BPTH Chapter 143


“Jiji! Jiji!”

All of a sudden, a familiar sound broke the silence of the night. This abrupt interruption dampened Qinghan’s flaming desire, while he was lying on top of Qingcheng.

“Errr…” With a stupefied expression, Qingcheng hurriedly tidied up her messy clothing. Her topless body was soon covered up, but Qinghan’s eyes were still fastened on her chest, as he was reluctant to move away. He could clearly feel his increasingly fast heartbeat.

“Little Black! Get the fuck out, now!” Qinghan yelled loudly, as if he was blaming Little Black for disrupting this romantic moment.

“Jiji!” Obediently, Little Black jumped out from the nearby grove, and his pair of black eyes showed a wronged expression, “Boss, I didn’t mean to disturb, but… Miss Qingwu is looking for you!”

“Huh? What deal can she really offer me? Haven’t you seen this is your boss’s biggest deal right now?” Qinghan’s remarks made Qingcheng quite uncomfortable, as she stole a rebuking glance at him with the corner of her eyes.


Little Black rolled his eyes and turned away. These days, he had surpassed the weak period, and his power had vastly increased. He didn’t like to be trapped in the summoning space all day long, and he’d rather get out to wander around the vicinity of the camp area. Right now, even the normal Prince-Realm cultivators weren’t able to bring Little Black down. So, Qinghan had permitted Little Black to go wherever he pleased.

“Qinghan, let’s get out! Don’t let the others wait!” Qingcheng had already calmed down, but the light in her eyes were still sparkling with charm.

“Alright! Haha!” Qinghan stroke his hair, before he walked down the hill, hand in hand with Qingcheng.


The temporary meeting room on the hillside.

Sainan, together with the other team leaders, had already arrived. When Qinghan and Qingcheng walked in, with their hands tightly clasped together, the attendees were shocked at first, but soon released some dry laugher to warm up the awkward atmosphere. No one had shown any discomfort or envy over their newly-developed relationship, after all, Qinghan was the one who had saved them all. On the other hand, Qinghan and Qingcheng had already been considered a couple since the Summer Fire Festival. After all, such a hero, they thought, deserved a beauty as stunning as Qingcheng. But, there were also some guys who were now making fun of Qinghan, in a friendly way.

However, Qinghan didn’t care a bit about these jokesters. Quickly, he got himself seated; while Qingcheng walked over to Sainan, and sat by her side.

Qinghan sipped his cup of tea, before he turned to Sainan, and asked, “Why have you assembled everyone here? Is there anything urgent going on?”

“Er…” Sainan frowned over his question, and eventually managed an awkward smile.

“Young lord Qinghan, I bet you’ve been so immersed in your happy hour, that you’ve forgotten the time…” With a hysterical fit of laughter, Feng Zi winked subtly at Qinghan, “Tomorrow, we’ll step into our final month on Ghost Island!”

“Oh!” Qinghan raised his eyebrows up, and swept his glance over the other members, “So what?”

“Hahaha…” People couldn’t help but to laugh out loudly.

“Tomorrow is the day of the final war! The participants from all three prefectures will be gathered together to fight!” Shisan secretly conveyed his voice to remind his master of this event.

“Ahhh!” Qinghan was so embarrassed, because he had totally forgotten this most important issue. As the saying goes, the beauty’s bed is the tomb of the hero. Now, Qinghan realized that it couldn’t be more true. In spite of this, he didn’t show any sign of regret, and added, “It’s just the final war, no big deal! It’s not worth my attention!”


Qinghan’s reply shocked everyone. But, on second thought, it was indeed not a big deal for him, considering his current strength. In each Prefecture War, the final war was always considered as the most crucial. Each prefecture would deploy 90,000 soldiers, which would make for a grand total of 270,000 participants. The battlefield of the final war was located on the Bloody Prairie, where the Death Immortal Spot and Ghost Immortal Spot were the two major places they would fight for. The prefecture that could occupy the Death Immortal Spot would be granted the super honor as the upper-class prefecture, and with this title, it would obtain the privilege of receiving numerous tributes from the lower-class prefecture. While, on the other hand, the Ghost Immortal Spot winner would be rewarded a middle-class prefecture title, which had the right to not deliver treasures to the upper-class prefecture.

The rules, which were strictly followed and implemented by the three prefectures, were designed by Immortal City. If any party showed any despise against these rules, the other two prefectures, together with Immortal City, would launch a united attack against the dissident. As always, the final war would lead thousands of people to meet with an early demise, in the process of fighting for these two spots.

“Hey, young lord Qinghan!” After a fit of coughing, Sainan turned to Qinghan, “Normally, the young lords and ladies, or key descendants, of the prominent families aren’t allowed to participate in the final war. So…”

“Ah? Really? I never heard of such a rule!” Qinghan looked like an idiot when it came to rules and regulations. But, a second later, he added, “What if all of us joined the final war? What will the other prefectures do?”

“Honestly, what you have proposed has actually happened in the previous Prefecture War. The other two prefectures formed an alliance to jointly attack the party that breached the rules.” Sainan explained patiently.

“Just an alliance? Haven’t the Demonic and Barbarian Prefectures already teamed up? What are we afraid of? Go and fight for the Death Immortal Post, all of us!” For Qinghan, the rules and regulations seemed as unnecessary as the farts he made.

“Great idea! I bet the demons and barbarians are already overawed by what Qinghan has demonstrated at the Breaking Blade Summit. As long as Qinghan is there, they won’t dare to come close!” Feng Zi stood up excitedly.


Everyone’s eyes were lit up. They all remembered the fight, that had taken place at the Breaking Blade Summit, and they predicted that the odds of success would be really high!”

“No!” However, Qinghan interrupted, and also stood up, “No. We’d better fight for the Ghost Immortal Spot first. Let the other two prefectures go for the Death Immortal Spot alone. In the end, when they’re all exhausted, we can launch a sneak attack!”

Looking at the evil smile on Qinghan’s face, everyone felt a chill run down their spines. The seemingly amicable young lord, Qinghan, could exhibit such cattiness! Meanwhile, Shisan and Qingwu just twitched their noses, for they knew Qinghan was the King of Sneak-attacks back at the Ye Castle.

“Alright, I accept Qinghan’s proposal. Tomorrow, let’s all set out for the Bloody Prairie, and occupy the Ghost Immortal Spot. At least we can obtain the title as a middle-class prefecture…” Sainan concluded.

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