BPTH Chapter 144

Invincible Ye Qinghan

– Swoosh! –

The next morning, when the first sunshine crept into the camp, the sound of the operating teleportation posts reverberated in the air. Group after group, numerous cultivators descended on the ground in the glaring light of the posts.

In front of the grassland of the Mars Prefecture camp, newly-arrived cultivators appeared from the teleportation posts. Silently, they lined up in order, in an imposing manner.

These soldiers were specially chosen from millions of cultivators in the Mars Prefecture one year ago. They had received professional training lessons for a year in Dragon City, especially preparing them for the final war on the Bloody Prairie.

“Oh, they look so full of spirit! Look, their pace is firm and steady. But, it’s still too early to predict what their true ability is in a real battle.” Standing on the hill, Feng Zi overlooked the newcomers, the number of which was quite impressive, as it almost reached several thousands.

The figures of the fully-armed soldiers were densely dotting the ground, and they filled the atmosphere with a stimulating, manly momentum. Qinghan narrowed his eyes in two slits, and spoke up, “The legion of Dragon City is definitely awesome! The once 108 Iron Soldiers, or known as Dragon City Iron Soldiers today, are invincible in any battle!”

“Yeah! I also believe in the absolute ability of the soldiers of Dragon City! Alright, I think it’s time for us to meet them all!” Hua Cao nodded his head repeatedly, as he saw Sainan’s glance and quickly reminded Qinghan and Feng Zi to go down.

In a hurry, the three of them led their own teams respectively to welcome the Dragon City Legion.

An hour had passed by, the illuminating light surrounded each teleportation post began to dwindle. Up until now, more than 90,000 people had arrived!

Half of the area of the temporary camp was taken up by the massive amount of new arrivals. Like a large dark cloud covering the sky, countless soldiers in black armors were divided into several groups. Each and every one of them held a shining Horse Chopping Sword, which reflected the glaring morning sunlight. As the young lords approached, they soon turned out to be the focus of all these soldiers. The intense, resolute stares of the soldiers were so invigorated and vibrant, that all the young lords were affected in a positive way. The morale was at a record high.

Sainan took out her Dragon Singing Sword, and wielded it up high, as she yelled, “Invincible Mars Prefecture!”

“Invincible Mars Prefecture!”

Following Sainan’s call, the 90,000 soldiers collectively held their swords up, and yelled. The earsplitting shouting even made the earth shake a little bit. The people standing behind Sainan were simply stunned by the sheer momentum exerted by these soldiers.

“Your majesty, Commander-in-Chief, nice to meet you all!”

With a ground-breaking thud, all the soldiers threw themselves on the ground with one leg kneeled down. Never before had anyone in the temporary camp witnessed such a grand, encouraging scene. They were left almost numbed in the ecstasy.

“Please rise up, all of you. I know that the task up ahead is a daunting task for you all. I promise, after the war, you’ll all be properly rewarded!” The quality of Sainan’s voice was so powerful and solid, that one might mistake her for a man. Long Pifu had raised her up like a boy, so her girlish temperament could hardly be seen. The young lords by her side were awed by her heroine spirit.

Satisfied by the soldiers’ response, Sainan drew back her sword, and spoke up once again, “Welcome you all. Now, I’d like to share with you an encouraging piece of news! Not long ago, we have annihilated thousands of demons and barbarians at the Breaking Blade Summit! The young leader Yao Kaka of the Demonic Prefecture has also been killed in the chaos. Currently, the other two races are terrified of us! This victory, however, belongs only to Ye Qinghan, the young lord of the Ye Family! Everyone, please hail for our hero!”

“Hooray! Long Live Ye Qinghan!”

“Invincible Mars Prefecture! Invincible Ye Qinghan!”

Surprise and even suspicion filled the soldiers’ eyes, as they were busy jerking their head towards the direction pointed at by Sainan. There, they saw Qinghan! Looking at the admiring eyes of those surrounding Qinghan, the soldiers gradually led go of their doubts, as they joined in the cheering.

The 90,000 soldier did indeed belong to different families and cities. Their respective leaders were also staring at Qinghan with solemn expressions. Since the seniors were already convinced by this stunning news, they chose to believe in what Sainan had described, although it still seemed incredible to most of them.

Although the soldiers were from different places, they shouldered the same responsibility, to bring glory to the Mars Prefecture as a whole, as well as to their own families. They must fight, and they must win!

In Dragon City, they’d been through a year of harsh training, solely for this moment! They were well prepared to sacrifice their lives to contribute their due part for the Mars Prefecture.

The moment they landed on Ghost Island, however, they were told of a super happy event – the Mars Prefecture side already held the upper hand! They didn’t have to die to finish their task. How could they not be joyful hearing this piece of news? They clapped, danced and cheered, as they felt the pressure decrease.

“Errr…” Seeing the passion and ardent zeal in their eyes, Qinghan touched his nose in embarrassment. He seemed to blame Sainan to push him in the limelight without his agreement. Now, he was the idol of them all, receiving numerous admiring looks from all sides. He was really not used to being in the spotlight.

“Hey, Qinghan, step out and give a speech. You deserve this, our hero!” Regardless of Qinghan’s reproaching glance, Sainan chuckled in a low voice.

“Humph!” Driven by the expectations from the crowd, Qinghan forcefully stood up in the front, and waved his hands to his admirers. Instantly, the crowd turned silent. This scene made Qinghan recall the grand military parades in his previous life, and he was now like a commander-in-chief, as he was observing his soldiers…

In order to mimic what the commander in his previous life had done, he coughed a little bit to clear his throat, before he spoke up.

“Hello, comrades! Thanks for your hard work…”

“Eh? What?” The young lords standing behind Qinghan, as well as the soldiers in front of him were totally bewildered over the word “comrades”. They didn’t know what kind of title this was supposed to be?

“Ah…” Actually, Qinghan had expected a loud “Hello, Commander!” in response, yet no one did. Instead, the soldiers were left with wide, perplexed eyes, not knowing how to reply. Soon after, Qinghan realized how silly he was, he was on the Flaming Dragon Continent, rather than back on planet Earth. Not showing any sign of embarrassment, he added, “I mean… hello soldiers! Thanks for your hard work.”

“Your majesty, young lord Qinghan! It’s our honor to contribute to the prefecture.”

Now the soldiers understood what Qinghan meant, and they yelled back with great enthusiasm. While, at the same time, they found this young lord, or so-called hero to be rather unique, as he seemed to be a young lord who was approachable and humorous. Thus, Qinghan’s popularity grew among the new arrivals.

“Good!” Qinghan nodded his head with a satisfactory smile. Encouraged by the responsive soldiers, he began his formal speech, “The final war is around the corner. You’d better try your utmost to slaughter them all. Of course, for those beyond your ability, tell me, I’ll go and kill them myself instead…”

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