BPTH Chapter 137

Xue Wuhen Ran Away


What this Prince-Realm cultivator had just said made Wuhen’s heart swing in fear, and the other Prince-Realm cultivator’s face also turned surly.

Right! The top priority for Wuhen now was his own security, rather than dwelling on the reason why Qinghan had turned so powerful. As that Prince-Realm cultivator had just mentioned, it was only a matter of time before Wuhen’s secret would be brought to light, either by the discovery of the concealed worms, or due to Qinghan’s interrogation of Man’gan. One could not wrap fire with paper. Everything would be exposed in due time.

What would happen to Wuhen, or even his entire family, once this scandal was uncovered? They would definitely be hated by everyone in the Mars Prefecture. So, they understood, that it’d be safer to leave from this place right now, before the Mars Prefecture Legion could return.

“We have to run away, tonight! Hmm… We’d better seek a safe shelter, and stay there until the end of this Prefecture War. After the war, we’ll be directly teleported to Immortal City, where our safety will be secured!” A trace of hatred flashed in Wuhen’s eyes, as he concluded his final decision.

“Ahh, I know a seldom-visited cave, which is located on the periphery of the Visionary Forest. I heard that there is a seventh-grade lower level demonic beast there, which prohibits any scouts from coming near. Tonight, let’s start off. Shall our whole team go or…” The surly-faced Prince-Realm cultivator nodded his head firmly, for he already had an ideal hiding place in mind.

Nevertheless, Wuhen shook his head over this seemingly good suggestion, and the hatred in his dual pupils, a black and grey one, was intensified. “No! We won’t bring any of the team members, just the three of us! Go and prepare some food, we’ll sneak out of this camp tonight!”

“Errr… Alright!” The Prince-cultivator replied with a helpless sigh, before he left the cave alongside his counterpart.

Being left alone, Wuhen first stared at the backs of his two downcast underlings, and then looked up at the sky through the entrance of the cave, “Ye Qinghan! Today, you nudged me into a tight corner; one day, I believe, I will have you pay for this many times over. The day I return, I will cut you alive, and raze the entire Ye Family to the ground! Also, I will let that bitch Yue Qingcheng live in regret for the rest of her life…”


Qinghan had went through a long, but sweet dream, in which he had seen himself sweeping the demons and barbarians in great numbers, and his name made the other two races overawed. At last, he dreamed that he had obtained a lot of credits, which he had exchanged for a Spirit Immortal Dan. Then came a vision where his sister Qingwu took the Dan, and opened her long-closed eyes, as her snow-white hair gradually returned to its original shining black colour. On his sister’s delicate face, he found that familiar, fascinating smile. Amazingly, he even somehow smelled the gentle flowery fragrance coming from his sister’s hair…

When he woke up; however, the girl, who sat beside his bed, wasn’t Qingyu, but Qingcheng! To Qinghan’s great disappointment, the girly smell was from Qingcheng’s hair. Eventually, he closed his eyes once again…

“Qinghan! How are you? Are you feeling any better?” Looking at the depressed Qinghan, Qingcheng’s heart was aching.

“No big deal. I just… remembered something!” After a couple of awkward minutes of silence, Qinghan reopened his eyes and sat up. He shot an apologetic smile towards Qingcheng, before he checked his body and found that every part was sound and intact.

“That’s great! Errr… Would you mind to tell me something about your sister?” Encouraged by Qinghan’s smile, Qingcheng took advantage of this opportunity and inquired about Qingyu.

“Errr… This is a long, long story. You will find it out for yourself later on. Let’s forget about this topic. Where are we right now?” Qinghan jumped out of his bed, and began to observe his surroundings. It was a cave, and the sunshine at the entrance was extremely scorching. He guessed that it should be the afternoon already.

Qingcheng immediately stood up as well, as she explained, “We’re now in the temporary camp. In order to take good care of the wounded members, Sainan decided to let us rest here. She said that she won’t make further arrangements until you wake up. For the rest of the young lords, they’re all safe and sound.”

“Oh!” The sincerity in Qinghan’s smile grew, as he grabbed Qingcheng’s jade-like hands. Suddenly, he tossed his head closer to her, and whispered, “Hey, Qingcheng… Once my sister is saved, I will propose our marriage to your family. I appreciate all the things you, and your family have done for me. I’ve nothing to pay off your kindness with, but to protect you for the rest of my life.”

Feeling the warmth of Qinghan’s big hands, Qingcheng was shy, as her face turned red. Not only her cheeks, but also her neck was blush, when she slowly raised her eyes and met Qinghan’s deep stare. She was left helpless as to how to give a proper response, and only nodded her head as firmly as she possibly could.

“Haha, the holy virgin of the Yue Family is so bashful! Alright, let’s go outside, and have a look at our spoils of war.” In a fit of laughter, Qinghan took Qingcheng out, as their fingers were still intertwined.

“Hi, young lord Qinghan, and Miss Qingcheng!”

Soon after, they arrived at the temporary meeting room, and were warmly greeted by the Mars Prefecture members, who bowed to Qinghan with expressions full of awe. For them, Qinghan was their savior, their great benefactor. On the other hand, Qinghan’s mind-boggling power had already prompted him to become an advanced cultivator, and advanced cultivators were always respected by others.

“Oh, my goodness! So many credits! I guess we have set a record in terms of the amount of credits we obtained this time. Haha, we’ll be cherished and remembered forever…”

“Feng Zi, don’t be so brazen. The credits belong to young lord Qinghan! It’s none of your business! You wish to be remembered forever? Forget about it!”

“Hey, lady-boy, don’t throw damp over my zealous speech. Anyway, I’m in such a fabulous mood that I won’t haggle over your words. But, this shouldn’t be taken as a precedent, or I will curse you bitterly.”

The manly voice of Feng Zi, mingled with the feminine, sharp sound of Hua Cao. Their ongoing debate grabbed the attention of Qinghan and Qingcheng, which made the latter two look at each other and helplessly shake their heads.

“Hahaha, Feng Zi, Hua Cao, I suppose you two are destined to contradict each other. You two are always quarrelling over trivial matters.”

The so-called meeting room, indeed, was nothing but another relatively much more commodious cave. Many people had already gathered here. Among them, some were familiar to Qinghan, and cupped their hands towards him as a greeting.



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