BPTH Chapter 147

Tu Shenwei’s Countermeasure

Driven by an increasingly uncontrollable fury, Tu Shenwei slapped Qianjun in his face face. At the beginning, he didn’t know anything about his son’s plan. That was, until what had happened at the Breaking Blade Summit. Once he was informed that the demons and barbarians had formed an alliance, he had shown great interest and he had even asked his underlings to further investigate.

To his great shock, the scout came back bringing the news that it had all been purposely designed by his son! He had become furious, and tempted to grab Qianjun right in front him to knock some sense into this son of him. But, on second thought, he had refrained himself from doing so. Instead, he had decided to see whether his son was smart enough to turn to his father to ask for help.

Looking at the shivering Qianjun, whose eyes were filled with reverence and awe for his father, Tu Shenwei sighed helplessly. How “terrific” his son was! Killing a person was a trivial matter to people in Immortal City, but his son had allied two whole prefectures, and arranged a hidden traitor of the Mars Prefecture. He was launching a war rather than killing a single Ye Qinghan! In the process of retreating, the target, Qinghan, had accidentally become much stronger, and obtained a heaven-defying technique. That wasn’t all… Qianjun had left concrete evidence behind, like the two treasure-level items, which were already in the hands of the demons and barbarians. His unintelligent son had even directly told Yao Kaka and Man’gan of his own plan. He should’ve protected his identity as the young lord of Immortal City, and be more secretive! Now, Yao Kaka was no longer in this world, but his father would definitely be told the truth eventually. As for the Barbarian Prefecture and Mars Prefecture, they would also stir up some chaos because of this event.

“Then… father, what shall we do next? If this event develops into an uncontrollable way, then when our leader returns, he’ll kill me! Yes, he will!” Thinking of the Immortal Leader, Qianjun’s heartbeat quickened, and his body couldn’t help but shiver.

“Useless trash! Poor son, neither did you inherit one-tenth of my level-minded temperament, nor did you obtain one-hundredth of my intelligence! You have to be calm, even if the Immortal Mountain collapses!” Tu Shenwei shook his head, and sighed. He acted as if he had completely forgotten his bout of fury from several minutes ago. Grabbing the cup of tea from the desk, he spoke up once again, “Look at you, my son, you’re scared to death in face of such a small event. What kind of great achievement shall I expect from such a coward?”

“Actually, the consequences could turn out to be either big or small, it all depends on your countermeasures. Alas, we should start with the evidence you’ve left behind. First, capture the messenger, and imprison the traitor of the Mars Prefecture, ruin his cultivation, and cut off his meridians… We need to assure that all the witnesses aren’t accessible, once the Prefecture War ends.”

“Second, tell the Demonic Evil, that his son had been killed. If he decides to seek revenge, just ask him to bring several Demonic Saints to Immortal City! I’ll tell him what to do. Third, you have to go to the Zhanxian Garden to turn yourself in. In my prediction, Zhan Shenwei will imprison you for at least three to five years. Remember, cultivate hard in jail, and try to break into the Realm of the Emperor. You’re not allowed to come out until you’ve reached this goal…”

After listening his father’s advice, Qianjun plunged into deep meditation. He eventually understood his father’s arrangement. While, at the same time, his admiration for his father grew as well.

Firstly, his father had picked up two scapegoats, who were used to receive the possible accusations raised by the three prefectures. Secondly, the powerful Qinghan had turned out to be a threat to them all, so his father had decided to kill this emerging genius with the hands of Yao Kaka’s father. Thirdly, since Qianjun’s deeds had been exposed to them all, Zhan Shenwei, who was in charge of the criminal law in Immortal City, must’ve already been informed of all the details. But, he didn’t ask anyone to capture Qianjun, for the sake of Tu Shenwei’s face. Under such circumstances, it would be the best policy to turn himself in, and confess his guilt in front of Zhan Shenwei. This way, Qianjun wouldn’t receive death as punishment.

Now, Qianjun had digested all the information he had received from his father, and felt quite relieved. He stood there, staring at his father, who was once again focussed on his book. Qianjun couldn’t help but wonder how marvelous his father was! For such a thorny matter, his father had solved it in only several sentences. The grown-up ginger was always spicier than the little one.

Silently, Qianjun bowed to his father, before he left.

“Humph! I hope he isn’t that stupid…” Tu Shenwei slightly raised his head up, and looked at the back of his son. Suddenly, he yelled to one of his underlyings, “Go to investigate Ye Qinghan’s Integration Technique. For such a terrifying technique, it shouldn’t appear in the Flame Dragon Continent. Is there any secret to it?”

A man in a golden robe quickly stepped forward, and cupped his hands in front of Tu Shenwei. Hardly had Tu Shenwei finished his order, or this man had hurriedly walked out of the room, to finish this task.


Ghost Island.

On the vast scarlet land of the Bloody Prairie, the three prefectures all felt restless, as if underneath the red grass, there was a secret force that had driven them to taste the thrill of slaughter.

Half a month later, the Barbarian Prefecture was the first one that surrendered to the impulses of killing. They had sent a messenger to the Mars Prefecture camp, and Man’gan had waved his four-fingered hand to Qinghan after he had received a positive yes. Afterwards, he had ordered his barbarians to immediately occupy the Death Immortal Spot.

Gingerly, Man’gan had led his team to the Death Immortal Spot, and had gladly found that the human side didn’t take any actions towards this new situation. Quickly, they had surrounded the spot with a defensive formation. They were extremely cautious in the process, as they were constantly observing the demons and humans. It seemed as if they were committing adultery, and were afraid of being discovered!

On the other hand, the wolf race Demonic Emperor, the female leader, still had a brilliant smile on her face. She had ordered her demons to stay where they were, and wait and see.

However, one full day had passed by, and the people of the Mars Prefecture continued with their usual routine of sleeping, bragging, and cultivating… There wasn’t the slightest sign of an upcoming fight.

Three days passed by…

Five days passed by…

Ten days passed by…

Five days before the final war would officially end, the Mars Prefecture was still quietly enjoying their time on this Bloody Prairie. The wolf race demon leader was so confused at the strategy used by the humans, while at the same time, the group of demons could no longer conceal their desire to kill. Finally, driven by an unknown force, they decided to fight for the Death Immortal Spot…


Following the sweet sound of the female leader, numerous demons began to rush towards the Death Immortal Spot, like a crazy group of honey bees. On the other side, Man’gan widened his eyes, and swore to sustain these final five days. He ordered his barbarians to hold this attack off for the next five days.

Meanwhile, the Mars Prefecture Legion all tossed their head towards the battlefield, with great interest. They’d been waiting for this drama all these days!

“Wow, look at that demonic female, she really has a gorgeous shape. Hmm, her breasts, her butt… Oh, I’m willing to sell ten years of my life for just a single night with her…”

“Look! That snake race Demonic Emperor is impressive! Within the blink of an eye, he killed hundreds of barbarians!”

“Errr! The barbarians are beginning to burn their Barbarian Force! Oh, they will lose…”

“The demons are good at attacking. Haha, look at those lumpy barbarians; they’re standing there firmly, while they’re receiving the attacks passively. I bet they won’t last much longer…”

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