BPTH Chapter 139

The Secret of Soul Chaos

“Errr? Do you understand?”

The sudden fury of Qinghan shocked everyone, as they stopped chatting at once. Sainan also stood up confusingly, and asked the question that bewildered them all, “Young lord Qinghan, what happened between you and Wuhen? What did he do to you?”

Although it was no news that Qinghan and Wuhen had long been on bad terms with each other, it was odd for Qinghan to act so dramatically this time. Sainan believed in Qinghan’s personality, and that he wouldn’t use his power to bully his weaker compatriots of the Mars Prefecture.

“Hehe, what did he do to him? He did an incredibly disgusting thing. Do you guys remember last time, when we were under siege by the encirclement of the demons and barbarians? Do you know why Yao Kaka and Man’gan went to Black Dragon Valley? Because that bastard Wuhen planted concealed worms in our young lord’s hair… Those worms served as a tracer. We immediately went to his place to capture him, but only found the normal members of the Xue Family. Wuhen, as well as his two Prince-Realm cultivators have already run away!” Impatiently, Shiqi quickly broke in, as he answered Sainan’s question for his young lord.


Shiqi’s words deeply stirred everyone’s heart. It took several minutes for them to digest this bombshell. They were pondering on the authenticity of this news, as well as the possible consequences.

“Fuck you, Xue Wuhen! You‘re such an asshole! How shameless of you to do such evil things to all of us! I’ll report this to my father, and raze Flying Snow City to the ground!” Feng Zi broke the silence, and cursed bitterly.

“Ohhh, I remember that bastard once invited young lord Qinghan to have a private conversation with him. I bet it was at that time that he planted the worms in Qinghan’s hair. No wonder that the other two races found us so easily! I thought they were using some heaven-defying tracing technique… Oh, I was so wrong! It was all conspired by Xue Wuhen! But… I guess the Xue Family will be removed from the five prominent families after this scandal is made public.” Hua Cao blinked his eyes, as he remembered a series of suspicious, unexplainable things that had happened earlier during the Prefecture War. Now everything was clear!

“Xue Wuhen… he has to die!” Qingcheng was apparently on Qinghan’s side, for she shared the hatred Qinghan had towards his enemy.

“Er, is this real? Did you procure any evidence?” In great shock, Sainan raised her voice, hoping to be reassured by some concrete evidence. This was going to be a big event! It would probably influence the bond that had connected the five families throughout history. The crime of colluding with the other races to harm compatriots of his own prefecture, would definitely raise outcries. She had to behave with extra caution, before she jumped to any conclusion.

“Young lord Qinghan, take out the worms! Let all of them have a good look.” Shisan nodded to Sainan, and asked Qinghan to show the evidence.

Quietly, Qinghan took a jade box from his chest pocket, and opened it, before he displayed the box at the center of the cave ground, for others to observe.

“Errr…” As soon as the boxed was opened, Sainan’s face turned surly. As an experienced cultivator, she had good eyesight, and judgment. The transparent worms were already cut into halves, but she was absolutely certain that these were the worms of the Xue Family. With Hua Cao’s deduction combined, she was fully convinced that Wuhen was actually a traitor!

After some meditation, she gave an order, “Send out all the scouts, and seek Wuhen out! Whoever claims to be the first to find him, we’ll reward him with 1,000 credits!”

Quickly, all the scouts rushed outside, striving to be the first one to obtain the 1,000 credits, with which they would be able to take the position of a small-city leader.

“Son of a bitch! How could this bastard, Wuhen, do such a monstrous thing? I’ll kill him once I run into him!”

“You’re right. On behalf of my family, I declare that we will break off any and all connections we have with the Xue Family! Young lord Qinghan, we will follow the Ye Family instead!”

“The Xue Family is challenging the morality of the Mars Prefecture! They are going against the trend! After this war ends, I suggest that we form a legion to annihilate the Xue Family!”


Since Wuhen’s evil behavior was made known to all, he, as well as his family, were doomed. He was supposed to be killed, according to the rules set up by the founders of the five prominent families. Actually, he wasn’t only a traitor, but also a criminal, who had plotted to end the lives of the young lords and ladies of the other prominent families. This was no different from stirring up the hornet’s nest, and troubles would come to him sooner or later.

Sizing up the current situation, the less influential families, that once clung to the Xue Family, began to show their willingness to end their cooperative relationship with this evil family. One after another, they swore to capture Xue Wuhen to make their due contribution to the other prominent families.

“It’s still too early to say whether the Xue Family was involved in this conspiracy or not. Maybe it was all done by Wuhen alone. We have to discuss with the leader of Dragon City, as well as the elders of our four families, before we make a final decision on how to punish Wuhen and his family. In the following days, I’ll set out to meet Man’gan, and inquire him about some details. I suggest that you guys come along as witnesses. I hope, that you guys will help me to accuse Wuhen of his wrongdoings later on!”

Back in the Black Dragon Valley, where Qinghan had first discovered the concealed worms, he had originally decided to investigate this event secretly. But now, since the ugly doings of Wuhen were known to all, he thought it was time to bring the other families in, and ask them to be the witnesses when he interrogated the bald-headed Man’gan. Qinghan was confident, that he would find out the prime culprit from the mouth of Man’gan.

“I agree! I’ll be the first witness to the proof of Wuhen’s wrongdoings!”

“Haha, we’re at your disposal, young lord Qinghan. It’ll be an interesting journey to the barbarian’s temporary camp!”

“Good idea! If time permits it, shall we also visit the demon’s camp?”


The crowd burst into a clamor, as they were showing their willingness to join Qinghan’s plan. After all, the once terrifying demons and barbarians weren’t a threat to them anymore. Qinghan would be their protector! The discussion was quite heated, for some were talking about when this special journey would start, what kind of clothing they should wear that day, or the possible ways to punish Man’gan… Some even suggested to hang Man’gan on a tree, and let him enjoy a good spanking.


Night fell, and Qinghan retreated to his resting place, after a simple meal with the team members.

“Little Black, come out!”

With a gracious smile, Qinghan patted on his own chest.

– Shoo! –

Suddenly, a black puff of smoke appeared, in which the shape of Little Black was gradually visualized.

Little Black turned his neck left and right, and revealed his two protruding canine teeth, “Jiji, hello boss! You look fabulous!”

“Hey, little bastard, don’t make fun of me. Tell me… what actually happened? Could you please explain to me what Soul Chaos is?” Qinghan clutched Little Black in his arms, and stroke his head, with eyes full of love.

“Gaga! Boss, I’m very powerful now.” Little Black proudly raised up his chin.

“Boss, do you remember the Dragon Crystal I collected in the Black Dragon Valley? I swallowed it in my stomach, and my body began to inhale the energy from it at a crazy speed. Because of the size of my body, I found it hard to absorb all of the energy by myself. That’s why the extra energy went into your body! But, as soon as I delivered the energy to you, I fell into a deep slumber. You know what, after a long time, when I finally woke up, I found that my strength had greatly increased! What’s more, our integration technique was also upgraded in the process!”

“Ahh!” Qinghan suddenly came to the realization, that the energy that spilled out from his chest was actually given to him by Little Black, while he was refining the Dragon Crystal! In an even more excited tone, he added, “But, why did Soul Chaos exert such incredible power?”

“Haha!” Little Black rolled his pair of shining black eyeballs, and conveyed his voice to Qinghan.

“Indeed, Soul Chaos is an upgraded version of Soul Blackout. They belong to the same category – spiritual attacks! The difference is, Soul Blackout is aimed at individuals, but Soul Chaos is targeted at groups. Why it is so powerful? Heihei, that’s because my soul has now reached the Realm of a seventh-grade demonic beast, equivalent to the Realm of the Prince among humans. Boss, once we integrate, our overall soul force will be near the peak level of the Realm of the Prince… With such improvements, it will certainly be a piece of cake to kill groups of Barbarian Emperors and Demonic Emperors!”

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