BPTH Chapter 138

20,000 Credits!

“Er, young lord Qinghan, you woke up! Oh, your wife has also come, ha!” Standing at the centre of the meeting-room, Feng Zi released a crispy laughter the moment he saw the two of them, and teased a little bit at their intimate relationship.

“Young lord Qinghan, I’m so relieved to see that you’ve recovered! We were so worried about you!” Hua Cao cut in hastily, and like Feng Zi, laughed mockingly at them, when he found Qinghan and Qingcheng still holding each other’s hand.

In a hurry, Sainan stood up, and straightened her back, emphasizing her manly outlook. She walked directly towards Qinghan, and bowed to the both of them, “Hello, young lord Qinghan, and Miss Qingcheng. Please get yourself seated. Come with me.”

“Young lord Qinghan, Miss Qingcheng!” In succession, the other people in the cave stood up and bowed to them, following Sainan’s exemplary action.

Qingcheng, in some way, shared Qinghan’s glory by being bowed to by others. Back at Breaking Blade Summit, they had all witnessed their impressive hugging, and knew their relationship had improved since then. On the other hand, the title of Holy Virgin of the Yue Family had also earned Qingcheng some fame, which was part of the reason she was respected and appreciated.

“Hey, guys, forget about all the formalities! Young lord Feng Zi and Hua Cao, you two should know by now, that I dislike the complex etiquette! Just relax!” Ever since the grand victory at Breaking Blade Summit, Qinghan had instantly become the focal point wherever he went, for he was regarded as one of the advanced cultivators. Although it was a thrill to become famous overnight, to Qinghan, he still regarded himself as the seventh young lord of the Ye Family, and refused to change into a person as overbearing as Qingkuang.

Under Sainan’s guide, he took a seat beside her, and smiled politely, “What are you guys talking about?”

“Er…” Sainan talked to one of her underlings beside her, before she turned back to Qinghan, “We have tidied up the battle scene, and calculated the amount of credits we’ve obtained. In total, it’s more than 136,000! Apart from these credits, we have also collected a great number of weapons and treasures! All these are at your disposal, young lord Qinghan!”

“Ohhh… Impressive!” Qinghan rubbed his nose, as he replied. At the same time, a line of people were led in by Sainan’s underling, and each of them carried a crate. At first, Qingan was greatly shocked, because he had never thought that the amount of credits could be this huge. While on second thought, he believed it was quite reasonable, considering the large number of demons and barbarians put together, which was said to have reached over 10,000! If each of them had taken off their rings, the amount of credits would indeed be huge.

Looking at the wishful eyes of the others, Qinghan laughed, “I’ll only take 20, 000 credits. As for the rest of them, it should be taken by the Mars Prefecture Legion. You guys have sacrificed a great deal in this battle!”

“Young lord Qinghan… It’s so generous of you! We really appreciate it! Believe us, we’ll be under your full command in the future!”

“Yeah, I agree! Young lord Qinghan, your righteousness and integrity are the very thing needed for the sustained prosperity of the Ye Family!”


What Qinghan had said came as a big relieve to the others in the cave, as they all simultaneously shot grateful glances towards Qinghan, and the noises of flattery filled the space.

The huge amount of credits could be exchanged for many things, and make one financially competitive. For instance, with this amount of credits, a normal elite would be able to become a leader of a big city. However… most of the credits were collected by Qinghan, who had saved the lives of thousands. Considering this, even if Qinghan took all the credits, they wouldn’t make a fuss about it. Now, to their great surprise, Qinghan had said that he would only take 20,000 credits! The rest would be distributed among the other team members. How could they not be thrilled by this news?

This time, after all, so many of their compatriots had sacrificed themselves. They deserved all these credits. Otherwise, Qinghan would find it difficult to face the relatives of the martyrs, the wounded members still with bandage all over their bodies, and the fatigued survivors.

“Thank you!” Sainan had already regained her calm, and leaned her body a little bit towards Qinghan, as she whispered in his ear. The whole Breaking Blade Summit battle was organized solely by herself, and she felt guilty for the dead members. As a commander-in-chief, she also found it unbearable to accept the fact that their casualty rate had reached as high as two thousand. If it wasn’t for Qinghan’s generosity, she didn’t know how to face her team members.

“Hehe, Miss Sainan, you’re welcome. It’s easy for me to get the credits.” Qinghan carelessly shrugged his shoulders, and replied in a similar low voice. The 6,000 credits he had collected with his own team had already been recorded in his ring, plus the 20,000, he had calculated that the amount was enough to exchange for the Immortal Spirit Dan, and probably, he could even buy something extra in Immortal City.

Also, Qinghan decided to meet the demons and barbarians again, once everything here had settled down. His aim of this trip was to inquire Man’gan over his alliance with the demons, and hopefully he would get some useful information out of this. At the same time, he could collect some extra credits, whenever he wished, along the way.

The alliance of the other two races was still a mystery. Qinghan was determined to set up a thorough investigation, and find out the culprit behind the scene.

Sainan gave Qinghan a self-mocking smile, before she turned to Qingcheng, with whom she wished to chat something that only belonged to girls.

Soon after, people began to calculate the amount of the credits that each team was supposed to claim. Based on the number of surviving team members, as well as how many had killed or wounded members, they distributed the credits quickly. The cave became somewhat boisterous all of a sudden.

“Hey, where are Shisan, Shiqi, and Qingwu?” After sweeping his eyes around the cave, Qinghan stuck out his head between Sainan and Qingcheng, as soon as he sensed the absence of these three.

“Er?” Confusedly, Qingcheng winked several times towards Qinghan, and replied with a suspicious tone, “Haven’t you arranged a secret task for them already? Upon their arrival at the temporary camp, they directly proceeded with their task, oh, they also took Xian’gu and Hua Xin with them.”

“What?” Qinghan raised his eyebrows, as he was perplexed, for he had never given them a secret task. When he was about to inquire for more details, he heard noisy footsteps outside the cave. An instant later, in succession, Shiqi, Qingwu, Xian’gu, Hua Xin, and Shisan all entered.

“Alas! Bad luck! Errr…young lord Qinghan, oh, you woke up!” Shiqi looked quite dismayed, as he walked towards Qinghan, while sighing with a bitter expression.

“Little Qinghan, are you feeling any better now?” Unlike the dejected middle-aged Shiqi, Qingwu was radiant with the light of a young girl, full of spirit and glow. Her innocent, angelic face broke out a charming smile, as she quickened her pace towards Qinghan.

“Young lord Qinghan, nice to see you again!” Hua Xin and Feng Meng, who followed them from behind, bowed to Qinghan with full respect. Times had changed, Qinghan was no longer an unknown young lord, but a powerful celebrity! They had to respect him now.

Shisan was the last one entering the cave, he remained as calm as ever, as he nodded towards Qinghan and stood by his side.

In response, Qinghan bowed and nodded quickly. At last, he landed his eyes on the unpleasant Shiqi, and asked, “Hey, buddy, what’s wrong with you? What a long face you wear today! Did your wife run away with another guy?”

“No, it’s not my wife who’s running away, it’s Xue Wuhen! This bastard must be ashamed of his own sins!” Shiqi replied, while at the same time he stole a glance at Xian’gu.

“Errr?” The mention of this disgusting name was enough to push Qinghan into a fury. His emotions suddenly changed, as he looked coldly at the entrance of the cave, before he stood up, “I need you guys to scoop him out, no matter where he has hidden. Dispatch as many people as possible, I need you to launch a blanket search for this bastard!”


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