BPTH Chapter 131

I Can Save Them!

“Oh, Heaven! What the fuck is going on over there? So many demons and barbarians… It looks like there are at least seven to eight thousand of them in total!”

With great caution, the four of them had charged forward in the forest for more than one hour. At sunset, they had finally arrived at the place where these demons and barbarians were being teleported to.

Looking from afar, the demons and barbarians were densely dotted in front of them, and their howls could be clearly heard. From within those illuminant golden lights, more and more demons and barbarians were emerging. To make sure that they wouldn’t be spotted, Qinghan and the other three all climbed onto a big tree, as they secretly observed the situation.

In between the thick leaves, their eyes kept moving from one spot to another, as they were closely observing the demons and barbarians.

“Errr, it seems like they’re heading towards that perpendicular cliff. Ohh, many demons and barbarians are already on the top of that mountain! Ahhh… Wait, look at the foot of the mountain, are they our people? Yeah, I see Sister Sainan, Feng Zi, Hua Cao, and Qingcheng!”

After sweeping her eyes randomly at the surroundings, Qingwu eventually looked at the foot of the mountain, and found the terrifying truth, which left her scared face paper white. The demons and barbarians did have a conspiracy, and a rather successful one! Together, they had cut off the route of the Mars Prefecture Legion from both sides.

“Ohh, you’re right, Qingwu, they really are Sainan, Feng Zi, Hua Cao, and Qingcheng. Errr! I see many Ye Family descendants! What on earth happened to them? How can they be so dumb, as to be encircled by the demons and barbarians in this way?”

With an equally pale face, Shiqi screamed out, for he had discovered the Five Bloody Soldiers! These five people had followed Qinghan ever since the Summer Fire Festival, but due to their low cultivation – the third level of the Realm of the General, they had been left behind in the temporary camp. Why would they leave the camp and take part in this battle? The answer could only be, that the entire human side had been summoned for this battle, and they were being besieged right now! The advanced cultivators of the four families were now desperately fighting with the enemies…

Silently, Qinghan narrowed his eyes, as he watched the familiar figures in the bloody battle: the muscle-ridden Feng Zi; the feminine-looking Hua Cao; the beautiful Qingcheng, who stood at the center like a blossoming peach flower; the aged, yet still charming Xian’gu; the toy-boy-like Hua Xin; the stupefied Feng Meng; the Five Bloody Soldiers, who had lined up in a group; the sorrowful Sainan; as well as Shuiliu, whose usual handsome face was now distorted in horror…

On their faces, Qinghan could see the flaming anger and indignation in each of their eyes. Among them, indeed, many had the possibility to escape, like Sainan, Feng Zi, Hua Cao, and Qingcheng. Under the cover of the Prince-Realm cultivators, they could run away with relatively little effort.

However… if they survived, the rest of the legion would definitely be buried in this mountain. They had to try their luck and help them out…

Eventually, Qinghan turned his eyes away from the miserable scene up ahead, and tossed his head towards Shisan, who he believed to be an experienced and resourceful cultivator in battle. However, he only found Shisan shaking his head, as a bitter expression was plastered on his face.

It wasn’t that Shisan didn’t want to save them, it was because… If he had the slightest chance, he would try and help, but…

Self-mockingly, Qinghan laughed, while his lips trembled in fury. During these months on Ghost Island, the four families, including hundreds of elites of the Ye Family, the Five Bloody Soldiers, as well as Feng Zi, Hua Cao, Sainan, and… Qingcheng, had been helping him in collecting credits at the risk of their own lives. In face of the compatriots up ahead of him, he had no reason to stand idle. However… did he have the ability to save them? Even if he forced the other three beside him to plunge into the boundless crowd of demons and barbarians, they would definitely end up like a little drop in the vast ocean, as not even a spindrift could be stirred up…

“What shall I do?!”

Hua Cao’s beautiful face twisted in fear; Feng Zi’s tanned face turned even more swarthy and oily; Qingcheng’s peach flower beauty faded, as her eyebrows were tightly knitted together… Looking at all the changes on his comrades’ faces, Qinghan recalled the same feeling he had had back when he was in the Drunken-heart Garden, where his sister Qingyu had sacrificed her soul with closed eyes and white hair, while he didn’t know how to save her. Now, he was suffering the same kind of feeling, which made his heart ache as though it was burning up in flames.

“WHAT SHALL I DO?” Qinghan continuously asked himself this question, but failed to come up with an answer. The center of his palm became bruised due to his tight grip, and the veins on his forehead had all become visible, he now closely resembled a ferocious beast, ready to eat his prey.

“I’ve got an idea!”

At this critical moment, Qinghan heard a hushed voice coming from within his chest. He shivered with surprise, as if he was just struck by lightning.

“Little Black! Are you awake now? Tell me, what is your idea!” Immediately, Qinghan realized the sound was conveyed by his beloved battle beast.

“Save them? A piece of cake! Boss, if you can quickly master this technique, you’ll be able to annihilate them all…” The voice of Little Black was quite faint, but the proudness and excitement in it were nowhere to hide.

“What technique?” In great shock, Qinghan’s head was suddenly filled with an ocean of knowledge, which forced him to sit down and organize all of this information!

“Errr…What’s wrong with him?”

Likewise, the other three hunkered down and began to cultivate, although they were puzzled by Qinghan’s sudden action.

“You three, guard me, and prevent anyone from interrupting my cultivation! I can save all of them!” Quickly, Qinghan looked at the other three, before he closed his eyes and submerged himself in cultivation!

“He alone can save them all?”

Qinghan’s reply hit the other three like a bolt from the blue, as all of them were dumbfounded and left in silence…


“Holy shit! What shall we do?”

Feng Zi, Hua Cao, and Qingcheng exclaimed as one. They were surrounded by numerous demons and barbarians. Sainan, and several Prince-Realm cultivators had tried three times to break out, but they had failed each time! There was no way to escape! Was today really the doomsday for all the members of the Mars Prefecture Legion?


The young lords and ladies could, but not the other members, who had accompanied them throughout the Prefecture War. How could they desert them and escape alone?

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