BPTH Chapter 148

Meat Grinder

The barbarian side eventually retreated under the fierce attacks from the demons. It was hard to defend such a critical spot, while the demons kept showering them with fists and blows…

Seeing the countless casualties of his team, Man’gan plunged into depression. Left with no better alternative, he extended his four-fingered hand out, and waved to his members, as a sign of retreat. While, at the same time, the demons were quite cooperative so to speak. They opened up a path for the barbarians to escape in, rather than unceasingly killing them.


The next morning, when the demons were happily lying on the ground of their occupied spot, Man’gan appeared in front of them, leading a smaller-sized group of barbarians. In total, there were approximately 10,000 barbarians and each of them looked strong and muscular. The barbarians in the front were all Barbarian Emperors.

“Let’s attack!”

With a resounding roar, Man’gan emitted a gentle, yellowish beam around his body. Meanwhile, the other Barbarian Emperors were also enveloped in an illuminant light. The 10,000 barbarian soldiers had actually been divided into several groups, as they rushed after Man’gan, and several Barbarian Emperors respectively. In a linear route, they collectively dashed to the Death Immortal Spot, which the demons had claimed the day prior.

– Bang! –



The barbarians unlocked all their defensive potential, while tramping upon the bodies of the demons, as they charged forward. Soon, the ground was strewed with faceless dead demons.

Even the advanced demons couldn’t find an effective countermeasure against such an unexpected attack, within such a short period of time, let alone the lower-ranked demons, who had failed to break the encirclement of the elite team from the barbarian side. The following rounds of attacks saw the most terrifying casualties throughout the entire Prefecture War. The demon side lost nearly 10,000 to 20,000 soldiers, while the barbarian side sacrificed 1,000 to 2,000. In comparison, the casualty rate was one to ten between the barbarians and the demons.

Encouraged by this victory, Man’gan stretched out his giant hand once again. This time, he triumphantly ordered to intensify the fight. At this very moment, the wolf race demon leader helplessly gave out the retreat order. If they stuck to this battle, all the lower-ranked demons would be annihilated, either by being trampled to death, or by being bumped to death. Seeing the situation having turned upside down, the barbarians in the back of the formation suddenly rushed to the front, as they stepped onto the Death Immortal Spot. The barbarians had reclaimed their occupation of this important place!


“That’s too much! This place really lives up to its name, the Death Immortal Spot! It’s simply a meat grinder! Within two days, putting together all the soldiers, who’ve died in this battle, from both prefectures involved, the number well exceeds several thousands…”

Looking at the triangle spot from afar, Qinghan was caught in a mixed feeling. It was his first time to witness a battle of such cruelty. He just couldn’t stand it. Although back at the Breaking Blade Summit, he had already experienced the visual shock caused by the numerous dead demons and barbarians. After that battle, they had actually cremated the bodies, and the ashes of the dead had been scattered on the mountain with the blow of the wind. But, right now, the Death Immortal Spot was soaked in blood, which made the already red land look even bloodier. The scarlet red reminded Qinghan of the blood on the white wall back in the Ye Castle, the blood that belonged to his sister…

As for the other young lords and ladies, like Feng Zi, Hua Cao, Qingcheng and Qingwu, they all went back to the camp halfway through watching this battle. Like Qinghan, it was too much for them to see this cruel battle. They chose not to be petrified, as they quickly ran away from the scene.

“Every thirty years, there will be a Prefecture War. Every thirty years, a generation will mature. Each time, the younger generation will flood in here to achieve their glorious task. Most of them will end up being a martyr, and will never be able to return home. Of course, the passionate, vibrant blood of those youngster contributes to the Bloody Prairie, as nourishment to the grass. All this will be repeated again and again, every 30 years…” Hua Cao silently stood there, with blurred eyes and a depressed heart. He was being emotional.

Feng Zi touched his nose, as he responded, “The grander the battle, the deeper the hatred. The deeper the hatred, the fiercer the battle. Alas, this is like an inescapable Samsara… Perhaps, this is the destiny of the Flaming Dragon Continent…”

Taking a deep breath, Qinghan stared at the celestial sky, as if he was trying to find the invisible hand that manipulated the destiny of the Flaming Dragon Continent. It turned out, however, that he only met the dark clouds up above, while the whistling wind blew into his face…

The ongoing battle was right in front of their eyes. Each and every single demon and barbarian had their eyes filled with a flaming killing intent. They seemed like blood-eating monsters, as they bit into each other ruthlessly. Regardless of the wounds and bruises on their own bodies, they struggled to bring the other side down.

In this world, there existed no lasting friend or enemy, either could be broken by the involvement of interests. Not so long ago, the Barbarian Prefecture and the Demonic Prefecture had been friends, but now, the situation had turned upside down. They had become deadly foes. How crazy!

Four days! There were only four days left!

In the six rounds of this bloody battle, each side of the party had lost half of their members. The triangle spot was now laden with over 100,000 corpses. The whole Bloody Prairie was emitting a strong smell of blood. Nothing was visible, as everything was covered in a thick layer of blood…


Finally the last day of the Prefecture War had arrived. Today, the sky overhead the Bloody Prairie looked gloomier than usual, and the wind blew even harder…


The bald head of Man’gan seemed lackluster today. The redness in his eyes suggested he wasn’t at all exhausted during the several days’ battle with his former ally. On the contrary, he felt the temptation to kill grow, as he brought down more and more enemies. It was like, the joy of killing had surpassed those happy hours he had had with his barbarian girls. Subconsciously, though, he realised that more and more barbarians would be killed if he stuck to this battle, but he simply couldn’t stop killing. Every time he glanced at the Death Immortal Spot, his killing impulses would be aroused, propelling him to go on.

“This is the last day, my barbarians! Annihilate all the demons and we’ll go back to our prefecture with the highest glory! My father, together with our citizens, will all come out and welcome us at that time! Numerous barbarian girls are waiting for you, our heroes, to receive us in their arms, and the first night they wish to give to you guys… Slaughter! Let the storm be more violent!”

Decisively, Man’gan gave out a general attack order. They were determined to occupy the spot at any cost.

The demon leader shot a despiteful look at Man’gan, and swore to be the winner in the end. In her pair of seductive eyes, the zeal for killing was nowhere to be hidden. Recently, she had found herself being haunted by the desire of killing, as if killing was something that was much more enjoyable than flirting with a young, handsome demon. Since the feeling of killing was so good, why not give in to it…


“Kill them all!”

They were all… hopelessly mad!


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