to have a closer observation of the battle…”


Qingwu, Qingcheng, as well as Shisan and Shiqi, all followed after Qinghan and Sainan, as closely watched what they would do next. They were fully prepared to start the attack at any time! Of course, they had confidence in this pair, with Sainan in the peak level of the Realm of the Prince, and Qinghan, the most powerful cultivator on Ghost Island. It was difficult to dissuade them to go any further.

– Swoosh! –

All of a sudden, Qinghan and Sainan nodded to each other and bounced from the ground.

“Soul Chaos!”

The demons and barbarians in the surrounding were caught in an illusion, while Qinghan and Sainan were standing steadily on top of two gigantic barbarians.

“Man’gan, Demonic leader, ask your soldiers to stop, otherwise, I will slaughter you all…”

Qinghan roared, as he released a large amount of Battle Qi. Being shocked, the demons and barbarians suddenly stopped fighting, and jerked their heads towards the origin of the sound. Most of them were greatly confused at the sudden stop of the battle.

Man’gan remembered the imposing debut of Qinghan at the Breaking Blade Summit, where the latter had annihilated thousands of his fellow barbarians. While, at the same time, the seriousness in Qinghan’s face suggested that he wasn’t making any jokes whatsoever. If he was outraged, the situation would turn even worse. Thus, in a hurry, Man’gan immediately declared a truce.

As for the female demonic leader, she was also familiar with Qinghan, as well as his power. More exactly, her feelings for Qinghan were mixed… She was half in love half and half in hatred with this young human. Qinghan’s achievement in cultivation alone was enough to attract her, let alone that he was a young, fair-skinned teenager. Back at the Breaking Blade Summit, when Qinghan had killed their young lord Yao Kaka without any hesitation, she would be the one having to face Yao Kaka’s father, also known by them as the old pervert. Definitely, at this moment, she knew crystal clear what would happen if she disobeyed Qinghan’s order. Likewise, the wolf race leader announced a truce as well.

“Good!” Qinghan nodded his head, as the coldness in his face melted. It was true, he was quite satisfied with the response of the other two races. He was enjoying the feeling of controlling over others’ destiny. Not long ago, back in the Ye Castle, his own destiny was in the hands of others; while, right now, through his persistent cultivation as well as some luck, he had eventually seized the throat of his own destiny. He was rather thrilled to become a master of his own, as well as others’ destiny.

“Man’gan, and leader of the demons, listen up! Ask your demons and barbarians to retreat from the Death Immortal Spot, right now! You two, please come to my side, I will give you a satisfactory answer! If you don’t agree with my proposal, our Mars Prefecture Legion will annihilate all of you!”

As soon as Qinghan finished these words, he and Sainan jumped off from the barbarians’ heads, and spurted to the very front of the Death Immortal Spot, patiently waiting for the arrival of the two leaders.

Man’gan felt his smooth head once again, while looking at the emptiness between his fingers. Helplessly, he ordered a retreat. Ever since that battle at the Breaking Blade Summit, to Man’gan, Qinghan was like a sharp sword hovering over his head, and he was afraid he would be stabbed by it at any time. Driven by the fear he had for Qinghan, he had no choice but to say yes to any of Qinghan’s requests.

The wolf race leader twitched her nose, and erected her pointy ears. She also gave the retreat order, and all the demons retreated. At the beginning, when she gave her order, the demons were bewildered and showed suspicion over her decision. Yet, after repeatedly yelling out “Retreat!”, the demons had no choice but to leave the spot they wished to occupy.

With an indifferent expression, Qinghan stood there waiting. Soon after, Man’gan, accompanied by three Barbarian Emperors, came in big strides. On the other hand, the charming-looking demonic leader, followed by two Demonic Emperors, also drew near.

Looking at the submissiveness shown by the two leaders, Qinghan became so emotional, that he recalled all the misery he had suffered in the Ye Family all these years; the assassination he encountered in the Wild Mountain Range, where he had almost died; the joint pursuit of Man’gan and Yao Kaka to kill him as a “target”… However, right now, what had happened? He alone had made thousands of demons and barbarians shiver in fear, and their leaders all followed his requests. Furthermore, the two leaders came here with a big, fake smile, trying to flatter this young, yet powerful human cultivator.

Every dog has its day! Nothing was predictable, for the rule of heaven was volatile in nature…

“Your majesty, I’m here. I’m at your service!” Man’gan spoke up obediently, but the reluctance in his voice could be clearly heard. After Qinghan’s mind boggling performance at the Breaking Blade Summit, and his extortion on Man’gan, who had ended up with only a pair of shorts on his body, Qinghan was listed as the most dangerous human being in Man’gan’s head. He had to speak with extreme caution in front of such a devil.

“I’m the leader of the demon legion, Yao Yu. Nice to meet you, young lord Qinghan!” Yao Yu, the demonic leader, had already investigated Qinghan’s background before this final war. Her snow white bosom erected firmly in front of her chest, as if they were trying to seduce Qinghan in some way.

“Alright!” Qinghan, a young man, who had already experienced the taste of a woman, glanced at her plump bosom for a second, and praised the size of it secretly in his heart.

“Haven’t you guys sensed the uncanny feeling in this Bloody Prairie? I mean, there seems to be an unknown force driving us to kill each other. If you continue this battle, all of you will die! Even if there happens to be some survivors, they will be crazy in the end.”


The two leaders pondered for a moment, and nodded their head in agreement. These days, the impulse of killing had become more intense than ever before.

“Yes, I’ve never had such feelings before!” Man’gan replied.

“It’s really creepy! It seems as if we’re being set up?” Yao Yu cut in, while the fluctuation in her chest stole everyone’s attention.

“Too many have been killed, otherwise I wouldn’t interfere at all. Heaven has the virtue of sparing any living thing on this continent. We should stop fighting like this!” Qinghan glanced at their suspicious faces, he added, “Hey, you have to believe me. Although we’re different in shape and size, we’re all born and raised up by our parents. Inherently, we’re the same living creatures on this continent… We have already lost many of our comrades, it’s time for us to call an end to this war!”

“Eh, young lord Qinghan, you’re a man of good heart!” Looking at the heaps of corpses, Yao Yu nodded her head approvingly. She moved her red lips a little bit, and asked, “Wait… But, what about this spot, to which prefecture shall it belong?”

“Yes, your majesty, who shall occupy this spot?” Man’gan was eager to know the final result, for he had lost tens of thousands of barbarians already!

“It will belong to us!” Qinghan replied in a firm voice.

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