BPTH Chapter 146

Tu Qianjun’s Concern

A couple of days later, on the scarlet Bloody Prairie.

“What’s going on? Why aren’t they fighting? Are they coming here simply to have some fun?” Listlessly, Feng Zi yawned, as he carefully observed the location where the demons and barbarians camped.

Like Feng Zi, Hua Cao seemed to be in low spirits. His original wish to watch a drama unfold between the other two prefectures had left him severely disappointed. Several days had passed by, yet the Bloody Prairie was as quiet as before. The countless soldiers there were like tourists, who had specially come to entertain themselves, rather than to launch a fierce fight.

“Shall we dispatch someone to mess up the situation a little bit? I think we should do something to let them fight!” Hua Cao couldn’t help suggesting.

“Nope, it won’t work. It’s true that there are many dumbasses in the group of demons and barbarians, but there are also a couple of smart ones. I’m afraid they’ve already seen through our trick… No big deal, just wait and see. I believe, that they’ll start fighting sooner or later. Anyway, if they stay peaceful with each other, we’ll occupy the Death Immortal Spot directly and let them fight for the Ghost Immortal Spot!” With a red stick of grass hanging in his mouth, Qinghan replied in an absentminded way.

Looking at the scarlet-red grass in between Qinghan’s lips, Qingwu turned her head away, and frowned, “Little Qinghan, take that stick of grass out of your mouth, please. It looks disgusting!”

“Errr…” Qinghan rubbed his nose in embarrassment, and spit out the grass from his mouth. He thought to himself, “Miss Qingwu, why do you keep calling me ‘Little Qinghan’. I’m an advanced cultivator now! It sounds like the name given to the eunuchs in the ancient Imperial Palace…”

“Alas… I’ll go back to cultivate!” Feng Zi and Hua Cao glanced at each other, and downheartedly went back to the camp. Ever since the heroic event, performed by Qinghan at the Breaking Blade Summit, both Feng Zi and Hua Cao had decided to catch up to Qinghan. They had to be aspiring, otherwise they would probably be looked down upon, whenever there occurred a comparison between them and Qinghan.

“Okay, I’m not interested in watching these demons and barbarians anymore. I’ll go back to the camp, and you, Qinghan, enjoy the observation!” Qingwu threw a subtle glance at Qinghan, before she went back to cultivate. Right now, the only advantage she had over Qinghan was her Battle Qi, without which she would be thoroughly overshadowed by Qinghan.



Immortal City was located In the conjunction area of the three prefectures. On top of the city, Tu Qianjun had been cultivating for several months, and now he had successfully broken into the second level of the Realm of the Prince! He was supposed to be thrilled in face of such a great improvement, yet his mood had been damped by a piece of extremely bad news, which had left him pissed off. The expression on his face had changed as quickly as the clouds in the sky. Seconds before, he was proudly smiling; now, however, he was wearing a surly face.

“Is the source of the report reliable? Is that pathetic bastard so powerful that he can kill thousands of demons and barbarians on his own? All the demons and barbarians surrendered to him? Did he really kill Yao Kaka? How could he bring down the Demonic and Barbarian Emperors within the blink of an eye? Impossible… How could he obtain such a perverted technique? It’s so absurdly impossible…” Lowering his head, Tu Qianjun’s handsome face turned twisted, and his eyes flashed with a suspicious evil light.

“Your majesty, this report has been reconfirmed by many scouts. What happened at the Breaking Blade Summit was solid evidence of this fact, and many demons and barbarians are witnesses. Right now, we’d better not dwell on the possibilities of Qinghan’s sudden improvement in cultivation, but take care of the aftermath. I bet, up until now, everything is exposed. The Mars Prefecture must be already aware of our plan. As for the Demonic Prefecture, their young lord has been killed, the son of the Demonic Saint! They won’t let it go so easily. The barbarians might also denounce us, considering the massive number of barbarians they’ve lost. We’re in big trouble…” The elder, who was wearing a golden robe, stood in front of Tu Qianjun, as he helped his young lord to analyze and specify their current top priorities. The voice of this old man sounded rather deep and aged.

“Shit, I never thought things would turn out in such a nasty way!” What the elder said further upset Tu Qianjun, whose face had turned purple with fury. The three prefectures were all victims in this farce. The Demonic Prefecture had lost their young lord, so they wouldn’t leave the matter just as it was; the Barbarian Prefecture would also be a destabilizing factor in the upcoming chaos; the Mars Prefecture would find justice for their aspiring young lords, whose life were put at great danger because of Tu Qianjun’s selfish plan.

However, even if the three prefectures would attempt to launch an insurgence, Tu Qianjun didn’t care a bit. Given the absolute authority of Immoral City, he believed in the power of the elders, who wouldn’t do any harm to him even if he had committed crimes. But… what if this scandal was known by the leader of Immortal City? If that happened, he, together with his father, would be subjected to severe punishment. Their scrawny leader, whose pair of eyes was as illuminant as torches, had absolute dominance over almost everything. He was known for his decisiveness in killing. Thinking of this supreme being, Tu Qianjun found that his back was soaked in cold sweat, and he didn’t know what step to take next.

“Young lord, in my opinion… We’d better inform Tu Shenwei! Otherwise, the consequences could be unimaginable!” The elder advised.

“You’re right! I have to ask my father for help. I believe he’ll know how to handle this!” Tu Qianjun’s eyes lit up, and he walked directly towards his father’s dwelling – the Tuxian Garden. To him, his father was an idol. And he firmly believed in his crisis-management ability.


Apart from the supreme Tu Immortal, their leader, there were Four Immortal Guardians in charge of Immortal City, namely Tu Shenwei, Zhan Shenwei, Shi Shenwei, and Feng Shenwei. The Tuxian Garden was the very place that was inhabited by Tu Shenwei.

In a study room of the Tuxian Garden, Tu Qianjun was kneeling down in front of a brown-haired man, who was fastening his eyes on his book. Without looking up from his book, this brown-haired man continued to read, silently, and indifferently, as if Tu Qianjun was invisible to him.

After quite some minutes, the brown-haired man eventually put his book away, and let out a deep sigh, before he turned around, “Get up! Since you turn to me for help, you’re not as stupid as a brick!”

In a hurry, Tu Qianjun got up to his feet, and wiped the sweat off of his forehead. He then raised his head up, staring at his composed father, “ F… father, you already know everything?”

With a casual glance, Tu Shenwei stood up, with both hands on his back. Suddenly, his voice raised up, “You know what you have done wrong?”

Like being shot by an arrow, Tu Qianjun’s heart kept bumping unceasingly, to the extent that he had to take some deep breaths to relieve himself from suffocation. With extreme caution, he replied, “I admit my guilt, father. I shouldn’t have instigated Yao Kaka and Man’gan to kill Ye Qinghan. It’s… against the rules that are set up by Immortal City. Sorry, father, I made you lose face…”


Hardly had Tu Qianjun finished his “heartfelt” confession, or Tu Shenwei cursed at his son in rage, “I’m always proud of my own intelligence. How is it possible that I have such a retarded son?”

“Please, father, tell me what to do!” Tu Shenwei’s sudden change of expression scared Qianjun to death. As a child of a strict father, Qianjun had had a horrible childhood. Whenever he had done something silly, his father would give him a good punishment. He had once been hung on a tree for a dozen days, and that experience had been imbedded in his brain ever since. The feeling of horror and fear would automatically emerge whenever he saw his father. Now, his father was in a fury, he kneeled down once again, and kept silent.

“I don’t blame you for your attempt to kill the young lord of the Ye Family. As a young man, you’re supposed to be aggressive and bellicose. It was just… Alas, you’re so stupid! Why didn’t you secretly assassinate him? As far as I know, he is just a piece of rubbish in the Realm of the General. Why would you make it so complicated by getting so many parties involved? Now, look, Yao Kaka is dead, and Man’gan’s ring finger is cut off. And most importantly… You told Man’gan, Yao Kaka, and that… Xue Wuhen your entire plan? You even promised them to do them a favor once the task was done? Ridiculous! Without me, what kind of favorable thing can you do? You’re as unimportant as a fart! Silly son, you’ve made me so mad!”

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