BPTH Chapter 140

Man’gan’s Concern

“Ah?” Qinghan touched his nose excitedly, for he was completely enlightened by Little Black’s explanation. He couldn’t help but to reveal his joy, as he added, “Little Black, will Soul Chaos be equally effective to those in the Realm of the Emperor? If my memory isn’t cheating me, this integration technique should be able to kill those in higher realms!”

“Humph! Boss, I admire your imagination!” On the contrary to Qinghan’s excitement, Little Black rolled his eyes contemptuously at his master, for he was so speechless in face of Qinghan’s question, “Before, I did say that this technique could kill those in a higher realm, but only when they are below the Realm of the Emperor! You know, once a cultivator reaches the Realm of the Emperor, he will be able to get a glimpse of the Laws of Heaven and Earth. Thus, they can refine their soul. But… there are some exceptions… for instance, if the Emperor-Realm cultivator doesn’t have a strong soul force, you can still put a little bit of pressure on his mind.”

“Haha!” Qinghan laughed out in embarrassment, and it seemed as if he was expecting too much of this technique!


Man’gan was in such a bad mood, that he had already killed several barbarian girls to vent his negative feelings.

It wasn’t because of the quality of their service, but because Man’gan was captured by a fit of unknown impulses of killing whenever he “finished”. Looking at the emptiness in between the space of his middle finger and pinky, he was filled with fury!

Right now, he was hiding in the temporary camp, protected by numerous barbarians outside the camp, as not even a bird could fly into their encirclement.

Despite all the security measures, he was still haunted by Qinghan’s devil-like smile. He repeatedly saw the same scene flashing in front of his eyes: Qinghan cutting through his throat and saying that he had regretted to let him go. Back at Breaking Blade Summit, Qinghan had actually promised Man’gan, that he wouldn’t kill them as long as they would voluntarily cut off their own ring fingers. But now… Man’gan predicted that it was highly possible that Qinghan would break his promise…

This creepy feeling made Man’gan suffer greatly. He felt like his life was held in another person’s hands. Ever since he had reluctantly cut off his ring finger at Breaking Blade Summit, he had never enjoyed a worry-free day…

“Shit! Without my finger, how can I point to the sun and yell “fuck!”?”

A flame of anger was thriving in his heart, which made Man’gan lose control of his behavior. Randomly, he swept away all the dishes, and cups on the desk with his arms, and threw them to the ground, “Bring me two more girls! Today I’m going to try a threesome!”

The guards at the door shook their heads, and gave out a helpless sigh. They knew that their young lord was suffering from the horror of the battle at Breaking Blade Summit. The sensual pleasure had turned out to be the only way to cheer him up. Since Man’gan’s order was given, his servants had to do what they were told.

However… when the servants were about to push the door open, someone discovered that a large group of humans was swarming towards their camp! Looking from afar, it was estimated that the total number could be fifty to sixty.

Several barbarians craned their heads over each other’s shoulders, and shockingly found that the young human in the middle was smilingly waving at them, as though they were good friends…

“Heaven! The devil is coming!”

“Warning! The devil is coming!”

The barbarians were so scared, that some of them even fell on the ground. All of a sudden, the barbarian camp was filled with yelling and screaming. They were rushing around the camp, as they were trying to inform everyone about this ominous piece of news.

– Bang! –

The chaos eventually crept into Man’gan’s ears. With an exaggerated terrified expression, he suddenly slipped into his chair, and soon the chair crashed into pieces due to his mighty power.

“Where is he? The devil, where is he?”

In great panic, Man’gan rose up to his feet, and searched in all directions in a state of utter horror.

“Young leader, that… that devil is coming towards us. Right now, he is in front of our camp!” The barbarian guard could hardly hold his breath while talking. He quickly supported the staggering Man’gan, as he stammered out these words.

“Errr!” Hardly had Man’gan stood steadily, before he walked to the door, and overlooked the whole camp from his bird’s eye view. The moment his eyes fell on the human group, he immediately recognized the black-clothed young man, who was smiling at them in a seemingly amicable way. As quickly as he could, Man’gan darted back to his room, and walked in circles, repeatedly. He found he had no way to escape.


A barbarian soldier was walking in big strides towards Man’gan, and his resounding voice could be heard from far away.

“Report! Young leader! That human devil says he wishes to ask you some questions. He demands that you come down and meet him. He also warned us… that he will kill all of us if you don’t accept his invitation.”

“Son of a bitch! I didn’t rape his wife, why does he bother to make a punitive expedition against me? Hey, Man Niu, seriously, will he kill me if I go and meet him?” In front of his underlings, Man’gan tried his best to maintain his composed manner, but his trembling voice revealed everything.

“Errr… I don’t think so. If he decides to kill you, he won’t ask us to deliver this report to you. Why wouldn’t he just start to kill us at once? No one here can defeat him!” Man Niu shook his lumpy head, and replied with a solemn expression.

“Alright! I heard the humans are cautious about promises. Okay, Everyone who has reached the cultivation of a Barbarian Emperor, come with me! Let’s go and have a conversation with that human.”

Touching his shiny bald head, Man’gan believed the likelihood of being killed was rather low. So he reassured himself, as he straightened his spine, showing his usual young-lord-disposition.


“Little Qinghan, do you think Man’gan will come down obediently?”

Qingwu stood beside Qinghan, with her radiant face turned towards the gate of the camp.

The barbarian camp, a place where once they wouldn’t get near, turned out to be a safe place for the human group. With only a dozen of them, they were fearless to face the thousands of barbarians. Proudly and calmly, they stood there, waiting for the arrival of the young lord of the Barbarian Prefecture.

“If he dares to reject our invite, I will poke his asshole with a stick!”

“I have an even better idea. Why not strip all of his clothing, and slap him with a whip? Oh, after that, we will wrap him up and let him burn to death!”


Behind Qinghan, people began making jokes about how to punish Man’gan. In face of thousands of barbarians, they still managed to talk cheerfully and humorously. Through the history of the Mars Prefecture, no one had ever experienced such privileged treatment.

They all became dizzy with success. But, when they saw the glare Qinghan shot at them, they abruptly shut up.

No kidding! The reason why they could make fun of the barbarian young lord in front of the barbarian camp was merely because of this teenager in black clothing, Ye Qinghan! If he was provoked, he would probably walk away and leave the others behind. How could they fight with thousands of barbarians without Qinghan? If Qinghan deserted them, they would’ve been fucked by the barbarians from behind, a hundred times over…

“He’s coming! Shut up! Listen carefully, everyone! Later, you will all be my witnesses.”

The gate of the barbarian camp was pushed open, from which a group of barbarians slowly walked out, with Man’gan in the front. Sainan turned around and reminded the rest of the group in all seriousness, because she didn’t forget the purpose of this visit.


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