BPTH Chapter 14 part 2

The School of Battle Beasts (2)

The next day, in a courtyard in the western part of the Ye Castle.

Qinghan was hastily walking towards a separated yard.

“School of Battle Beasts”

These four words were vividly sculptured on the entrance gate of this big yard, which was a forbidden area for non-descendants. It was a place for members of the Ye Family, who had already successfully summoned a battle beast, to learn the theoretical knowledge and practical techniques about battle beasts.

Taking a long and deep breath, Qinghan tried to calm himself down a little bit, as he was extremely excited. It was like a dream come true place for him, as he had long-desired to enter this school. When he was a little boy, he would spend hours looking at this place from afar, wishing that one day he would be allowed to enter this school with his own battle beast.

In the past, he could only wander around in the vicinity of this school, as he wasn’t allowed to step through the gateway. Now, however, due to this magical unicorn, he was officially permitted to become a student here.

“Hey, look, this is our ‘distinguished’ seventh young lord, Ye Qinghan. It’s rather uncommon to bump into you at this place… Oh… I remember, you’ve summoned that rubbish dog, hahaha…”

As soon as Qinghan had stepped through the gateway, he received this unfriendly “welcome”. Glancing at the people in front of him, he realized that the one who had spoken to him was Ye Qingxie, a collateral descendant from Ye Jian’s family. In yesterday’s Awakening Ceremony, Qingxie had summoned a sixth-grade fire eagle, which he thought was much nobler than Qinghan’s fourth-grade “lion-nosed dog”.

“Is he Ye Qinghan? I’ve heard that there appeared a nine-colored halo during his summoning process. But, you want to hear the most hilarious part of this? In the end, he only came out with a rubbish dog in his arms. This dumbass wasted that golden opportunity… Well, this garbage and his rubbish dog are actually quite a match. Haha…”

“If the nine-colored halo emerged during my awakening period, I would’ve certainly summon a holy-grade beast, just like our ancestor Ruoshui did.”

“His father, Ye Dao, was a genius in cultivation. But, look at this guy, what an ironical comparison – a talented father and a garbage-like son!”

“What a pity!”

Following Ye Qingxie’s intended mockery, other descendants also joined this hot debate. Qinghan stood there calmly, receiving all kinds of looks from his counterparts, some were curious, some were jealous, and some were despiteful. Taunting exclamations and catcalls exploded like fireworks, as they were “drowning” Qinghan with their despicable saliva.

Nevertheless, Qinghan kept silent and looked indifferently at them. Last night, he had analyzed the pros and cons of the current situation, and found that it was not the right timing to directly oppose Ye Jian’s family. On one hand, in Ye Jian’s family, there were three seventh-grade battle beasts – Ye Jian’s blood tiger, Qingkuang’s violent bear and Qingfeng’s spirit wolf. These beasts were equivalent to cultivators in the Realm of the Prince. On the other hand, their grandfather, Ye Tianlong had retired long ago; Ye Jian was basically in charge of the whole family. Obviously, Ye Jian’s influence in this family was unshakable at this stage.

When Ye Dao was still alive, his achievements in cultivation were unmatchable, as he had entered the Realm of the Emperor at the age of twenty eight. While the battle beast he had summoned, was an eighth-grade dralion. At that time, Ye Dao was the brightest star of the Ye Family, whose radiance overshadowed the adjacent little stars, like Ye Jian. That was where the hatred originated.

After Ye Dao had passed away, no influential figure was left to support Qinghan and his sister. Qinghan became the only man in his family line, though he once heard he actually had a brother-in-law who had been missing for years. Since then, Qinghan and his sister had become orphans that anyone could stamp their feet on. The ones that were insulting him just now, were all from Ye Jian’s family line.

Since Qinghan had already estimated that this would happen to him today, he wasn’t irritated at all. He stood at the gate, patiently waiting. Meanwhile, his silence actually managed to extinguish the passion of the others to further insult him. Eventually, they got bored and started to focus on other stuff.

The School of Battle Beasts, a place for the education of Ye Family’s descendants, was composed of three branches – rudimentary, medium and advanced. Right now, the doors of the three branches were still closed. It seemed as if it was still too early for the class to start.

“I’m a newcomer here. I think I should go to the rudimentary branch.” Qinghan thought to himself as he was playing with the little cub in his hands.

While Qinghan was standing at the gate wondering what he would learn from the school, suddenly, he saw a palm that was quickly approaching his face.

Someone was trying to sneak attack him!

Out of self-defense, Qinghan instantly dodged to the left side. Although he was simply a cultivator in the Realm of the Elite, he had some basic technique in terms of defense.

– Bang! –

Unfortunately, despite Qinghan’s quick response, the big palm still landed on his shoulder with a loud thud. The strong power forced him to stagger backwards. At the same time, he had to protect the little beast in his hands. Finally, he let himself fall backwards, as he ended up sitting on the ground.

“Bastard, and your bastard dog. Get the hell out of my way!” An arrogant voice suddenly appeared.

“Ye Qingkuang, what do you want?” Qinghan stood up, staring at the two brothers beside him.

One was a young man in his twenties, with a snow-white complexion and thin lips. He was the eldest young lord of the Ye Family, Ye Qingkuang. The little boy that stood on his side was his little brother – Ye Qingfeng, who held a little spirit wolf in his arms.

“What do I want? What do you want? I mean, are you trying to prevent us from coming in by standing in front of the gate? Look at you, and your poor puppy. Hey, are you guys interested in watching a fight between my violent bear and his black dog?” Qingkuang replied indifferently, without even looking Qinghan into his eyes.

“Haha, eldest young lord. Are you kidding? For your violent bear, the strength of a fart is enough to send that dog to hell!”

“Haha, he deserved the heavy palm! After all, he intentionally stood in your way.”

The bystanders bursted out into laughter, as they were scornfully discussing Qinghan and his dog.

“You…” Qinghan’s anger surged into a fury, as he was clenching his fists.

Just now, he was only randomly standing near the gate, how could this be considered obstructing others from coming in. It was just an excuse for Qingkuang to hit him, thus disguising his own filthy motivation. In other words, Qingkuang deliberately attempted to insult Qinghan in public.

“I didn’t get in your way on purpose. And you, as my eldest brother, how can you bully your younger brother? Our deceased ancestors of Ye Family are watching us from the heavens!” Qinghan restrained himself from fighting back, as he calculated that his strength was currently far from comparable with Qingkuang’s.

“Haha!” Qingkuang sneered as he glanced at Qinghan, “Oh, you’re quite eloquent, aren’t you? An elder brother bullying a younger brother? Yeah, that’s what I’m doing right now! If you don’t agree, come and bite me, mhmm?”

Qingkuang’s laughed out loudly, as if bullying Qinghan was the only joy of his boring day. He intended to continue this “game” until he was fully amused.


Qingkuang’s laughing face was abruptly frozen, as if he had just spotted a ghost in broad daylight. Pushing his little brother away to the side, he instinctively threw his fist towards his right side.

– Boom! –

With a thud, Qingkuang staggered several steps backwards, until he managed to steady himself. His face had turned deathly pale, as he was blankly looking through the gate.

“What the hell is going on?”

“Ah… It’s her! I’m just wondering, who has the nerve to attack our eldest young lord.”

“Hehe, Miss Wu has returned from the Flame Dragon Festival. I saw her yesterday.”

“Oh, it’s Miss Wu. Haha, I have to say, this is going to be interesting and exciting.”

“Miss Wu is so gorgeous! I cannot bear to look at her for too long. My nose is already bleeding!”

“Miss Wu?” Qinghan followed the eyes of the others, as a pair of long and slim legs appeared.

“Oh, God. What a beautiful pair of legs!” Qinghan uttered, as he even slightly drooled.

Above her legs was a tight hot pants made of leather. Looking upward, a thin waist was exposed with snow-white skin. Her body was wrapped up in red-leathered tights, giving emphasis to her magnificent breasts, which were ready to break out. While her face was also charmingly beautiful.

“She not only has a figure of a supermodel, but also boasts of the face of a Goddess! She’s so seductive… Miss Wu? Is she the little faerie girl – Ye Qingwu?” It suddenly occurred to Qinghan, that this girl was the granddaughter of Ye Qingniu, who was one of the most senior elders in the Ye Family. Ye Qingwu was a talented female cultivator, who was almost as talented as Qinghan’s father, Ye Dao. Right now, she had already summoned a seventh-grade snow fox, and entered the first level of the Realm of the Marshal. If she integrated with her beast, her power would be equivalent to the third level of the Realm of the Marshal. Given all her eminent achievements, she was ranked sixth on the Immortal Ranking List, which was higher than the so-called genius of the Xue Family – Xue Wuhen.

As cultivators, the higher the realm was they had reached, the harder it became to become stronger. Most cultivators couldn’t make any further improvements once they had reached the Realm of the Marshal. Ye Jian, for instance, was already in his forties and had cultivated for more than thirty years to obtain his current achievements – the Realm of the Emperor. In other words, as a young girl, Qingwu’s talent in cultivation was far above that of her peers.