BPTH Chapter 145

The Bloody Prairie

“Slaughter! Slaughter! Slaughter!”

“Invincible Ye Qinghan!”

“Long live Ye Qinghan!”

Qinghan’s stimulating speech had raised their morale to the ceiling point. He was unexpectedly good at rhetoric. The soldiers were greatly reassured by his promise, and knew that they just had to fight those of the same or a lower level. As for the intractable enemies, their hero Qinghan would deal with them. Never in the history of Prefecture War had they seen such a scenario, where an individual cultivator shouldered such a large part of the task. This would be recorded in history! The soldiers were, of course, thrilled to know that the risk of losing their lives was greatly reduced. Actually, they were quite looking forward to the upcoming final war.

“Have a good rest today. Tomorrow, we’ll set out for the Bloody Prairie!” In the end, Sainan dismissed the crowd, and asked them to set up camp right outside of the temporary camp. Soon, the smell of cooking filled the air, which left the whole temporary camp in a misty atmosphere.


The next morning, after a full breakfast, the soldiers, as well as the young lords and ladies, all charged forward, in the direction of the Bloody Prairie.

The Bloody Prairie, located at the center of Ghost Island, was surrounded by the Visionary Forest. Starting from the Visionary Forest, there were actually three paths leading to the Bloody Prairie, all of which were straight and spacious. Of course, there were no teleportation posts on this road.

The three prefectures would each take their own path, and set out as early as possible. It would take the human side roughly five days to arrive at the battlefield. The efficiency had something to do with their willpower and morale. Also, along their way, there were no other races interrupting their journey. This made it possible to run at their full speed.

The moment they stood in front of the Bloody Prairie, everyone was awed by the vastness of the scarlet color. Although it was common knowledge that the Bloody Prairie was red, they had never thought of such boundless areas of red grass thriving all over the place.

“There is a story behind this name: Bloody Prairie. You know, a long, long time ago, this place was unnamed. But ever since the Prefecture War, countless soldiers died on this prairie, with their blood soaking the soil, until the grass mutated and became a weird red color…” Standing by Qinghan’s side, Qingcheng spoke up in a dejected manner.

Suddenly, a bout of unknown sadness struck Qinghan, for he turned sympathetic over all the deceased ancestors fighting for their glory upon this very prairie. Every thirty years, there would be a Prefecture War, in which tens of thousands of participants would find themselves buried here. During the gap of thirty years, another generation of cultivators would emerge, and they would follow in their ancestors’ footsteps. Of all the citizens of the Flaming Dragon Continent, each generation would be destined to contribute their share of blood to the redness of the prairie. What a tragedy! Was the hatred among the three prefectures really so irresolvable? If they continued to abide by this fighting mode, they would forever be hostile with each other. The Prefecture War, in some way, could only make their hatred endure. The more blood, the more red the Bloody Prairie looked like…

“Is the Prefecture War even necessary? Is the title of upper-class prefecture of any significance? Is the trivial tributes paid by the lower-class prefecture that important? Is slaughtering that funny?”

For a full moment, Qinghan was submerged in the doubts he held for the Prefecture War. He even turned suspicious over the absolute authority of Immortal City. At some point, when he looked up at the azure sky, he wondered whether there was an all-seeing eye silently watching over them or not. In his imagination, it would be just like a human being, as it bent its knees, and leaned forward to watch the “ants” fighting for the remnants of a meal…

“Let’s go! This is a widely accepted rule designed by Immortal City. If any prefecture dares to break this rule by not participating in the war, a great massacre will be jointly-launched by Immortal City, and the other two prefectures. So, it’s not even a choice! We have to fight!” Qingcheng kind of read Qinghan’s anxious expression, and tried to explain the rules to him.

The sound of battle drums reverberated in the air. At the far end of the prairie, figures of demons and barbarians were looming in the horizon. Letting out a deep sigh, Qinghan laughed self-mockingly, before he followed the legion into the central part of the battlefield.

The so-called Death Immortal Spot and Ghost Immortal Spot weren’t a piece of land. More accurately, they should be called Death Immortal Mound, and Ghost Immortal Mound. Because, they were roughly one meter above the ground.

“On the left side, the triangle area is the Death Immortal Spot, several hundred meters away from which is the Ghost Immoral Spot!”

An hour later, the human legion arrived at the center of the prairie. Qingcheng kept murmuring in Qinghan’s ear, as she was explaining the geography. During the months of companion, Qingcheng had learned that Qinghan had little access to this kind of information in the Ye Family, so she had voluntarily helped him to adapt to the new battlefield.

Since their young lord Qinghan was taken good care of by Qingcheng, Shisan and Shiqi turned to the nearby Hua Xin and Feng Meng, as they were bragging and chatting leisurely. Among the happy faces of them all, there was a girl, who looked like she felt desolate, and she remained completely quiet. The bitterness in her eyes could easily be identified. This girl was Qingwu.

Meanwhile, Qinghan’s glance switched to the densely-populated area somewhere near the Death Immortal Spot. There, numerous demons and barbarians had also arrived.

Apparently, the demons and barbarians were intending to fight for the Death Immortal Spot. But, for some reason, they didn’t dare to approach the spot yet, as they stood there with yearning eyes.

“Hehe! Tell Miss Sainan, that we’d better set up camp near the Ghost Immortal Spot. Also, dispatch a messenger to inform the demons and barbarians that we aren’t going to fight for the Death Immortal Spot. However, if they dare to attack us, I’ll behead their leader!”

With a subtle smile, Qinghan instructed Shisan, while the light of slyness flashed in his eyes.

“Alright!” Obediently, Shisan did what Qinghan told him to do. It didn’t take long before two bilingual soldiers left the legion and walked to the demon and barbarian side respectively, each carrying a white flag.

As was advised by Qinghan, Sainan ordered her legion to occupy the Ghost Immortal Spot, as they paid no attention to the demons and barbarians on the other side.

In a formidable array, rampantly, the human legion ran in the direction of the Ghost Immortal Spot, and set up some defensive facilities in the surroundings, as a sign of occupation.


Man’gan, as well as the interim leader of the Demonic Prefecture, a wolf race demonic woman, were confused and surprised at the sight of what the humans were doing right now. The message from the human side had further perplexed them.

Indeed, they were just pretending to occupy the Death Immortal Spot. If Qinghan wanted this spot, they didn’t have the guts to antagonize against him. The body of Yao Kaka remained well preserved in the demonic camp, which provided the bloody evidence of Qinghan’s power.

Their true purpose was the Ghost Immortal Spot. The reason why they stood beside the Death Immortal Spot was, that they had planned to show their generosity by fleeing immediately once the humans approached this spot. They would submissively retreat under the threat of the humans. In this way, they predicted that the humans might be flattered.

However… to their great shock, the Mars Prefecture went for the Ghost Immortal Spot instead. The humans even asked the demons and barbarians to fight with each other for the Death Immortal Spot. This was so weird. Would they even dare to do so?

Neither side carried any attacks out against the other, because both Man’gan and the demonic female leader knew, that if Qinghan’s team turned around and joined the battle, they would be doomed…

Therefore, they chose neither to charge forward nor to retreat. They simply remained where they were, on full alert.

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