BPTH Chapter 136

Spiritual Technique?

For a long while, Qingcheng simply kept silent and didn’t speak to Qinghan whatsoever, even though the words were just on the tip of her tongue. The man, who had made her so solicitous all these days, had finally appeared in front of her! Cheerfully, his very appearance had brought the desperate situation to an end, with his exotic purple halo. One man, and one dagger, were enough to kill thousands of demons and barbarians. Under his order, countless demons and barbarians had cut off their own fingers obediently, and went away in helter-skelter.

Not a single girl in this world could resist the temptation of romantic love. They all dreamed of being saved from the devil by a prince riding on a white horse. Today, Qinghan had brought with him a rarely-seen purple halo, which was his “white horse”, and became a savior for the Mars Prefecture Legion. How could Qingcheng not be touched by the heroic behavior of her fiancé?

Therefore, Qingcheng was caught in a swirl of happiness, as she felt so blessed to have met such a guy in her lifetime. Of course, amidst all the joy, she did worry about Qinghan, and wished to throw herself into his far-from-broad chest. She was longing to pour out all of her feelings at once, the sleepless nights she had gone through while missing him, and the love and admiration she had for him when Qinghan, like an immortal, had descended onto the head of a Barbarian Emperor. However, Qingcheng somehow felt belittled in front of Qinghan, a man with such mind boggling power and influence. She began to wonder whether Qinghan felt the same for her or not.

The moment Qinghan smilingly stretched his arms towards Qingcheng, her tears finally started to roll down down her cheeks. Responding with a sweet, shy smile, she slowly moved towards Qinghan. First, she walked, then ran, and at last, she rushed like crazy… until she found her “shelter” in Qinghan’s arms…


“Wow, Shisan, what technique has your young lord learned? It’s heaven-defying! Absolutely incredible!”

“Yeah, it can virtually be categorized as one of the legendary spiritual techniques. We haven’t seen or heard from you guys for several days now… Hey, tell us, what happened during that period? Did you bump into an ancient relic, and grab a treasure?”

“That must absolutely be it! It’s so marvelous! Alas, I believe, even the spirit attack of our Yue Family falls behind this technique.”

Hua Xin, Feng Meng, Xian’gu and several other Prince-Realm cultivators, began to draw closer to Shiqi and Shisan their sides, and bombarded them with a series of question about the exotic purple halo. Never, in their entire lifetime, had they witnessed such a shocking technique, which allowed large groups of enemies to be forced into an illusion for quite some time. Only a legendary Immortal Technique would have such a grand effect.

“Errr… I don’t know either. We’ve been trapped in the Black Dragon Valley, for… more than ten days. It wasn’t until Yao Kaka and Man’gan intruded into the valley, that we managed to escape from that dangerous place. As for the ancient relic you mentioned, honestly, we didn’t encounter any. Ah, our young lord obtained a Dragon Crystal, which might have something to do with this terrifying technique!”

In order to take care of the others’ curiosity, Shiqi replied with an awkward, bitter smile. Although Qinghan had already confirmed that his integration technique had now been upgraded to a new level – Soul Chaos, Shiqi chose not to say it publicly. After all, this could be Qinghan’s new ace in the hole.

“Stop asking me, I said, I haven’t figured it out myself!” Stretching his hands outward, Shiqi refused to disclose any more details.

As for Qingwu, she was apparently not in the mood to answer any of their confusion, because she was so jealous of Qingcheng, who was in Qinghan’s arms, as she was spasmodically sobbing.

“Hehe! Let me explain it to you all. I’ve actually refined the Dragon Crystal, which propelled a series of improvements in my soul, thus my integration technique has become stronger! That’s it! Simple!” Qinghan came to the rescue of Shisan and Shiqi, who were embarrassingly circled by a bunch of curious inquirers. If Qinghan didn’t reveal a little bit of this secret, the others wouldn’t be willing to let go of this matter.


However, Qinghan’s reply only received catcalls, and some of them even rolled their eyes suspiciously. Obviously, this explanation wasn’t taken seriously. But, in the end, they gave up on diving into too much details of this technique.

“Errr! Qingcheng! Please do me a favor.” Regardless of others’ responses, Qinghan softly patted on Qingcheng’s smooth back, though he didn’t currently have the time to enjoy the delicacy of it, and smiled bitterly. Gradually, his face turned pale, as white as paper.

“Are you ok?” In a hurry, Qingcheng raised up her blush face, and stared at Qinghan, with eyes full of shyness and ambiguous love.

“Tell Miss Sainan to clear the battle scene. Plus… don’t tell anyone that I’m about to lose my conscious and be in a coma. I have consumed too much of my soul force… I need to rest for several days…” Scarcely had Qinghan finished his words, or he closed his eyes, and fainted against Qingcheng’s shoulders. Looking from afar, their gesture suggested that they were still hugging tightly with each other…



– Bang! –

In one of the small caves of the temporary camp of the Mars Prefecture, the cup in Wuhen’s hands abruptly fell to the ground, splashing water all over the place. His dual pupils flashed with doubt as well as a terrified light. A scout of the Xue Family stood squarely at the corner, and Wuhen walked back and forth within the confinement of the cave.

“Are you sure of this report? I mean, if it’s false, I’ll kill you immediately!” Suddenly, he stopped and spoke up with a ferocious face.

The scout kneeled down, begging for mercy, before he rubbed the sweat off of his forehead and replied, in a trembling voice, “Your Majesty, I guarantee the authenticity of this information with my own head! Moreover… it has been reconfirmed by many scouts, who have investigated in different directions. Otherwise, I wouldn’t dare to give you this final report!”

For a full moment, Wuhen fastened his eyes on the shivering scout, but only found that the scout’s report had finished. In the end, he shook his head hopelessly, and murmured to himself, “How could this be real? Impossible! Shit, how could Ye Qinghan turn out to be so powerful? Huh? I don’t believe this shit at all…”

“Young lord, I’m afraid this is real. Xue Cun is an experienced scout, and he wouldn’t make any mistakes about such important information. Xue Cun! You can leave now!” The Prince-Realm cultivator, who was standing beside Wuhen, spoke up with a surly face.

“I simply cannot persuade myself into believing that bastard Ye Qinghan has actually become so powerful! Can you imagine? He can slaughter hundreds, or even thousands of demons and barbarians within seconds, and you know, Yao Kaka was killed by him as well. Even his father, Ye Dao, failed to perform such magic. Why are all the good things going his way?” Wuhen was scared out of his wits, as he kept searching for something he could smash to balance his emotion with; yet, to his great disappointment, the table was left with nothing. In an uncontrollable fury, he slammed on the table instead.

“Young lord!” Another Prince-Realm cultivator on Wuhen’s side interrupted, “Look, the core concern right now is not the fact that he has killed so many demons and barbarians, but his absolute power! He’s probably capable of killing anyone on Ghost Island. I mean, the participants of this Prefecture War, especially the barbarian leader, Man’gan, will succumb to his power, and reveal our secrets… Also, the concealed worms in his hair… We can only hope that he didn’t find them, or perhaps he has already discovered them. We’re in great danger, young lord! For now, running away will be the best policy! But, where shall we hide? How shall we face the Mars Prefecture after this war?”


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