BPTH Chapter 135

Qinghan’s Demand

Sainan burst into smiles as she wiped the scarlet blood off her pretty face. Bashfully, Feng Zi repositioned himself in a more comfortable pose. In dull laughter, he grinned from ear to ear, as though he had just picked up the sweetest candy. As for Qingcheng, she remained unmoved, yet her teary eyes were pinned on Qinghan. Xian’gu raised her charming eyebrows, as her plump bosom shivered…


On the other side, Yao Kaka was so spooked that he looked silly. Looking at the corpses of his compatriots, as well as the cheerful smile on Qinghan’s face, a chill ran down his spine. Desperately, he moved his lips slightly, but he failed to let any sound come out.

Man’gan looked like a dumbass, as he always did. It was too much for him to understand, why hundreds or even thousands of his fellow barbarians had suddenly collapsed onto the ground. Neither did he know how the four humans had broken their formation. He simply didn’t know what had happened at all. His shining bald head kept thinking, but he failed to figure out the situation.

Both the demonic and barbarian race found their brain useless, as they were trying to find out an answer to this weird phenomenon. Devil, that teenager must be a devil, who came from the Nine Ghost World! Otherwise, how could they explain the grotesque purple halo and the following black fog, that had led to the massive death of their members? If he wasn’t a devil, how could he bear such a ghastly smile?

Run! The demons and barbarians made up their mind, and began to run away from this place of death and despair…


With a shivering shriek Yao Kaka gave out a retreat order, the sound of which was extremely unpleasant to the ears. Overlooking the panic-stricken demons and barbarians, who were busy running in all directions, Yao Kaka trembled even fiercer, due to which he almost fell off of the Wing Bird Demon. Although, up until now, he didn’t know why this young man from the human race had suddenly exhibited such mighty power, he did know that it was high time for them to escape, if they didn’t wish to be annihilated!


Echoed by Yao Kaka’s sharp scream, Man’gan also immediately ordered his barbarians to retreat. As he hurriedly ran away, he sobbed in a pathetic manner, “Oh, I don’t want to know the reason behind this magic; all I need to do is get rid of this terrifying devil, the further the better…”

“Yao Kaka, Man’gan, if you dare to run away, I promise I will slaughter you all!”

The sound made by Qinghan wasn’t at all loud, but it managed to scare Yao Kaka and Man’gan out of their skin. While at the same time, the Mars Prefecture Legion was also shocked by Qinghan’s action.

“Little bastard from the human race, you dare to threaten your Big Brother Yao Kaka? I greatly enjoy to run away, so what? Come and kill me!” As Yao Kaka was flying in the air, he gave such an emboldened retort. He couldn’t bear the feeling of being mocked and threatened by such a young-aged human being. On the other hand, as per his cruel personality, he wouldn’t shed a tear over his dead demons, even if they were all annihilated by Qinghan.

“As you wish! Shisan, Shiqi, release your Battle Qi, and lift me into the sky!”

Soon, like a cannonball, Qinghan was catapulted towards Yao Kaka by the push of an enormous amount of Battle Qi. When Qinghan was about to reach the highest possible height, Shisan and Shiqi simultaneously released their Battle Qi and formed two large palms in the air, colliding with the Battle Qi underneath Qinghan’s feet.

– Shooo! –

Due to the explosive force created by the collision of Battle Qi, Qinghan was, once again, shot out like a bullet, as he was directly sent flying towards Yao Kaka.

As the saying goes, “A bully is always a coward.” Yao Kaka could exactly be described in such a way. The moment he saw the flash of purple light, his eyes turned horrified, as he pathetically begged for mercy.

“No! If you kill me, my father will kill you!”

Identifying the unsympathetic coldness in Qinghan’s eyes, Yao Kaka realized that this was for real! With a shivering howl, he straightened his back and tried to jump off of the Wing Bird Demon, so that he could escape from Qinghan’s attack. However… as soon as the purple halo had fully wrapped around him, Yao Kaka immediately lost his mind. Instead of trying to escape, he began to dream of the glory and warm welcome he would receive from his father and his seductively-charming, wolf race wife, after annihilating the Mars Prefecture Legion.

Nevertheless, Yao Kaka’s sweet dream ended up with a sharp pain in his neck. Raising his head, he saw the smiling Qinghan in front of him, while the dagger in Qinghan’s hand was still stained with blood. He slightly lowered his head, and saw the terrified demons and barbarians… Then, he saw nothing, but boundless darkness!

“I don’t even know your father… All demons and barbarians, listen up! Cut off your ring finger, and leave all the credits behind. In this way, I will let you go! Otherwise, I will chase you until all of you are dead!”

“? ? ?”

Most of the demons and barbarians had a question mark in their mind, for they couldn’t fully comprehend the human language. Sometimes, they could grasp a few words or a simple phrase, but not a whole bunch of sentences like Qinghan had just thrown out. However, as the leader, Man’gan understood what Qinghan meant. Man’gan was the first to cut off his own finger, and quickly asked his member to do likewise. Having seen Yao Kaka’s poor ending, he regarded it useless to try and argue with this human being.

As for the demonic race, most Demonic Emperors roughly understood Qinghan’s order, and cut off their fingers in great pain. If they didn’t follow Qinghan’s request, and ran away, what would happen to them? Where would they find a shelter on Ghost Island? Things had changed. On the Mars Prefecture’s side a terrifying devil had emerged. He was so terrifying, that he could kill a whole crowd of demons and barbarians within seconds! Left with no other alternative, they obediently did what Qinghan told them to do. At the end of this Prefecture War, they were sure that the Demonic Saints and the Demonic Evils would hold them responsible for their young lord Yao Kaka’s death; but, right now, they’d rather survive for the moment. At least, they could enjoy their life until the end of the war!


“Long Live Young Lord Qinghan!”

“We won!”


The densely-dotted cut-off fingers heaped high on the ground, as the barbarians and demons ran away in battered, uncollected groups. The dead corpses of the enemies, the fingers with rings, and the once-arrogant Yao Kaka, who lay down silently with wide open eyes… Watching the battle scene, the Mars Prefecture Legion was boiled with triumphant joyfulness. Collectively, they waved anything they had in their hands, be it a weapon or a piece of clothing, and yelled their lungs out towards Qinghan.

In response, Qinghan waved back, and jumped in front of them, “It’s over! Miss Sainan, please arrange someone to tidy the scene up!”

“It’s over! Yeah, finally! And we succeeded!” Putting her Dragon Singing Sword back into its sheath, Sainan bowed to Qinghan with all due respect. Afterwards, she added in a solemn expression, “The success of this battle lies merely with you. On behalf of all the members of the Mars Prefecture Legion, let me express our gratitude to you for saving our lives!”

“Hahaha, young lord Qinghan, you’re super amazing! Alas, you’re the spotlight now!” With big strides Feng Zi ran towards Qinghan, and slammed his fist on the latter’s chest, as he was grinning like a fool.

Hurriedly Hua Cao jumped to Qinghan’s side, and exclaimed, “Young lord Qinghan, you’re such a monster! I mean, are you possessed by some ancient beast immortal? So impressive! I’m afraid, that the rest of us won’t ever be able to step out of your shadow after this battle.”

“Hehe, I’m just lucky enough to have recently broken through into another Realm. Ah, I hope I wasn’t too late!” Qinghan’s heart was filled with warmth by his friends’ flattery. But at the same time, he sighed over the possible gap they would have in cultivation levels. He wasn’t sure, whether he, Feng Zi and Hua Cao would maintain on good terms with each other later on. It was said by many, that the greater the gap between cultivators was, the more difficult it would be to remain friends with each other.

After a little while of slapsticks, Qinghan expressed his willingness to be friends with the others for the rest of his life. At last, Qinghan’s glance traveled to Qingcheng, who was, at the same time, raptly staring at him. Inside her pair of flexible eyes, numerous feelings were exposed – excitement, joy, hope, and yearning for love. Pushed by his instincts, Qinghan stepped forward, and extended his arms towards this teary beauty…



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