BPTH Chapter 132

Young Lord, Wait up!


Despite the desperate efforts of Sainan and the Prince-Realm cultivators, the other young lords couldn’t move even a single step forward. As for Sainan, she was now deeply regretting her earlier decisions, as a feeling of guilt slowly crept over her. As the commander-in-chief, she considered herself to be accountable for this terrifying battle. Thousands of elites from the Mars Prefecture were now under siege! Escape? True, it was easy for her, but not for the rest of the members. Could she really abandon them all and run away? No! Impossible! At least, her qualms wouldn’t allow her to do so. If she did, she would definitely live the rest of her life in misery, as her guilty conscience would endlessly haunt her. How could she ever grasp the Laws of Heaven and Earth, if her spirit had plunged into the abyss of depression? It wasn’t only the morale liability that propelled her not to escape, but also her future of cultivation. Thus, she was determined to either escape collectively, or die together with the rest of her members!

“Let’s unleash our Battle Qi towards the east side, all of you!” By pointing the tip of her Dragon Singing Sword, Sainan led her members towards the east. Her robe was smeared with sticky blood, some being of the demons and barbarians, and the rest being her own. Her hair was now flying wildly in the air, as she was almost unrecognizable at first sight. The ambitious radiance on her face had already faded away, and was now replaced by hideous hatred. Honestly, she was on the brink of losing her mind…

“Sister Sainan!” Out of anxiety, Qingcheng shouted to Sainan, while her eyebrows remained knitted together. She understood what Sainan was thinking. But, no matter how hard Sainan struggled, she wouldn’t be able to reverse this situation. Who on earth would help them out?

“Xian’gu, Feng Meng, Hua Xin… Take all the young lords and Qingcheng out of here! If I fail to return to Dragon City, then please tell my father that I didn’t live up to his expectations and years of education…” Sainan forced an awkward smile, as she glanced at the young lords and Qingcheng. An instant later, she turned her head away, and continued to fight against the demons and barbarians…

The atmosphere of the battle had once again intensified!

“Long Sainan, if you’re smart, then surrender! Today, you guys won’t be able to escape even if you have wings!”

Yao Kaka and Man’gan were both in a fairly good mood! It was their first time to attend the Prefecture War, and they had unexpectedly struck such a large success. When they would return to their respective prefecture, the older folks, that had long denied their ability, would be ashamed of what they had said. Up until now, more than two thousand elites from the Mars Prefecture had been killed. As for the 90,000 normal soldiers of the Mars Prefecture on Ghost Island, they didn’t even take them as a threat. Because, the total number of normal soldiers on the demon and barbarian side well surpassed 180,000! They believed, that the elite team, comprised of more than 10,000 soldiers, was enough to annihilate the 90,000 remaining Mars Prefecture soldiers in the final war.

Thinking of the abundant credits at their fingertips, and the fame and money that would come afterwards, Yao Kaka and Man’gan simply couldn’t help displaying the excitement on their faces. For a moment, they slipped into a trance, and dreamed of how their fathers and elders would appreciate them, after returning home with such glory.

“Young lord Yao Kaka, what are you waiting for? Give the order and slaughter them all!” Impatiently, Man’gan asked Yao Kaka curiously, for the latter only let part of the barbarians and demons encircle the Mars Prefecture Legion, while the other part was blocking Sainan’s desperate struggle. But, the actual battle hadn’t commenced yet!

Yao Kaka stroked several golden hairs dangling in front of his face, and chuckled, “Haha, buddy, take it easy! They’re like grasshoppers being fastened in a rope, no matter how fancy their skill, they won’t be able to jump out. Look, at this moment, they’re full of energy and indignation, if we force an attack right now, I’m afraid our side will suffer great losses as well. Why not just wait until they turn desperate and dejected? By that time, it will be much easier to root them out. Have you heard of the story of burning a frog in warm water?”

“Hahahaha! Fabulous! Young lord Yao Kaka, you’re so smart! I’m so lucky to be your ally; otherwise, I would be doomed.” Man’gan thumbed up for his newly-made friend, while touching his bald head. What a traceless flattery.

“Haha, I know how smart I am. But now, it is time to haul in the net!”

As Sainan and her fellow members were repeatedly forced back by the demons and barbarians, Yao Kaka made his final decision. With a conceited smile, Yao Kaka waved his left hand, as the sign of launching this great attack.

– Wuuuu… –

– Guuuu… –

The battle bugles rang out in every corner of Breaking Blade Summit, which haunted the minds of the Mars Prefecture members, as if this was the bell of death…


“The war commences! Oh, it’s too dangerous for our compatriots. Shisan, what shall we do to help them? The descendants of our Ye Family, Sainan, Hua Cao, Feng Zi, and Qingcheng… they’re all at great risk! Ohh, didn’t Little Qinghan say that he could save them all? How? He has been cultivating for half an hour! Ayaya! I’m worried to death!” Qingwu murmured in great anxiety, as she held a branch in her left hand, while her plump chest fluctuated in between her rapid breathing.

“What shall we do? I don’t know! Now, we can only rely on our young lord Qinghan, for he said that he could save them all. Alas, I don’t know if he was just talking craps or not, but we have no better choice other than to believe in him.” Even Shisan had lost his usual composed temperament, as he replied ambiguously. Actually, he didn’t buy Qinghan’s big talk, for he reckoned that even if their young lord had obtained a triple-jump in cultivation and became a cultivator in the Realm of the Emperor, there was no way for him to annihilate thousands of demons and barbarians with just his own ability.

“It’s hard to say. I mean, if our young lord Qinghan once again obtains a heaven-defying integration technique, he could eliminate them all within just a single round. Oh, forget it, it’s not gonna happen…” Shiqi interrupted, but he simply couldn’t persuade himself into believing the very thing he was saying.


All of a sudden, Qinghan’s eyes opened wide, as he released a fit of indulgent wild laughter. Gradually, he got back to his feet, and dusted the dirt off of his clothing, before he spoke up, “Hey, Shiqi, you’re right. But, I didn’t get a new integration technique, but an upgraded one! My Soul Blackout technique has actually upgraded and is now – Soul Chaos! It’s time for me to show up, the struggling Mars Prefecture Legion is waiting for me to save them from the evil demons and barbarians…”

Hardly had he finished his words, or Qinghan alone disappeared into the boundless groups of demons and barbarians. His footsteps and the movements of his body were so graceful and effortless.

It seemed, as if he was just walking randomly on the Thirteenth Street back in Grey City, rather than on a grand battlefield…

“What is going on?”

“Soul Chaos?’

“Young lord, wait up!”

“Our young lord has rushed to the scene all by himself!”

Both Shisan and Shiqi looked at each other in utter disbelief. It felt as if their heads were struck by lightning once again. After a full moment of confusion, they suddenly realized how dangerous it could be for their young lord to enter the battlefield all by himself. They were so scared, that it felt as if their souls had been freed from their bodies. In a hurry, both of them darted in the same direction as Qinghan…



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