BPTH Chapter 141

The Culprit and Man’gan’s Shorts

“Ahaha… I’m the young lord of the Barbarian Prefecture, and these here are my thirteen Barbarian Emperors! Your majesty from the Mars Prefecture, we’re thrilled to welcome you!”

In an extremely low-profile manner, Man’gan managed to show a hypocritical smile, while he extended his arms, as a sign of a warm welcome. Considering the current situation, Man’gan reckoned it to be better to submit to the conceited human beings for the time being. As a loser, he knew that he had to behave as submissive as possible to satisfy the “human devil”.

“I’m Ye Qinghan, honestly, I only came to ask you a couple of questions. I hope you won’t hide anything from us.” Straightforwardly, Qinghan cut to the point.

“Your Majesty!” Man’gan touched his bald head, and added with all respect, “I swear… I’ll tell you everything I know, including how many times my father has sex per day, or how many woman he has a relation with. Oh, I can tell you what color his shorts is, if you’re interested!”


People from the Mars Prefecture laughed out indulgently, for they were rather delighted by Man’gan’s attitude. Meanwhile, Qingwu and Qingcheng lowered their heads in embarrassment, but even they chuckled to themselves.

“Hehe, I’m not interested in your father’s shorts!” Qinghan smiled back, and he felt as if Man’gan wasn’t as stupid as he had been told. In order not to let the subject go astray, he immediately asked, “What I’m interested in is your alliance with Yao Kaka, and your combined efforts to kill me. Was it people from the Xue Family that gave you the information about my whereabouts?”

“Nonono, Your Majesty, we didn’t try to kill you! You must’ve made a mistake!” Being frightened to rake up the past, Man’gan denied Qinghan’s suggestion with a terrified voice.

“I’m from the Ye Family, one of the members of the super elite team. I haven’t come here to hold anyone responsible. I just need you to confirm for me that people from the Xue Family actually provided you with crucial information about my whereabouts!” Obviously, Qinghan’s patience was wearing off, as he glared at Man’gan with tightly knitted eyebrows.

“Errr… No!” Man’gan kept shook his bald head, very much like a rattle-drum.

Greatly surprised, people from the Mars Prefecture stared at Man’gan with all their attention, for they were so eager to hear what he had to say.

But a moment later, Man’gan continued, “We didn’t receive any information from your side, but we did receive a crystal ball from a guy called Xue Wuhen! Inside the crystal ball, there was a red spot that kept moving forward, while it was flashing. They told us that the red spot was our target. Your Majesty, it isn’t me that planned to kill you, you have to believe in me…”


“The Positioning Crystal Ball!”

People from the Mars Prefecture looked at each other, and simultaneously saw the indignation in each other’s eyes. As for the young lords, Feng Zi and Hua Cao, they responded rather calmly, and figured out why the demons and barbarians could be so responsive, whenever they had transferred to a new place. Since that bastard Wuhen had given the Positioning Crystal Balls to both Yao Kaka and Man’gan, his evil intention of killing the Mars Prefecture Team was absolutely clear.

“Once I find Xue Wuhen, I swear that I’ll let him taste all the brutal torture I can possibly think of. Fuck, he is so heartless by attempting to kill his compatriots!” Feng Zi roared, for he was completely provoked by Wuhen’s shameless behavior.

On the contrary, there wasn’t any trace of anger on Hua Cao’s face; instead, he smiled uncannily, “I predict, that the five prominent families will soon turn into just four!”

Definitely! As a young leader of the Xue Family, Xue Wuhen had gone so far as to collude with other races to kill the compatriots of his own prefecture. He had planned to annihilate the entire younger-generation’s elites of the Mars Prefecture, by the hands of Yao Kaka and Man’gan! What would the elders of each family think of this, if they were told of this brutal truth? They would certainly be mad!

On the other hand, Qinghan gave out a sigh of relief, for he had finished his first task. Since Wuhen’s wrongdoing was confirmed by Man’gan, and all the witnesses believed in the authenticity of this event, Qinghan was confident that Wuhen was doomed sooner rather than later. The Mars Prefecture would no longer welcome such a publicly-known traitor. Also, the Xue Family would suffer accordingly. Indeed, his deep-seated hatred towards Wuhen started much earlier on. Back in Grey City, Wuhen had molested his sister; and in the Wild Mountain Range, Wuhen had secretly arranged for his underlings to assassinate Qinghan… All of this would be avenged. The bastard Wuhen would finally have to pay for all those nasty things! Qinghan had waited so long for this day.

Next came Qinghan’s second task. He looked at the unsettling Man’gan, and smiled friendly, “Tell me, hefty fellow, who asked you and Yao Kaka to chase after us?”

“Tu Qianjun!” This time, Man’gan responded without any hesitation. This Tu Qianjun had put both the Demonic Prefecture and the Barbarian Prefecture in such big trouble, so he had already cursed him for a hundred times over. Now, since Qinghan had asked, he just confessed as quickly as he could.

“Ahhh, It’s him!”

The name of Tu Qianjun had made everyone shiver a little bit, for they had never thought that people from Immortal City would be involved. With a bitter smile, Qinghan responded with sheer silence. As the ancient sage said, “Beauties are always dangerous!”, it couldn’t be more true! Men had to sacrifice something to obtain a beauty. Before, Qinghan had believed that he had made no big enemies outside the Ye Castle, apart from Wuhen. Now, he suddenly realized that he had actually deeply offended Tu Qianjun back at the Summer Fire Festival by winning Qingcheng’s heart!

However, Qinghan didn’t show a surprised expression; while Qingcheng felt uneasy. She looked at Qinghan apologetically, as if she was blaming herself. It was she, who had triggered the hostility between Qinghan and Tu Qianjun.

“Hehe, it’s not your fault!” Rather considerately, Qinghan put his hands on Qingcheng’s shoulders, and hinted that she shouldn’t take the blame. Beauty itself wasn’t wrong, it was the jealousy inside people’s heart that should be called evil.

“Shit, it’s that complacent bastard! Young lord Qinghan, this problem is… rather thorny!” Feng Zi shot a helpless glance at Qinghan, before he lowered his head. For a place as influential as Immortal City, they were like small ants in front of a gigantic elephant. Any efforts from the ants would be nullified.

“At our current stage, we have to endure this!” Hua Cao gave his opinion.

Qinghan nodded to both Feng Zi and Hua Cao, before he turned to Man’gan once again, “Now, let’s talk about the third thing. Do you remember, when we were under your siege, the Sickle Team came to our rescue, but they didn’t make it out themselves. My question is, who killed them? Turn them in! I have to avenge them, they’re descendants of my Ye Family!”

“Ahh! It was Man Shan! But the group led by him was already annihilated by your people. No one is left!” Hastily, Man’gan gestured hysterically, trying to explain this matter.

“Who is Man Shan? I never heard of him. Hey, buddy, don’t lie to me, huh?!” Qinghan threatened.

Urged by Qinghan, the devil, Man’gan was on the brink of crying, as his face turned pale, “Man Shan is the one… on whose head you stood on back at Breaking Blade Summit. That Barbarian Emperor! He came from the southern region of our prefecture. And all his underlings died in that battle!”

“Are you sure?” Suspiciously, Qinghan asked repeatedly, while the cold light in his eyes had no sign of diminishing.

“Yes, absolutely! If I lie to you, under the name of the ancient Barbarian God, I swear I’m willing to be punished to live in the sea of Asura forever!” The cold sweat on Man’gan’s forehead began to trickle down his cheek. Having no time to wipe the sweat off, he raised his four-fingered hand, and made a vow.

“Alright, forget about it!” Qinghan’s face turned less ferocious, after hearing Man’gan’s oath. Since Man Shan and his team members had already been killed, he decided to let it be bygones.

“One last question!” After a little while of pondering, Qinghan spoke up once again.

“Errr…another one?” Hardly had Man’gan taken a long breath and wiped off his sweat, or he was terrified by the fact that there was yet another question waiting for him to answer. He was so unhappy deep inside.

Meanwhile, Qinghan showed his dissatisfaction and made a rhetorical question, “Er? Do you have any problems with that?”

“No… No, of course not!” Man’gan was terrified to meet with Qinghan’s eyes, and hurriedly waved his hands.

After a while, Qinghan continued, “Listen, the last question is… You and Yao Kaka caused great casualties to my Mars Prefecture. Also, our mental trauma from this battle still haunts some of our members. Errr… I mean, shouldn’t you offer us some treasures as compensation? In that way, we’ll be greatly consoled.”

“Casualties? Compensation? You’ll be consoled?” Man’gan was confused by this tongue-twister like expression at first. It took him a long while, until he finally came to the realization of its true meaning. This human devil was going to extort him. Although it was acceptable for a defeated party to compensate the other side, he never saw someone beat around the bush in such a way. In fact, he had already prepared some before Qinghan’s arrival.

However, with respect, he replied, “Of course. Man Niu, bring the treasures here!”

A little while later, several muscular barbarians carried dozens of giant crates down the hill. Man’gan then ordered his barbarians to open the crates in front of Qinghan.

Staring at the contents of the crates, people from the Mars Prefecture inhaled a deep, cold breath. It wasn’t because the treasures were unique, but the scene of a dozen of crates stuffed with a variety of treasures was rather shocking by the sight.

“Heihei! Your Majesty! I knew you were going to come by sooner or later… Ha, I’ve prepared these over the last few days. I intended to bring them to your camp, but look, you came here instead! Hmm, this crate is full of rare medicine, this one is full of uncommon metals, and this one…” With a seemingly pleased face, Man’gan introduced all the items to Qinghan. All these crates were filled with treasures he had collected from the Visionary Forest.

“Hmmm, just so-so! Take them!” Qinghan nodded his head, as he instructed others to take away the crates. After that, he spoke in a slow manner, “How many saint-level items did Tu Qianjun give you?”

“Saint-level items? No! I… I only got a superior treasure-level item! I could’ve won a saint-level item, if… if we killed you… Errr!” Realizing he had said something improperly, Man’gan quickly managed a flattering smile, and took out a silver soft sword.

“Your majesty, this is specially for you! Here you go! It’s extremely sharp!”

To Qinghan’s great satisfaction, he received the sword, and wielded it in the air, as he released a slashing sound. He turned to Shisan, and asked him to hold onto it for him. Then, he, once again, turned to Man’gan, and looked him up and down.

The greedy look of Qinghan made Man’gan so uncomfortable, that he soon grew goose bumps, at which time he covered his chest with both of his giant arms, “Your Majesty, I haven’t taken any showers for a couple of days. I’m stinky with a disgusting armpit odor. Due to my unclear hygiene, I’ve also developed haemorrhoids! You… you’d better let me go. Or shall I send you some beautiful barbarian girls?”

“Fuck off!”

Glancing at his own people, who were trying very hard to refrain themselves from laughter, Qinghan couldn’t help but curse Man’gan. The ugly appearance of Man’gan was enough to scare away others, who would be fond of his asshole? Barbarian girls? They were at least two meters tall, with their vaginas larger than a human fist, who would be interested in these oversized monsters?

“Hey, your golden armor looks nice! I like it!”

“Nonono, Your Majesty, please don’t take away my armor! This is my life-saving item. My father has told me that once the armor is gone, I’m dead!” Man’gan almost kneeled down in front of Qinghan. His armor was comparable to a saint-level item, whose defensive function was one of a kind. With this armor wrapped around one‘s body, he wouldn’t be hurt by any normal treasure-level weapons.

In the beginning, Man’gan did his utmost to save his armor, but when he found the light in Qinghan’s eyes turning colder and colder, he chose to compromise. But he still added in a sobbing voice, “Your Majesty, this armor is too large for you… This doesn’t fit you…”

Impatiently, Qinghan yelled, “Dumbass, it’s not for me, it’s for my battle beast! Take it off! Otherwise, your armor, together with your body, will be crushed immediately!”

“I will take it off! Right now!” As he said this, Man’gan took off his armor, revealing his terrifying muscular body, and a pair of scarlet-red shorts!

Directly, Qinghan threw the armor to Shisan. After which he turned to Man’gan, while looking at his red shorts, “Ahh… your… shorts…”

“Your Majesty! I really cannot strip any further…” Man’gan desperately threw himself on the ground, begging for Qinghan’s mercy!

Throwing a disdainful look at Man’gan, Qinghan realized that Man’gan wasn’t a guy that could stand wild jokes, so he sighed, “I just want to tell you… Your shorts look quite unique!”



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