BPTH Chapter 133

Lay Down Your Weapons, and Surrender!

“Hurry up! Otherwise, it’ll be too late! Yue Xian’gu, Hua Xin… what are you waiting for, take the young lords and ladies away from here, now!”

Valiantly Sainan wielded her Dragon Singing Sword, barring waves of demons and barbarians from coming closer. While at the same time, she once again jerked her flaming eyes towards Feng Zi, Hua Cao and the other young descendants, as she roared at the Prince-Realm cultivators, whose responsibility was to ensure the safety of those young lords and ladies. With blood-stained clothing, and a slice of flesh sticking to her face, Sainan gave those standing behind her a stern look.

“No, Sister Sainan, you should come with us, or you’ll die!” The black pearlescent eyes of Qingcheng were now filled with tears, as she implored Sainan, in a sobbing tone, to give up on her efforts in defending the entire team.

“Miss Sainan, if you refuse to come with us, how shall we explain this to your father?” Feng Zi urged Sainan with an almost twisted black face, while his long sword was busy slashing at the demons and barbarians in front of him.

“Well, if I escape, who will be responsible for the thousands of Mars Prefecture members here? I won’t desert them until the end of this battle! Feng Meng, Xian’gu, Hua Xin, are you all deaf? Do I need to repeat my order again? Fuck… just take them away!” With a high-pitched voice, Sainan shouted out these dirty words, which was the second time she was doing so, since she had arrived on Ghost Island. Slowly, her bloody lips moved slightly, as she revealed an uncanny smile, leaving the rest of the team members so scared, that they almost fell down to the ground!

“Any divine being, please save us! Please save Sister Sainan, as well as the thousands of Mars Prefecture members…” Looking at the stubborn, yet unyielding Sainan, who was determined to end her life on Breaking Blade Summit, Qingcheng’s tears welled up from her eyes, as she desperately shook her head.

“No one can save her, or the thousands of members here. Miss Qingcheng, just come with us!” Letting out a long helpless breath, Xian’gu grabbed Qingcheng with her left hand, while her right hand was holding a jade token.

“Let’s go, young lord!” Shaking his head powerlessly, Feng Meng also drew Feng Zi to his side.

The moment Hua Xin and Hua Cao glanced at each other, they met the same dismay in each other’s eyes. This time, they had completely lost their battle…

“Long Sainan, and all the members of the Mars Prefecture, listen up! This is your last chance, drop your weapons, and surrender! I won’t kill you!”

In the distance, a Wing Bird Demon suddenly flew up in the sky, while Yao Kaka was sitting on the back of this demon, as he was calmly overlooking the humans. His combat robe was fluttering loosely in the whistling wind, and his golden hair flew randomly over his head, which made him very much like a demonic immortal.

“Yao Kaka and Man’gan, and all of the demons and barbarians, listen up! Lay down your weapons, and surrender! If you do so, I probably can let you go. Otherwise… I’m a young lord who can annihilate all of you!”

When Feng Zi was about to flare out and curse Yao Kaka, he heard these overbearing remarks, as he realized that someone else had already taken the initiative.

Feng Zi’s lips twisted in surprise, for he had never thought that there would be a young lord, who would dare to abuse someone in such a way. It was just that the voice was so familiar, that his entire body shivered in astonishment when he looked at the origin of the sound.

Meanwhile, Hua Cao’s heart was also stirred up by the familiar sound of this young lord. With an expression of utter disbelief, he straightened his spine while craning his neck in the direction of the sound.

As the familiar sound reverberated in the air, Qingcheng immediately recognized who he was. The man who had frequently visited her in her dreams! The man, who had first emerged in her mind in times of great danger! Inexplicably, Qingcheng’s nose twitched and she began to weep.

Long Sainan was left speechless; Hua Xin looked stupefied; Xian’gu gave out a charming smile; Shuiliu’s mouth had fallen wide open; Feng Meng’s face had turned even darker; the Five Bloody Soldier burst into smile, as well as the descendants of the Ye Family. All of a sudden, it was as if time itself had frozen…

On the other side, Yao Kaka was dramatically irritated; while Man’gan stroke his hair in bewilderment. The rest of the demons and barbarians just looked at each other, not knowing what had happened just now!

Eventually, all of their eyes anchored on the place where the sound had come from. The members of the Mars Prefecture were eager to reassure themselves whether this was the man they had guessed it to be; whereas, the demons and barbarians were hoping to find what kind of dumbass this man was…

The place, where the sound originated from, was quite easy to find, for it was so obvious – on the head of one of the gigantic barbarians! A young man in black clothing was standing on the top of an oversized barbarian, smiling at the crowd. In the gentle breeze, his clothing waved elegantly in the air, and combined with his sunshine-like smile, he looked so heavenly refined.

“What the fuck is going on!”

Neither the enemy, nor the Mars Prefecture Legion themselves knew what had happened. They felt their head was a little bit dizzy, as they were trying to figure out the reason. There was a big question mark looming in each and everyone’s mind. This was young lord Qinghan, the man who had just teased with Yao Kaka, but… why did he stand on top of the head of a barbarian? More intriguingly, this barbarian was far from a normal one, he was a Barbarian Emperor! The weirdest part was, this high-ranked barbarian didn’t show any dissatisfaction against Qinghan; he looked to be rather enjoying his company!


Everyone kept looking at each other, hoping to find an answer, but no one could.


Behind Qinghan, Shisan, Shiqi and Qingwu, who had been chasing after him, all exhibited exaggerated expressions. They were racking their brain, as they were trying to find out how Qinghan had done this.

When they were about to stop Qinghan from putting himself in such danger, Qinghan’s body was gradually illuminated by waves of purple light, the diameter of these circles quickly surrounded every nearby barbarian. Among these barbarians, Qinghan was like a magician, the performance of which was considered the most stunning ever displayed by a human being

“Have the human race and the barbarians reconciled? Have they all forgotten the historical hatred against each other, and shaken their hands in peace? When did they develop such a peaceful relationship?”

“Man Shan! What an idiot! Just tear that human being on your head into pieces!”

The booming roar of Man’gan shocked everyone, and soon, numerous barbarians flooded towards Qinghan. However… Man Shan, on whom Qinghan stood, was still as silly as a toad. Not only him, but also the dozens of barbarians in the near distance, all gave out a foolish smile, while their saliva was drooping continuously, as if they were enjoying a sweet dream…

“Since you didn’t want to surrender in front of me, I will keep on slaughtering until you say yes!” With a chuckle, Qinghan took his cyan dagger, the inferior treasure-level item, out from his boots, and quickly cut through Man Shan’s throat. Immediately, blood gushed out like fountains from Man Shan’s throat.

“Oooouch!” Provoked by the sharp pain, Man Shan woke up from his fantasy, and gave out a heartfelt howl. He glared at Qinghan while covering his throat with his hands. However, after his body had twisted somewhat, he finally collapsed onto the ground with a loud boom.

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