BPTH Chapter 134

The Exotic Purple Halo

“Shisan, Shiqi, follow me and start killing! Miss Qingwu, don’t forget to collect the rings from behind!” Following a ground-breaking roar, Qinghan once again shot out a purple loop, which covered the area within several of meters. Oddly, the barbarians and demons, who were enveloped by this halo, all stood stood still, with dull-witted eyes and foolish smiles, as if they were bewitched.

“Fuck! This is super awesome!” Shiqi smacked his dried lips, while rushing towards the direction of the purple halo, as he held his long sword firmly in his hands.

Unlike Shiqi, Shisan had regained his composed expression, and quickly ran forward, as requested by his master. Only if one looked at his shivering hands, and his fluctuating adam’s apple, would they be able to spot his pretended calmness.

As for Qingwu, she rubbed her eyes several times, as she tried to ensure that she wasn’t daydreaming. Seeing Shiqi and Shisan enter the circle of purple halo, and effortlessly reap the heads of those demons and barbarians, Qingwu was reassured and began to spurt towards the scene.

As soon as Qingwu arrived within the halo, however, its color suddenly disappeared and changed into pitch darkness. Looking from outside, this area was now covered by clouds of black fog, rendering an extremely grotesque atmosphere.

– Buzz! –

About ten seconds later, little by little, the black fog began to dissolve, revealing what exactly was left behind on the ground, which spooked all the demons and barbarians in the vicinity, as they all cried out madly and automatically retreated several steps. Even Yao Kaka, who was supposed to maintain his imposing manner on the back of the Wing Bird Demon, drew a deep breath in horror.

Within the area, which the purple halo had previously enshrouded, hundreds of demons and barbarians were lying on the ground, each of them having their throat slit, while each of them was also missing a finger. Only four humans were left standing steadily, as they looked at the corpses with a triumphant smile. One was the black-clothed young man, holding a cyan dagger in his hand; then there were two middle-aged Prince-Realm cultivators, whose arms were still shivering in excitement; and the last one was a young lady, who looked absolutely stunning, as she was gently lifting a full bag of fingers with one hand.

“Let’s move on!”

– Buzz! –

Qinghan pointed out the next bunch of targets to the others, as he bounced off in the air and darted into the center of another group of demons and barbarians. Once again, following the flash of the purple halo, the black fog wrapped all the demons and barbarians within this circle, and like a ferocious beast, it swallowed them all.

– Buzz! –

A little while later, the black fog reappeared in another place, leaving behind hundreds of dead demons and barbarians on the ground. Each time, when the black fog faded away, there would emerge a smiling young man, two middle-aged Prince-Realm cultivators with trembling arms, and a beautiful girl holding onto a bag filled with fingers.


“It’s horrible!”

“Let’s run away!”

The massive slaughter, launched by the four humans, forced the demons and barbarians to come to the realization that they were actually in a rather dangerous situation right now. Soon, they scattered in all directions, as if they had seen a monster that would swallow them all.

“Bastards! There are only four of them! We have thousands! We can easily squash them to death!” Observing the situation on the ground, Yao Kaka saw the demons and barbarians running with a terrified expression, as if they were avoiding a contagious plague. The once well-designed encirclement formation had already completely disintegrated. Honestly, even Yao Kaka was frightened by the uncanny light, that would shoot out of Qinghan’s eyes, but he had to stabilize the morale of his members. After all, he couldn’t afford to retreat at this moment.

“Slaughter! Let’s kill those four bastards! I promise, whoever kills them, I’ll reward him a whole tribe!” After Yao Kaka’s shout, Man’gan began to dispatch his soldiers to kill the four human beings as well.

“Oh, good. Then… let the storm become more violent!” Qinghan showed a traceless smile, as he looked at the demons and barbarians, who were flocking in his direction. Within the blink of an eye, the exotic purple halo flashed with glaring light, after which all the approaching demons and barbarians were wrapped under the “drapery” of the black fog…


[Back when Qinghan had landed on Breaking Blade Summit.]

“W…what exactly is happening?”

Everyone was stupefied, including Sainan, Feng Zi, Hua Cao and Qingcheng.

All of a sudden, as if he was a ghost from the Netherworld, Qinghan had emerged on Breaking Blade Summit following a cold wind. His standing pose was like a Triton among the Minnows, which made him stand out from the rest of the crowd. In utter shock and confusion, the young lords and ladies gasped at his domineering presence. But, on second thought, they all agreed that Qinghan was really a moron by doing so, a complete idiot!

“Who does he think he is?”

“Why does he stand on the head of a Barbarian Emperor? It isn’t funny at all!”

“He is seeking death by doing so. Ohh, what a reckless moron…”

Countless barbarians swarmed in Qinghan’s direction, under Man’gan’s booming howl. Everyone in the Mars Prefecture Legion quickly turned sadden-hearted… However, moments later, they surprisingly found that there were waves of exotic purple halos emanating around Qinghan, and the barbarians all staggered to and fro like dreamwalkers. Afterwards, Yao Kaka also led a team of demons towards Qinghan.

With wide-open eyes, the members of the Mars Prefecture Legion witnessed the magic done by Qinghan, in which he had, several times over, successfully massacred groups of demons and barbarians by circling them into the black fog. Now, the ground in the distance was strewed with dead bodies of the enemies…

“Ohhh, hooray!!”


“Oh, yeah!’

In hushed voices, as if they were afraid to wake up a devil in the abyss, all the members from the Mars Prefecture shouted out their ecstasy cautiously. Overjoyed by Qinghan’s successful attacks, they expressed their triumphant feelings in a low, but passionate voice, very much like the seductive groans you might hear from a bedroom in which a man and a woman lay.

The four people in front of their eyes were so familiar to them. The young man with a sunshine-like smile was Ye Qinghan, one of the young lords of the Ye Family. By his side, the two, who each held a blood-dripping sword, were Shisan and Shiqi respectively. They were both Prince-Realm cultivators. Behind Qinghan, there stood a super beauty, a girl who possessed a fair, angelic face, while at the same time, a ripe and feminine body. She lifted a heavy bag, and seemed to be tired of collecting fingers. Doubtlessly, this girl was Ye Qingwu, one of the young ladies of the Ye Family.

These four were still the same four from their memories. But, how had they managed to break the encirclement? Why did the demons and barbarians seem to be so afraid of them? So many questions were yet to be unraveled, and they were all plunged into a deep pondering…

“Hey, shouldn’t you guys welcome us?”

Qinghan shrugged his shoulders, as he swept his eyes over the thousands of members from the Mars Prefecture.

“Oh, Heaven, we’re saved! Ahhh…”


“Thank you, God, you’ve answered my prayers!”


Unknowingly, one guy form the team broke the silence by yelling out like crazy. And soon after, the rest of them followed suit, jumping, crying, and laughing wildly. Some kneeled down and gave the earth a grateful kiss; some took off their overcoat, or even shorts, and waved them in the air; and still others peed in their pants due to their extreme excitement…


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